20160131 - Good Eats

20160131 - Up late for the first time in weeks during all this work move madness. L&I did our exercises and recorded our results, pretty good for our first 30 days. Cleaned up and JG&I headed out for some errands. We swung by the grocery store to get their list for lunch and then headed home for the cooking to commence. D got home from his friends and was in charge of dessert. J had the main course ham and pineapple shish kabob while G made rainbow fruit skewers. It was a fantastic meal. After lunch D&I updated our eBay listings and then ran to the Goodwill to drop stuff off. Home and G to the basement playing Xbox, J to our church youth group, D to him new church youth group, L watching Grease Live and I finished up the bills. Ran and got J, D home and all boys to bed. I finished up a couple things online and to bed by midnight.

20160130 ‡ Empty & Full

20160130 ‡ L got me up early and we did our morning exercise, the new longer one...  In to work and cleaned the place out.  The team was in and we worked hard all day and got 400,000 sq ft of space cleaned out.  It took 30 days and 500 semi trucks. We swept the floors and are ready to close the doors in that building after 18 years of business.  The team had a big lunch in  the new place, our first meal together there.  The new doors are open ready to start a new come Monday.  Exhausted and covered n 18 years of dust I headed home.  Gma&paW here playing games with L and the boys.  We headed to the the spaghetti dinner at church but the line was too long so we headed to Moe's for dinner.  I had to take a call on a work escalation and finally had a nice dinner.  J&G headed to Dick's with Gma&paW and D got done with baseball and then headed to a play at the high school with some friends and then spent the night with them.  J&G spent several hours at Dick's...  Little boys home and Gma&paW headed home.  Heading to bed from an exhausting day.

20160129 - Server Install

20160129 - UP in the am and L and I went down to do exercises and the new module we are starting is 1 hour long, twice what the first one was, so we threw in the towel and will have to plan accordingly to get restarted on our exercise plan... In to work and an absolute horrible morning with things not fixed yet and production falling behind... LONG stressful day... Home and the house full of LOUD boys. I retreated to my office and got a ton of paperwork done. Up late finishing the Boy Scout website. IT IS DONE! Have a look -> Troop98Gahanna.info

20160128 - Energy Bars, Really?

20160128 - L got me up before dawn to exercise. In to work, the new site first. No internet in half the building... Techs laid out wrong... Things everywhere... Did what I could and got out of there before the stress overwhelmed me... Over to the old office to start getting things done. Had some time to get caught up and a couple of meetings. Home about 6:30 and ate quick and then G&I went to Scouts. It was a fun meeting and the boys made energy bars, like they need that... Home and we watched American Idol. I stayed up and put some finishing touches on the Scout website.

20160127 + Melts

20160127 + Up in the am, no exercise this morning as I was up until 2am... In to work to the new building. Walked around and checked on things and things running better today. Back to the old office for a day of sitting at the desk getting things done. Home in good time today. Stopped by the house and got L&G, D at baseball and J at skiing. LG&I headed to a new restaurant, Melts. It was a neat place and they had really good food. Home and L&I did our exercises for the day, I got cleaned up and then ran to get J from skiing. D home and everyone to bed in good time.

20160126 - Setting Up

20160126 - Up in the am early to exercise with L. In to work. Trying to get to the new building all day, finally did in the late afternoon and walked around taking notes from everyone on what was not working, quite a list... Bailed out about 5:30 and straight to City Hall to take part in a community survey conversation about city planning for the parks and recreation departments for the next 10 years. Finally home and spent a bit of time with the fam before falling asleep at 9:30. Unfortunately I would back up at 10:30 and couldn't fall back asleep, so worked on the Troop website unit 2:30am...

20160125 + Nice Parking Job...

20160125 + UP in the am and exercised with L. D drove himself to school today and parked in the US Bank parking lot (Thanks Bill!). I took L's car to work so I could move my office. Into the Grove City building first to get some things done. Worked most of the day in the old office, got nearly everything from my office packed in the back of the white car, but no space in the new building for me yet so everything will stay in the back of the white car until there is space... Home and got J and went to Scouts, D at baseball, L&G at G's basketball practice. All home and hung out a bit. Not up too late tonight.

