2023119 - Up late and L been busy all morning. I got to the desk and tried to get Quicken working. L ran and got Christmas lights. I met with J&G on emails they need to pay attention to. L home and J helped her get the lights up on the front of the house. J&I got the downspout reattached. I worked on my license plate cover and then worked on the lights on the shed. In and had boiling hot soup with L while we watched some football. I ran to Kroger to get chocolate cake. Home had some cake and then got a call from prison, Kathy, an old friend I met while working in Wilmington NC. She’s in a bit of trouble and wants to see if I can help…


20231115 + Up in am, everyone gone and to the desk. D showed up, he FINALLY went to gett his expired tags from 2021 renewed. They didn’t let him renew them, he had to pay a fine and buy new plates. Hopefully he learned a lesson. G took the morning off to recover from his computer repair experiment last night… he heading to school, D did some laundry and then headed out. Hazel and I took a walk and then I hit the desk for the rest of the day. L home and we headed to Signatures for Bingo. A couple of her friends joined us G came to get food and Chris P stopped by for a round. Had a good time and headed home to ck on boys and head to bed. 

20231114 - E Key

20231114 - In bed heard running upstairs and heaving. Ran upstairs to find G hanging over the toilet heaving and gasping. I got him to calm down a bit and he said ‘I swallowed a key!’, and proceeded to try to make himself throw up the key. I yelled for L and she came, got weak in the knees and was not help. G eventually swallowed the ‘E’ key from his school Chromebook… Good thing we got the tech protection plan…


20231005 - Had an endodontics appointment, there is nothging wrong with my teeth... so will have to work my way up to figure this out. In to the office and got some things done. We all went to lunch, it was fun. Back tot he office and stayed for a late call. Home and L exhausted, we had leftovers and watched the Golden Bachelor 


20231004 - L&I went to Grove City in the afternoon for Mindy Leapley's calling hours. Very sad, she died at 45. Good to see Kevin and his boys and lots of other folks I used to work with at D1. Home and headed out to the baseball field for a parent meeting, it went good. Home and picked up L and we went to Signatures for Bingo. The Buerger fam showed up and the Shades. We had a great pizza and lots of fun bingo. Home and crashed.


20230924 - D & DFG13 stopped over so L could do D's laundry. We took a hike downtown to the Gahanna Flea Market and explored all the stuff. We popped in to Signatures for lunch and then headed home.


20230923 - Baseball, home G ready and took my car to pick up his date Madeline (GGF2). L&I headed to Inisswood Gradens and met up with some parent adn then kids showed up. We walked all over and got pick of the kids, so cute! After pics the kids took off and L&I headed to the Rusty Bucket for dinner. While we were eating a group of 6 young girls came in without dates and sat down to eat. L&I bought their dinners. It was a fun day and evening.


20230913 - 

Had a meeting at the school district office with Coach Shade about the building
Got car washed
Worked out 
Home and finished the day at the desk


20230912 - Grant had an interview at Hot Chicken Takeover today


20230905 - Up in the am, L had her first day of school, only had 1 cryer today! J went to work and G stayed home sick. I was at the desk all day. Took a noon walk with Hazel and then back to the desk. Everyone home. I was out back with the neighbor and his daughter throwing the ball and Hazel had a seizure. Got her settled and in, watched some tv.


20230829 - Worked from home. L had her second day of meet the kids. Jeff picked me up and we took the freezer to the high school and cleaned out the concession stand. Home and worked on documenting the stand process.


20230827 + L&I took a drive down to Lancaster to see Lonie's new house. We stopped at Target on the way to pick up some things for him. He gave L a tour of the house and then we hung a huge TV on his wall. We got his electric mower out and tested it out. It was first time Lonie had ever mowed grass :-o


Got freezer with for concession stand with Jeff
D&DGF13 over, L&I ran to Kroger and got food
I smoked some stuff, we all hung out on porch and watched football and chatted
Had a nice dinner for D's 24th bday
kids left and L&I hung out.


20230824 - In to the office and after work Lonie followed me home and then he drove me down to Lancaster to look at the house he was buying. Crazy Dave showed up and we toured the house and all looked good. Dave drove me home.

20230819 - Women’s Work

20230819 - Up and trimmed the southeast hedge today. Riley borrowed the trimmer to do his side of the hedge and Nate stopped over with his daughter Jilly and their dog Leo to hang out and have a couple beers. D and DGF13 stopped over to do laundry and have dinner. L did D’s laundry and get a haircut. 


