20190614 - Up in the am and in to work. Had an interesting morning... Finished the day at the desk and headed out in good time to get to G's game in New Albany.

20190613 - Lonie's Bday Pics

20190613 - Up in the am and in to work. D to work, J listing on ebay and L&G went to DR for G's physical and he was so scared to get his blood drawn that he was hysterical... Had a meeting with right out of the gate and got frustrated with internal BS too... People are bugging Lonie today as I have challenged everyone to get a hug pic with him for $1 each, Lonie hates hugs and pics ;-) 

Headed over to 25 for a quick meeting and then headed home. J&I headed out to the post office and auction house in Reynoldsburg. D hung out and shined up the rails on the Shopsmith before running G to practice. After we picked up our stuff we headed to a church parking lot where J did much better with his maneuverability. On the Wood Werks, a huge wood working store where we found a baseball blank we could use on the Shopsmith so D could try to make his own bat. On to Subway where it took forever to get our dinner. Home and looked at our purchases and ate. D&G home they ate while we watched 'The Kid that would be King'. Cute movie, I slept through part of it.. I headed to bed to watch some Game of Thrones, D&J up and cleaned up and to bed. L&G stayed up watching the NBA Championship game.

20190612 - Postponed

20190612 - Up in the am and in to the big office for the day. On the screens all day getting things done. L had a retirement party today, D didn't have to work and J had driving school. Was at the desk all day at the big building until late. Ran home, got L and headed to D's game that was rained out as soon as we got there. D came home with us and we got something to eat and then D headed out to his teammates, J&G on Xboxes and L&I watched some Game of Thrones.

20190611 - Lonie's bday

20190611 - UP in the am and in to the new office. Worked on finance stuff all morning and then had a process meeting in the afternoon. Headed home late and had dinner with LJ&G and then we attempted to have J drive us to D's baseball game. J's car was dead so we tried to start it with the battery charger and it wouldn't start so we left the charger on and I drove. It was a good game against a team that had some boys we know on it. I chatted with some of the dads and L chatted the whole game with her new friend. The Braves were winning 6-2 until a Grand Slam was hit and then another home run and suddenly they were down by 1 when the game was called due to darkness... 2nd game suspended with these guys... We headed home and swung through an ice cream store for a treat and then home to shut down for the night. L&I watched some Game of Thrones.

20190610 - Home Field

20190610 - Up in the am and headed in to work. L got J registered for driver's ed and D is working a couple hrs at the baseball place today. Had a frustrating morning at work so digging in and focusing on cleaning out inbox. Finished the day and headed home, cancelled Bible Banger early. Picked up L, that dropped G off at practice and L&I headed to D's game on his old Gahanna field. The McClains brought G to the game after practice and I hung out and talked to coach shade and Andy Reed for a bit. D's game was good and they won against a really good team. Home and got to relax instead of running out.

20190609 + Columbus Braves are Champs!

20190609 + Up in the am and got going. D in Troy OH for more baseball, J heading to Mallon's for the day with a couple of friends, LG&I headed to Powell for G's double header. G's team won the first game in a blow out 10-0. We had a small delay and then game 2 started. L&I stayed through G's at bat and then left G there and headed to Troy OH to watch D play in the Championship game. It took us about an hour to get there and we stopped to get a case of water for the boys. Made it to the game as it started and D was on the bench. D's team was ahead 5-0 and then a kid hit a grand slam and suddenly it was 5-4 :-o even more surprising was the relief pitcher was D! D did pretty good pitching and got the 3 outs they needed without letting anyone score and recorded his first ever K against Kyle, his roommate from last year. The next inning the first batter crushed a triple off of him so they pulled the shortstop to pitch and D went to Short. Couple seconds later and D made an amazing diving play flipping the ball over his shoulder as he went down to get the last out and seal the Championship Win 6-4! D headed home with his teammates and L&I went to the Submarine Shop in downtown Troy for dinner. L made arrangements for J&G to get home and and we headed home and caught up with J&G before D came in and we all got caught up and headed to bed for a great weekend of baseball. Winger boys went 9-0 for the weekend!

20190608 - 30 Year Class Reunion

20190608 - Up in the am and LJG&I headed to Newark for G's game. D was in Troy and his team is doing very well in their tournament. G's team had a good game and they beat a solid team, G did good. After the game G went home with the McClains and LJ&I headed to Mansfield. We swung through the Kroger to get meds for L, she wasn't feeling good, then on to Gma&paW's. L&I got changed and we headed to my 30th Class Reunion. It was a good time and I got to see a bunch of folks I don't get to see very often and catch up. We didn't stay too late as we had to get home for baseball tomorrow. So we swung by the Farm, got J and L drove us home. G was upset, he wanted us to get him earlier, but he spent the night with Brady.

20190607 - Girl's Night Out

20190607 - Up in the am and dropped J off at XC on the way in to work at the big office. Walked in to some arguments going on so got those sorted and had a pretty frustrating day... Finished the day and headed home. L had her friends come over and I dropped them off at Creekside for dinner. D headed to Troy OH earlier today for a baseball tournament, J had a bunch of friends come over to play on the Xboxes and G hung out with the bigger boys. I did some work in the office, ordered some pizzas, sent the big boys after the food and we had dinner. Hung out until L called for me to come pick them up and then she hung out on the porch with her friends until late.