20160124 - X Files are back!

20160124 - No exercise today, way too tired... Up and into the office. Cleaned out my office a coupe of conference rooms and other vacant offices. It took all day... Home and Gma&paW here for dinner. Boys crazy, D didn't get things shipped, so I had to work after working all day :-( we had a nice dinner. D off to the new youth group he has been going to, J off to our youth group, G&I did a puzzle and watched some football. Everyone home and I stayed up to watch the new X Files.

20160123 - Working Saturday

20160123 - Up early and L&I did our exercises. Got myself together and headed into work. L is on her own with the boys today as it is a full day of move related activities for me today. She has to get G to his basketball game and then baseball exhibition. At least D will be able to drive himself to baseball today :-) Was at work all day, existing office all morning doing desk stuff. Had lunch with the team and then headed over to the new building. Things are moving right along. The next 2 weeks will prove to be interesting... Headed home, saw D's car sitting at the hig school when I went by. Home and Lilly was left outside all afternoon, poor freezing bearded lady. L&J home to get me and we went to Max & Erma's for dinner meeting D, who drove himself, and Gma&paW with G. G blabbered about his games, both basketball and baseball today and how they destroyed both teams. 
Headed home after dinner and D went to meet some friends at the bowling alley, which was full so they ended up at Wendy's and then Glow Putt. They got home and I had a little talk with D and all of his friends about driving with too many kids in the car and it was illegal, doesn't matter if it is 3 feet or 300 miles... D went to spend the night at his friends with the guys and LJG&I watched Crocodile Dundee 2 and hung out. Up late finishing the database I started today.

20160122 + G'day Mate!

20160122 + L got me up way to early again to exercise. I dropped D off at school on the way into work. I headed to the new building first and looked at the set up. Not real thrilled with everything that I saw... Over to my office and then had a meeting with the new customer. Meetings all day. Left in good time tonight, getting pretty exhausted by this point... Home and had dinner with the fam. Then started the fireplace and L&I worked on a puzzle while D played the Xbox, J&G were drawing, with Crocodile Dundee playing in the background.

20160121 - Happy Boy!

20160121 - L woke me up way too early again to exercise...  Got ready and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  He didn't seem nervous about his driving test today, but we didn't talk about it: maybe we are both too nervous to speak...  In to work and getting things cleaned up and ready for a visitor today.  Visitors showed up and me and several others from the GC team sat and waited to be invited in to the meeting...  Eventually it came time for me to leave so I butted in and let them know I was going and then hit the road.  I headed to the high school and picked D up, and we headed home where D got his car cleaned off and tires inflated, all ready to go.  D drove me to the BMV testing location, he checked in and in a couple of minutes an officer took him out.  I hung out in the waiting room and watched his movement on my iPhone.  In about 10 minutes the officer came back in followed by a young man with a HUGE GRIN on his face: HE PASSED!!!  

After we got the paperwork squared away D drove me through the test path he went and told me all about how easy it was.  We sung through the bank for some cash and then headed to the BMV in Gahanna, which we thought would be less busy than the Morese Rd. BMV...  After an hour wait in line we made it to  the counter and filled out the paperwork, D got his picture taken and we are almost good to go.  Next stop was the insurance office where we got D put on our policy.  So he is all signed, up license and insurance in hand and ready to roll.  Home and D got his baseball gear and zipped off, driving himself to practice!  L was a nervous wreck... 

 After D left, L told me about her day, getting barfed on by a little girl and J&G were doing homework.  Before long I headed out to meet the business visitors downtown at Mitchell's Steakhouse for an incredible dinner.  In the meantime D got home and volunteered to take G to his Scout Pack meeting.  Off they went, L almost crying...  I got home, got boys to bed and not up too late trying to stay ahead of the wave...

20160120 - All over the State

20160120 - UP WAY TOO EARLY  with L to do exercises...  D&I rolled out late and dropped him off at school on the way into work.  Day started off snowy and crappy as I had to fire tow guys first thing this morning.  Then in my office for meetings all day.  Left work and went to Hickory House to meet L&G for dinner after G's basketball practice.  G got a steak off the kids menu and talked and talked about how great he did at practice.  D is at baseball and J at ski club.  Home and watched some American Idol.  I had to run out and get D from baseball and then back out to get J.  Not up to late tonight.