20230805 - Creekside Vettes, Rods & Classics
L Hazel and I


20230729 - L&I to diner with Coles and Gma&paB then to see Oliver


20230717 - Up in the am and got a bit of work done at the desk. Wen to the endocrinologist for a checkup and everything looks good. I stopped to pick up some auction items on the way home. Home for a minute and then J followed me to Ricart to drop off the ticking Hyundai and look at some used cars for both J&I. We stopped at 5 places and drove a Volvo that J liked. Home and I ate quick and then went to a Booster meeting. Home and L&I were watching the Bachelorette and G called, he had a tire pop on 270 and his car was in the center median... Got him calmed down and some friends that were following him brought him home. I called Bill Varney for advice and he said to call the Columbus police non emergency line to get a car out there so we could change the tire. It was POURING so I called State Farm and got a tow truck instead. G&I headed out. We sat in a McD's parking lot waiting for the tow. They said it would 45-65 minutes before he got there so we ran do Rally's and got some food. We just started eating and the tow driver called, he was at the car. We rushed to the scene, got the car loaded and then led them to Tuffy and unladed the car and dropped the keys in the overnight box. Home, couldn't sleep, that was the 3rd car to Tuffy in 3 days...


20230704 - Up in the am and checked on the pork shoulder. Got it wrapped in foil and L got the boys together. LJG Hazel and I headed over to Newcomerstown for lunch. We checked on the pork and it was done, so we just pulled it and had lunch, it was AMAZING! After lunch we hung out, relaxed, watched some TV. We headed home in the early afternoon so J&G could do whatever. L&I ran to Meijer and Giant Eagle to try out this new app 'Faslhfood' that has super great deals on stuff, but you have to go pick it up that day. We got that home and then headed to the theatre to see the new Indiana Jones movie, SO GOOD! Home and waited for boys to get home, then to bed.


20230703 + Up in the am and headed in to the office. CB came in and it is the first time in about 5 weeks I have seen him. CB, Cory and I went to Old Bag for lunch and got caught up. Back to the office and at the desk for the rest of the afternoon. It poured sheets of rain. Home and L&I ran to Kroger to get some buns and things for tomorrow. Home and gave Hazel a couple CBD treats and made her a tent over her bed. L&I hung out on the back porch, G had a bunch of friends come over and they walked to the golf course. L&I set our chairs out on the front lawn and got ready for the fireworks. We had Sam and Nancy, Nate, Jillian and Leo, and J came outside to watch the fireworks. I went in a couple of times to ck on shaking Hazel. After the fireworks I got things cleaned up and J helped me get the pork shoulder in the in the SmokinTex. Steve Weiland showed up on the back porch and we sat out there with some drinks chatting until 1:30.


20230701 - L&I went to Giant Eagle and got more meat for the smoker. We then went to BJ's warehouse club and got more meat and other stuff. We swung through Popeye's to grab some spicy chicken sandwiches on the way home. Home, put stuff away and had dinner on the back porch.

20230630 - First Brisket

20230630 - Up in the am and checked on the brisket, it was nearly done. I turned it up a little bit to finish it off and headed in to the office. Around 10 the brisket was ready to pull and rest. At 11 it was right at 165 and perfect. We took it out and I was amazed that the bark that had formed, that wasn't there when I put it in the foil. We sliced it open and gave it the finger and stretch test, it passed both, looks perfect. The taste test was the best part... OMG IT IS AMAZING! I took a couple of piece up to G to try and he loved it. Took some to Nate the neighbor and he loved it. Not bad for our first brisket!


20230629 + Up WAY TOO early and L drove G&I to his baseball game in Mt. Vernon. It was another weird day with all the smog from the Canadian wild fires blowing down. G's team did good and they won. LG&I went to Southside Diner after the game for lunch; it was super good! We dropped G off back at the field as he is playing with a couple of his buddies on another team in the afternoon. L&I home. I got to the desk and worked the rest of the day. In the afternoon I headed out to the porch to do email and finish the day. In and L&I watched a movie. We took a break to trim and season a brisket, and let it rest. After the movie G&I put the brisket in the smoker and started smoking it. I headed in to the office and did some stuff until 1am. J got home just as I was heading outside to foil the brisket, so he helped me. We got it wrapped up and set the temp and let it cook overnight.


20230628 - L&I went to Signatures for dinner and BINGO. It was just us tonight and a new bingo caller. We had a nice meal and then headed across the road to listen to a live band that was playing at Creekside. We ran in to quite a few folks we knew and just relaxed, listened, sipped margaritas and played some Pok√©mon. 


20230319 - So we had steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. The steaks came off the grill just as Jack got home from his NYC trip. He told us about his trip for a minute and then went up to take a shower. When he came back down his steak was GONE! We found video evidence of Hazel sneaking out to the kitchen and stealthily standing up at the counter and taking Jack’s steak!


20230312 - Up late, the time change killed me last night. Got around, got some things done, D&DGF13 stopped by. G&I ran to the high school for picture day, it was chaos. I ran to the grocery for L on the home. Home and ate, then Hazel and I took a big cold walk. Back in and getting ready for a busy week. 