20190606 + Practice Party & Trouble

20190606 + Up in the am and dropped J off at XC on the way in to the new office. In tot he office and worked with Lonie, Cory and Erin on number stuff. Worked there all day and then headed home. Home and J&I got some ebay things shipped and took off. We swung through the post office and then on to the auction house in Reynoldsburg. LG and Owen went to D's baseball game. J&I picked up the auction stuff and then swung through a church parking lot, set out some cones and practiced his maneuverability, he did pretty good. We headed home, had dinner together and then J went upstairs and I looked for bats for D online. At 8 we headed to J's end of season Track Team party at Foxboro Pool. I relaxed, played some games on the phone and chatted with one of the moms until the awards presentation. After the presentation we headed home and I got beat by G and Owen at Trouble and then they got on their Xboxes. Had a snack while D told me about his game. Headed to bed and watched a couple Game of Thrones.

20190605 - Loose Lead

20190605 - Up in the am and dropped G off at football camp, J lucked out his XC practice was cancelled for the day. In to the new building to start the day and then over for a 'chess match' at the old office. Had a pretty productive day and headed to the ballfield for G's baseball game. L met me there and G's team was pretty flat. G came in to stop them and threw 9 strikes out of 11 pitches to shut them down, but we couldn't pull off the hits to get the needed points in the bottom of the 6th and took the L. Home and had some discussions with J. D home from baseball, Gma&paW down to watch his game, they lost. After the game D had to jump their car. D got home and his car was dead, the battery lead came off when he pulled the jumper cables off... so D&I fixed that. Chatted with D a bit and stayed up with L working on J's phone and watching Game of Thrones.

20190604 - Broke Another Bat

20190604 - Up in the am and dropped J&G off at the BP across from the high school. Watched them walk across the road... so big.  Got some gas and headed in to the new office for the morning. Had a busy morning and finished the day off there. Headed out a bit late and met L&J at D's baseball game in Dublin. It was a good close game against Ed Weston's team. I talked to Ed a bit, he's a baseball guru. D went 0 for 5 but had some AMAZING plays at short. D's team came back to tie up in in the top of the 9th, but Ed's team got a walk off single that won them the game. I drove home with J and we stopped to pick up some pizzas on the way home. Home and ate, D home grumpy from the game, loosened up a bit and we talked a lot before he headed to bed. G told me about his football camp and we all headed to bed. I stayed up doing things on the PC for work and watched Game of Thrones.

20190603 - Too Many Meetings

20190603 + Up in the am and dropped G off at the high school for football camp. Talked to the coach for a min and then up to the front office to try and get a key to the library for this evening. In to work at the big office and then over to the new one for half a day. Getting the week rolling and preparing for this evening. Had a busy day and headed out a bit late. Swung by the house to pick up a printout and then on to the Rusty Bucket where I met up with Andy Reed and Daniel the representative from Team App. We had a beer and a good discussion before heading to the high school library where I had to log in using J's credentials to host the meeting. We had 4 reps and 1 coach. We had the training and it went well. L met a couple other mothers at Panera, D was at work, J&G at Scouts. Home for a minute after the meeting and talked to L about her meeting. Got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit. Home and stayed up chatting with L.

20190602 - Championship Run

20190602 - Up in the am and D headed to a players house early, then L took off to D's game in Zanesville. JG&I loaded up and J drove us to Upper Arlington for G's day of bracket play. J rested in the car and G&I went to watch an 8U coach pitch game that had a son on the team of a lady I work with. We then headed to our field and got the game started. It was a rough game, against a team we had beaten easily twice before this year already, they wanted to beat us bad and played hard. In the end we were able to win and had to quickly change fields. J got us to the next game and the boys face a team that was 14-1 for the year so far, a REALLY GOOD team. The boys got themselves pumped up and pulled out a win! After a short break it was time for the championship game. L showed up and we got the game underway. the boys played hard and very well but the giants they were up against pulled off the win. Still was a great game and the boys got trophies for 2nd place out of 12. We headed home and Tom and Bill came over to discuss the weekend. G and his buddies played more wiffleball... Everyone cleared out and D got home and told us about his games. We then all headed to bed from a very busy baseball weekend.

20190601 - 2 1&1s Today

20190601 - Up in the am and getting ready for baseball. D had a couple of players come to our house and we got to meet them before D drove them to Chillicothe for a double header. Then LJG&I headed to Upper Arlington for a couple of games. G's 1st game they lost to a team that they had beaten twice before this year... the boys were asleep on the field, it was a mess... We then had a couple hour break that is usually a complete disaster where we went to Roosters for lunch, we lost one kid... after lunch we headed back to the field and somehow pulled out a win against a local team on their home field. We headed home and Tom, Landon and the McClains came over. The girls ran to the store and got brats and dogs while us coaches tried to figure out what happened... We had a cook out and as the other games completed somehow we pulled off a 4th seed for bracket play tomorrow... D got home and told us about his game, they won the first and lost the second. He is playing a lot and likes the guys on his team. The party broke up early as we wanted to get the boys home and rested for tomorrow, so all to bed in good time.