20160119 - Meetings, Sorry , Yawn

20160119 - Up in the am and exercised with L. Dropped D off at school on the way to work, it is 10 degrees out today :-( My office is a meat locker BRRRRR.... Meetings all day. Dave and I had a couple of meetings to update the employees about the move. Finished the day about 5:30 and headed home. Had dinner with LJ&G, D at baseball. Played Sorry with J&G and then watched 'El Dorado' by the fire L and the boys while I sorted through all of our 2015 files. Up until 2:30 sorting files. YAWN!

20160118 - Everything Moving

20160118 - Up in the am to a quiet house, everyone has the day off except me :-(  Headed to work in the freezing cold, 7 degrees this morning...  In to work and straight into meetings.  A super fast day of things going on.  Everything moving very fast, the new building is getting set up nicely.  Stayed at work with Dave tying things off and planning for the rest of the week.  Headed home about 19:15.  Home and got something to eat.  L had the boys at home all day.  D listed stuff and L took J&G to a movie and gave everyone hair cuts.  Only home for a short time and then ran to Bible Bangers without Doc.  got some food ordered and then had to go pick up D from baseball and deliver him home.  Back to Bible Bangers and we had a really good meeting.

20160117 - Final Practice

20160117 - Up early with L to workout. She got ready and I went back to bed. Eventually I had to get up, get ready and we all headed out to church. Home and L reading the paper, J blasting away on his trumpet and G in the basement watchin TV and dismantling electronics. D&I headed out in his car to drive through the area where he will take his driving test this coming Thursday :-o We stopped at Kroger on the way home to pick up ingredients for lunch and other healthy food for me to take to work to munch on throughout the week. Home and we got J&G to help. D made Parmesan Meatball Sliders, J cut up a fruit salad, G made a Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Loaf.  So lunch was AWESOME!  After lunch D worked on his car a bit, J went to his buddy Conor's.  I then took D to Easton to meet up with some of his friends, L took off for dinner with her girl friends, G played the Xbox for a bit and I did the bills for the next 2 weeks.  G&I then headed out and stopped at Glow Putt for a good round of putt-putt and then dinner at Donatos.  After that we ran down to see if the renters that haven't paid since AUGUST were still int he house; YEP STILL THERE LIVING FOR FREE!!!  We then swung by the bank to depost the check for the renters that are paying...  Home and we settled in the basement to watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  D not home until midnight, yawn.

20160116 - Shooting and Cutting

20160116 - Up in the am and did exercises with L. In to work to help with the move and got a lot of things done and caught up. L is on driving duty today. D is teaching at baseball clinics, J is at his buddy Donovan's. I had to hurry to get to G's basketball game and got there for the second half. G got 3 buckets in the 1st half. G&I went straight from basketball to baseball where they played a 10 year old team. It was not pretty... Home and to the basement to watch the new 'Transporter' movie, where G disassembled another big elections thing I brought home from the scrap bin at work.

20160115 - Push

20160115 - Up later today, L let us skip working out. Dropped D off at school and into a stressful situation at work with visitors coming. Had a full day of meetings with the customer and headed home after 6pm :-( got home and down to the basement where I had dinner and we watched 'The Martian', G too k a big electronic box thing apart I found at work and then we watched 'Space Kid'. All to bed, very tired from a long week that isn't quite over yet...

20160114 + Shooting for the Stars

20160114 + Up in the am and exercised with L. Dropped D off at school on the way into work and started the day with meeting after meeting... Somehow I got everything done I needed to get done except for the huge wave of email. Home and ate fast and then in the universes endless effort to prevent me from having a free minute I ran with G to scouts. It was a good meeting and he had a lot of fun. Home and watched American Idol with the fam. To bed early exhausted.

20150113 - Still Little

20150113 - Up in the am and exercised with L. FREEZING COLD this morning, 17 degrees... Dropped D off at school on the way to work. In for a full day of meetings and getting the application I built tied up. At the end of the day I headed home and picked up L&G, D was at baseball conditioning and J at ski club. LG&I went to to Steak n Shake for dinner. It was a good quiet meal and all was good except G left the res of his shake there. Home and did a shipment and listing on ebay, then making rubber-band balls while watching American Idol. To the school to pick J up from ski club and he had a much better time tonight, because he learned how to stop... J&I swung up to the high school to pick up D. Home and D cleaned up and J doing homework. Finally to bed.