20230307 - FINALLY got the grill I ordered in October from Alibaba. Looks amazing!


20230304 - Up LATE, last time I looked at the clock was 6:05am… G helping with a baseball camp. I got cleaned up my desk cleaned off. D&DGF13 came over and we went to Bellacino’s for dinner and then walked through the Dollar Store. Home and the kids took off. L&I watched We Have a Ghost, while she scrolled on her ph and I read a book about smoking meat. Headed to bed and J called, he locked his keys in his car, so Hazel and I ran his spare set to him. To bed and did some more reading


20230305 - Up late and got around, L cleaning everything in sight and sewing her chair covers. G up and listed some things on eBay while I did a couple thing at the desk, and then we finished shipping the things he sold this weekend. L, Hazel and I headed out in a big walk down to Creekside and up to the drive-tru to get some beer and home. Hazel and I hung out in the backyard with the ball. 


20230223 - 
L&I headed to my work to drop off a laptop. We ran in to Missy, CB's wife in the parking lot and chatted and gave her the laptop. We then walked to the Old Bag of Nails in Worthington for a nice lunch. Home and L got G and I finished my day, which was reading an 89 page contract. 

J ran G&I to Riverside, we had to stop and get gas and an extra stop at Target so J could return some device for the iPad GmaW just gave him. On the hospital where we checked in on GpaW, he's doing much better now. We left him there for the night and J&G drove home and I drove GmaW home. 


20230203 - Worked at home today. L&I headed up to the high school at 4:30 to work the concession stand. We got home at 10pm


20230131 - Took Hazel to vet today, she shook like a leaf. Go her Wendy's on the way home.


20230112 - in to work, had Occularist appointment likes my eye mods, swung by to pick up some auction wins. Dropped off some pizza boxes I won at auction to my buddy that is starting a pizza business. Home finished the day, had dinner with L. Penn picked me up and we went to Take Flight Ohio and did a simulation in a 737 flying from Seattle to Portland. It was amazing!


20230111 - Up in the am, L to school and J&G in bed. I was at the desk and had some pretty good movement on some of my projects. Made couple trip upstairs throughout the day to feed pill to J&G. Finished up my day and headed to city hall for the first Landscape Board meeting of the year. I was elected secretary again… after the meeting I headed to Signatures to meet L and Jennifer. We had some dinner, won some bingo and chatted, a nice evening. Home and L made soups for the boys and then sat down to watch the last episode of Only Murders in the Building before calling it a night. 


20230108 - D went to G’s basketball game, said the kids were acting like idiots. L&I went to Joe Dixon’s 50th bday party in the church he helped start in Whitehall


20230109 - Up in the am and I drove J&L to the oral surgeon. They took J back and in about no time came and got us. We went back and J was woozy and missing his wisdom teeth. He was a good patient and I asked for his teeth. We got him home and he was a bit goofy, he asked for vodka hahaha. We got him settled and I headed in to the office for the longest day ever. Finished work and LJ&I headed to the basement to watch the Georgia and TCU championship game. Hazel and I ran and picked up the pizza for the blow out. 

20230110 -

20230110 - Up in the am and L&G at school, J in bed getting meds and food every 3 hrs and I’m at the desk. Took Hazel for a brisk midday walk. Back to the desk. G home from school shaking with a high fever. Got him meds and sent him to bed. L home and checked on everyone. Then L&I headed to the high school and helped open the concessions stand, it was WAY slower than the last 2 Friday nights we did.  Home and hung out taking meds up periodically. 

20230105 - 101

20230105 - Today L’s gma Lorene Kraft turned 101!!!


20230102 - L up early and took her Christmas decorations down. 

Later my girls watching the dog show


20230107 - Up early and I convinced L that she was helping check kids in at the baseball clinics at the high school this morning. We got to the high school and went in and I checked in with Cathy, Coach Shade’s wife and we made sure we had our lists in sync. Cathy had help so L didn’t have to stay, so L&I headed to Meijer to return stuff that I got her for Christmas that she didn’t like… get some groceries and I found a couple clearance items. Home and L cleaned the house a couple times and then L Hazel and I took a big walk through the neighborhood, down through Creekside and home. Later in the evening we headed over to Easton to their dine in theater and had dinner watching the new Avatar. It was a good movie, very long. Home and got the boys home and headed to bed. 


20230108 - Lori and I headed to Whitehall to the church that Joe helped get opened for the community for his 50th birthday party! Joe gave us a tour and it was nice to see a room full of people there to celebrate knowing this awesome guy.


 20230101 - LDJG, DGF13 & I headed up to Shelby for a really nice Winger Christmas party