20130531 - Sad Wet Drop Off

20130531 - Up in am and in to work for a full fast day. Home and got D and headed to Camp Falling Rock where he is stuck for the weekend to go through his Scouts 'Order of the Arrow 'Ordeal''. It was raining so I helped him he registered and his tent set up, made sure he had his tarp and sleeping bag (all he could have for the night) to sleep outside, and then left him sanding . There were plenty o other scouts there so he will be fine... Drove away through the thunder storms and left my boy with strangers to be rained on all night. This is just topping off the day for him as his girlfriend dumped his through a text message earlier... Growing up sucks... Headed home, got brake pads and videos.

20130530 - Roughage

20130530 + Up and in to work. Spent most of day locked to desk working on project. Gma&paW came down today and L joined them to go see D's hero speech about GmaW. Home and ate with the fam. Then D&I went to Vinnie's to get a lesson on eating native plants. We went all over Friendship park and ate a bunch of plants in preparation for D's Scout Order of the Arrow Ordeal this weekend. Home for a remote control cow and ice cream snack before boys to bed.

20130529 - CG Learns Baseball

20130529 - Up in the am and in to work. L had end of year meetings and went to G's field day at school and watch him and his buddies race around.  Full day and home with CG following me to D's baseball game.  CG is a friend from work that I met years ago in Mexico and he knows nothing about baseball.  He joined us for the game, I had to keep score but got to chat between innings.  It was a really good game and D's team won!  Home with D and completely exhausted and collapsed.

20130528 - Having a Beer

20130528 - UP and in to work, spent some good time on the shop floor today.  Home and to G's game.  The boys did great and won by a huge margin.  Home and dropped off the fam and had a beer with one of the coaches.  Home and to bed.

20130527 + Playing

20130527 + Up and off to Newcomerstown.  We Stopped at mcds on the way.  The boys watched more Lone Ranger.  Got there and had a huge lunch.  Played baseball with D&G.  Hung out.  Played lacross with J and then D&G joined us for a game of monkey in the middle.  Home, tired.

20130526 - Farm and Friends

20130526 - Up and all + J's friend Conor to the Farm.  Boys played in Pug dangerously.  We had a big lunch.  My buddy Dave Stopped with bad news.  We took hayride up to cemetery, D drove the tractor.  We explored in the woods, climbed through the culvert under road to Gardner's pond.  We tried to fly kites, I ran and tumbled in the field.  D&I got stakes on pug and we did some things around the farm with GpaW.   Down to the swamp boardwalk exploring for frogs, G got his feet stuck in the mud.  Up to house for dinner.  Drove home and the boys watched the Lone Ranger.  We dropped Conor off, stopped at Towler's for a min to chat. Home exhausted, did some things on the PC.

20130525 - Epic Day

20130525 - Up and L out to Zumba, the boys and I hanging out.  I got some stuff done around the office and then we headed to G's baseball game, Gma&paW joined us there and L came after zumba.  It was a really good intense game, but we lost.  G&I split off from the herd and stopped at Kroger for supplies, then the post office for stamps, the car place to get the oil changed and the haircut place for me to get cleaned up.  Home and had lunch with Gma&paW, L&D at his baseball practice.  Gma&paW took J out shopping and G&I played some catch.  Everyone back home and then D headed up to the Farm with Gma&paW.  LJG&I headed to Easton to see Epic.  It was a good movie and we all had plenty of popcorn and pop.  After the movie we walked all over Easton and checked out the stores.  Then to Target to get L some headphones and finally Steak & Shake for dinner.  We skipped to the car and then headed home.  I'll say that was a full day...

20130524 + Daily Grind

20130524 + Up to work, home for baseball.  Up late watching TV w/ L

20130523 - Drip Drip

20130523 - Up in the am and off to work.  Had a busy day and way too many meetings...  Home and had a yummy leftover dinner.  Tried to relax on the back porch with J while D&G hit the ball.  L came out and reported a leak under the sink...  J&I to Home Depot to get supplies.  I jumped in some puddles and got J wet :-P  Home and got things fixed up.  Watched Wipeout laughing like crazy with the boys.