20160112 - Drinking at Work

20160112 - UP before the sun and to the basement with L to exercise. Actually don't remember exercising, I may have fallen asleep standing up... First day of real snow this winter, and very cold. Dropped D off at school, had to deal with every idiot that owns a car on the way to work...Office is freezing. Tim has resorted to openly drinking at work (I am about to join him). Went out for a snack with Dave and Lori after work. Home and L said it was a war zone... Picked up my iPad and headed to a Scout Board of Review. We had 1 Scout, Home and hit by exhaustion I think we were all in bed by 9pm.

20160111 - Watchin the Game

20160111 - Up in the am with L and worked out. Dropped D off at school on the way in to work. At the desk all day finishing up an application I have been building. Home and ate, L&G at his baseball practice. I dropped J off at Scouts and D at the school for weightlifting while I went to the Athletic Boosters meeting. Back over to Scouts and met with the leaders for a bit. Home with J and L&G there, we had an ice cream treat and headed to the basement to watch the championship football game. I had to run and pick D up from the school, he met me at the BP where I bought a Powerball ticket. Home and D&I watched the rest of an awesome football game. He saw most of it...

20160110 + 3 Cooks

20160110 + Up super late today. Got some things done in the office, G playing outside and spilling his hot coco, L&J out shopping for snow pants, D used a Chiltons manual to take aprt the window control panel of his car and tried to get the switch working for the drivers side rear window to work.. D&I headed out to ship a couple sales and practice his manuverability but it was too windy the poles kept blowing over. We made a quick stop at Meijer to get ingredients and Home Depot to get a key copied. Home and JG&I cooked up a yummy crescent dog dinner with mac-n-cheese, they love to cook. D off to youth group, we watched some TV, I went down and worked out, got leaned up and was up til 2 working.

20160109 - Work and Games

20160109 - Up in the am, no workout today, and J&I headed in to work. We swung by McD's for breakfast on the way. We got there and checked in, and went all over the building helping folks out getting ready for the move. They brought in pizzas for lunch and we ate with the team and left shortly after to go to G's first indoor 6-on-6 exhibition. The boys did fantastic for not being together for a couple of months. We then rushed to G's basketball game where Gma&paW joined us to watch G run and jump like crazy. He did awesome and they won their first game! Home for a minute and then back out, we shipped a sale on the way to Massey's and then, D ran down to meet us for a nice dinner. All to DQ for a snack, then home. Gma&paW took off and the boys headed to the basement and the Xbox, L dead asleep. I pulled up chair and watched the remained of the 100 series while doing some web work until 3am...

20160108 - Cool Plate

20160108 - Up at 5am to exercise with L (YAWN). Dropped D off at school on the way into work.  We saw an Infinity with the license plate 'N B YOHND', Buzz Lightyear musy have been driving At the desk all day doing end of month stuff for December. Home I stopped and got food on the way home. D was at a friends house so we hung out in the basement and watched movies. I was up late working on database for work till 2.

20160107 - Busy Day

20160107 - Up at 5am to exercise with L (YAWN).  Dropped D off at school on the way into work. Had an extremely busy day at work and was at the desk until 6:45pm...  Home and had some dinner then down to discuss grades with D.  Then the little boys came down to the basement to watch some TV with the boys.

20160106 + Fish Lips

20160106 + Up early with L doing exercises. Dropped D off at school on the way into work. Crazy start, had an unexpected HR issue this am... Got a bunch done at the desk today. Left a couple hours early to take D to meet our insurance agent and learn about auto insurance and the difference in cost, especially when related to grades... Home and G doing much better today. D changed for baseball and LG&I dropped him off and then had dinner at Panera. After we ate I dropped L&G off at home and went to City Hall for a Landscape Board meeting where I was sworn in by the new Mayor. We didn't have a quorum so the meeting was cut short.  Home and watched G play on the Xbox a bit and got some work done. Out late to pick up D from baseball and then J from ski club. He reported he did not have a great time, 'kinda boring'. All to bed, not up too late, but still working on new app for work.

