20221229 - up to work got couple things done. Had lunch with CB and Cory. Had another call and then headed home. Gma&paW down to deliver their Christmas gifts to us. J home and opened his gifts and left quick for some friend dinner he is cooking for. D and DGF13 over and G home. We passed out the presents and took turn opening all the nice things. L&G ran out and picked up some pizzas and we had a nice dinner. Gma&paW took off and L, D, DGF13 and I played a new game GmaW got me for Christmas, Argute, it’s pretty fun. Kids left and I got a call from my buddy Jim from high school, he had a heart attack and got 2 stents last night… we talked for awhile and then L&I watched some football. G took off for a friends for the night. 


20221228 - Dylan won bingo at Signatures tonight


 20221228 - Bingo at Signatures L, D, DGF13 and I, The neighbors, Nate & Nicole came down and joined us.


 20221227 - Grant drove me to his practice in Deleware


 20221220 - G drove me to Deleware for his baseball practice


 20221219 - J to oral surgeon to see about getting wisdom teeth out


 20221217 - G&I out for the day, got his physical, Meijer Christmas shopping Uniform fitting


20221204 - L went to church, I got more $ stuff done. L home and ran to get groceries and then we went to Home Depot to get more lights for the house. L took off to meet her parents at a concert and G I and a couple of his buddies headed to his basketball game. I got suckered in to running the clock and keeping the books for both teams... It was fun watching the boys play. They know all these other kids and it was chaos. After the game I ran home and got Hazel and we got gas and then took a walk back to the baseball field with her ball and had some fun. Home and relaxing getting some things done on the computer. G home and got cleaned up.

20221203 +

20221203 + Up and L&I watched football
L put the christmas lights 
took Hazel on a walk and back to the baseball field to throw her ball a bit