20130522 - Video Games

20130522 - Up in and into another day at the office.  Home and had a nice dinner with the fam.  L off to zumba and the boys and I to a baseball place where D got a lesson in hitting, he did really good.  Home and the boys and I played video games together until L got home and then off to bed.  Up late catching up.

20130521 + Yearbooks

20130521 + Up in early for work, 5th meeting in the same subject (banghead).  Fast day, a lot done. Home, today was L's last day with students for the year, off to G's game. Another really good game!  Beat the Giants 17-8. Home, got some dinner. Watched TV with L and looked at the boys yearbooks.

20130520 - Tough Game

20130520 - Up and to work. Long day. Home and straight to G's baseball game. We have a pretty good little team. Won in extra innings 7-6 against the Reds. Home and off to Bible Bangers with Doc.

20130519 - J's Football

20130519 - Up from the wet night and had bfast.  Everyone packed up.  We stopped for a game of  putt putt before heading home.  Nice trip home with J.  Got home and took a very short nap.  All to J's football game. Home cleaned out car, dinner, gas and returned movie with D. Video games in basement with J&G.

20130518 - Race for the Cure & Camping

20130518 - Up L downtown to Race for the cure with GmaB and Nicole.  J to Boy Scout campout with friends, G baseball 19-1, McDs with Owen then to D's game. Home packed and to Tar Hallow State Park to meet up for the camp out.  The boys had a blast exploring and playing.  It rained a bit but didn't dampen out spirits :-)


20130517 + Surprise

20130517 + Up and to work.  Got through the day and then rushed home.  Then J got home, he was at his buddy Conor's.  When he walked into the backyard everyone was waiting for him, a SURPRISE birthday party! :-)  The kids played and played until late.

20130516 - J 10 + 2

20130516 - Up in the am and J's fist day as a 10 year old got off to a fast start, he opened some presents before we all headed out (notice his feet in the pic, only 1 shoe :-)

Off to work for a busy full day. L had lunch with J today at school. I left a bit early and got home to give J his main gift: a pair of gerbils! "I'm so excited I don't know how to feel!" he said.

L took D to a scrimmage with his rec team. JG&I hung out and the boys played with the new rodents and built LEGO stuff for them. We headed out to have dinner at Max & Erma's so J could get his tortilla soup.

G told the waitress it was Jacks bday so they all gathered and sang Happy bday to him. We had a proper powdered sugar fight from the sugar on the funnel cake fries :-) then we ran to the Cub Scout Pack meeting where they sang Happy bday again and J graduated into a Webelo Scout & G was the only Tiger cub to join the troop tonight :-) Home and some more rodent play while we watched the American Idol finale. All boys to bed. Up late and catching up.

20130515 + Frigermerator

20130515 + Up in to work. L had some fun arranging to delivery of her new fridge... D mowed the backyard and got a haircut.  I Worked all day and then fast home to take J to football practice.  Some of us dads played defense and it was fun. J&I stopped by the McD's to eat and see the teachers from his school that were working there, and then met up with L&G at D's choir concert. It was nice and funny watching and listening to the awkward aged kids.  Home and boys to bed, L helped me install the ice maker line to the new fridge. Up late playing with my newly installed RealVNC, so cool.

20130514 - Long Days

20130514 - Up to work, there late, home 7pm, back to the school to watch some baseball and chat with friends.  home and boys to bed.  up late trying to figure out how to get a mountain of things done...  NOT happy about long days out of the house.  very frustrating...

20130513 - G's Dream

20130513 - Up and in to work. left a little late, rushed home, changed and straight to G's first game of the season. It was a great game and the boys had a blast. J helped me with the book and G got a good hit every time he was up. The Mets lost, but the boys were SO happy to be playing ball and outside it really didn't matter (well to G it did...;-) Home and boys cleaned up and off to bed. I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers. Home and up researching copyrights on Bibles... really?

