20220623 - Up in the am and L and Hazel had already taken their walk. I got around, moved some cars and headed in to the Worthington office to meet with Lonie today. Lonie showed up a bit later than usual and said, "Sorry I'm a bit late. My Dr. called me this morning and wanted to remind me to get my blood drawn this morning for my appointment tomorrow. So I had to swing by the Lobotomist before coming in today." HAHAHAHA! I couldn't stop laughing. He meant to say Phlebotomist. 🤣 we worked a bit more then Lonie took off. I told him to be careful driving after his labotomy. I stayed a bit later and then headed across town to catch a bit of G’s second baseball game. The boys played well and pulled off a last inning win! 2 wins for the day!!! Home and hung out back with Hazel a bit and then started working on The back door of G’s car that you couldn’t open from the outside. I took the panel off, ran down to Barnette’s to borrow a tool and came home and got things working. I had G come out and help me get everything back together and new lock pulls on all the doors, and IT WORKED! I had G drive me down to the Barnette’s to return the tools and show them his car. Bob helped us look at the car and figure out the AC is what is rattling in reverse. Back home and L finished mowing and we sat out back in the perfect evening.