20160105 - Blue Jackets

20160105 - Up way too early and did exercises with L. The boys started school up today, all except G who had a Dr appointment. I dropped D off at school on the way into work. Busy cold day of meetings. L reported G still has a 101 fever and the Dr. said it is a virus, that was helpful... Home and ate quick then DJ and J's buddy Donovan headed downtown to the Blue Jackets game. We were on there a short while when we ran into Bill and Brady. There were open seats around us so we all sat together. None of us know anything about hockey, but it was just fun being there, seeing ourselves on the big screen and watching the fights. The Blue Jackets lost and we headed home. Home, and all to bed.

20160104 - Banger Boys

20160104 - L got me up early again for our workout, I thought we got Monday off :-s Down to the basement and workout done, ready for work and headed in. L in to work as well so the 3 boys are home alone this morning... L&G went to a movie and at the end of the movie G was crying because his body hurt. L got him home and he has a fever of 101.5 :-( Freezing cold day at work drinking way too much water. Finished the day and headed home. Home and ate, sorted some xbox games then D drove me to his Eagle Project review at Starbucks. Home and I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers.

20160103 - Dizzy Cooks

20160103 - L&I up in the am and down to our workout room for our morning punishment. L looks at me funny as I drink my coffee during breaks as she guzzles water. It is too early and I need my coffee... All to church and we left early as L started feeling sick during he service and had to leave. Home and I got some stuff done at the desk and then D drove me to K-Roger to pick up some groceries. Home and D got the grill out and cooked up some steaks, G cut up strawberries, J made garlic toast and we had a fantastic feast. After lunch the boys played with LEGOs a bit and then LJ&G went back to Delaware to get L's iPad she left there yesterday... D&I put some hooks in the basement ceiling for tomorrow's exercise program. D then drove me to his friends house so I could drop him off and could go to church with him. I continued on to a baseball meeting for G's baseball. John over after the meeting to review the budget and then I sent out a mail to the team on the upcoming schedule. We all had to make our own dinners tonight and after that GJ&I played a bit, some shuffle board marble game and I twisted their arms and steam-rollered them. D home late from his youth group evening and said he had a blast and wants to go back.

20160102 - Field of Beans

20160102 - Up in the am and L&I did our 'Saturday Special' exercise video and drank the Indian Ocean.  L took J to Donovan's and then went on to visit her GGmaK in Delaware.  While she was there she successfully purchased, hooked up a DVD player, and they watched old videos of her GGpa walking in bean fields and other historic events :-o  I hunkered down at the desk determined to get the Scout site organized and done.  Soon one of the Scout Leaders called as the pages he was working on were disappearing well not really, I was organizing the ;-)  D called and Grant got up at 11:47, couple short nights for the boy has him off schedule... I ran to pick up D, we got some food and then home to meet Jason from Scouts to work on the site.  I explained my OCD induced site organization, he got it, agreed it made sense so we started populating the pages with notes on the content we wanted to put in them.  We got to a stopping point and L was headed home and D drove us to Red Robin to stand in line for 45 min, NOT!  We went across the sidewalk to Logan's and had a great meal.  Home and watched some exciting football and the movie Kingpin to finish off the night.

20160101 + Off to a Good Start

20160101 + Up in the am and L&I downstairs to do our P90 workout. Yes we are going to do a 90 work out, recommended for panzys, by our friend Bill. We had to take day one photos, which L has FORBID me from posting... We did the workout and survived. Part of the plan is to drink 1/2 your weight in oz of water (I am looking into a catheter to reduce the number of trips to the water closet...). Brady took G with him, D took me to othe gas station and thn home to watch OSU in the Fiesta Bowl. We played Notre Dame and I was texting with my boss who is a die hard ND fan, to bad for him as the Buckeyes took care of business and won proper. After the game we hung out watching football the rest of the night and I worked on the Scout site some more, www.Troop98Gahanna,info, until late.  D wet to a movie and then called to see if he could stay at a friends.  We said yes and he came to get some of the games they played last night to take to his friends :-)