20220531 - Up in the am and to the desk. L out for coffee with mom of one of J's friends. G and a buddy headed to the pool. Got through my weekly IT call and then L, hazel and I took a quick walk. Back to the desk the rest of the day. Finished the day and had some dinner on the patio with L and throwing the ball to Hazel. Headed to the post office and then high school to see a presentation on the plans for the sport facilities in the new school plan, nothing for baseball... Hung out and chatted with Jeff a bit about boosters before heading home. Home and took a couple calls about the meting. L&I headed out and went to Giant Eagle to get some gift cards for tomorrow nights Baseball Awards. We swung through home depot to get some license plate bolts and then home. Home and put the license plate bolts in with Hazel's help. J went to band practice G went out swimming. G home, J called, locked his keys in his car, so Hazel and I ran him his spare set. Home and to bed.