20130512 + Mother's Day

20130512 + All up and to church after a quick pose with L.  Home for lunch and then to J's football game.

20130511 - Cold Searching

20130511 - Up and off to get baseball pictures  G and the Mets first.  Then home for a few and then DG&I went to look for some fridges before heading to get D's Phillies pictures taken.  J stayed at home and L off to exercise.  We all met up for lunch and then out on a journey to find the perfect fridge, we dropped J off with a buddy to go to a laser tag birthday party.  After a couple more stores and all my data gathered we made a decision and headed to strike a deal.  I was able to get about 30% off and L is in love with her new fridge.  Not sure she can wait until next Wednesday to get it.  Home and then took J to stay the night with Sammer and Leaner.  D watching G and L&I to the local high school production of West Side Story.  There were a ton of people there we knew and it was a great show.  Out to eat afterwards until lori got dizzy and nauseous so we rushed home...  Good thing we did because the fire that D had built tipped over towards the house and was inches away from catching the back steps on fire...

20130510 + Last Inning

20130510 + Up and to work. Quiet day so got caught up on a lot.  Mike brought his daughters Brittney and Briana.  Very nice girls getting to see where their dad works.  Storms came rolling through and I got the dreaded call that our baseball game was cancelled :-( This was to be our last game and I was disappointed and knew the boys would be too... So with a bit of cash left in the baseball budget we moved the game inside to Donatos and had a pizza party instead. I presented the two players that did not get a game ball during the season with one, and then the boys presented a shiny new baseball they had all signed to their hard working and faithful Bat Boy. G smiled so big it must have hurt his face :-) The boys went around and told their favorite play and part of the season and had a great time!

Later we all went to a handful of stores looking for a new refrigerator... Ours is dying FAST and we will have to get a new one this weekend :-o

20130509 - God & Coaching

20130509 - Up to work, had customer onsite again today, had some really good discussions.  Home and had dinner with the fam and then hung out in the backyard looking at the yearbook with J.  Helped L&D clean up the refrigerator and then off to a coaches meeting.  Stayed after the meeting talking to a couple of the coaches about God.

20130508 - Customers

20130508 - Up and to work.  Customer onsite today and it was a good day with them.  Home and changed and to the ball field for a double header.  We finished off the first game with a loss 5-9 and then started right into the second game.  D got a couple good hits, lost a contact and played catcher.  In the end we too a beating but played a lot of the kids at different positions. Loss - 1-12.  Home and off to bed.

20130507 - Jam

20130507 - Up and to work, lunch with Mike, work, home 1 hr in traffic, ate, shipped ebay item, hung out got some things done.  Relaxing.

20130506 - 3 Hits

20130506 - Up to work, home for ball game, D hit all 3 times again, got on base twice.  Home, to bible bangers.

20130505 + Beat Bad

20130505 + Up and all to J's football game, they got beat bad.  Gma&paW came down for the game and dinner and some window shopping.  Home exhausted.

20130504 - First Look

20130504 - UP and on computer trying to get $ and bills back in line.  L took D to practice, then LJG&I to G's scrimmage.  The Mets look pretty good!  Home and working in the garage until late getting it cleaned up and organized.  J had his buddy Donovan over and G had Owen over for a sleep out in the tents I put out to dry. G and Owen didn't last very long and ended up in J&G's beds :-)

20130503 - Good & Bad

20130503 - Up into work, got a lot done today.  home D had a great progress report, but decided to ignore coming home 30 min late... so grounded.  messed up my plans of him and I going out to dinner and a movie tonight, FURIOUS.  buddy stopped over for a chat.  L home with boys, J off to spend night at ta friends.  Watched a bit of tv, boys to bed. CHANGE.

20130502 - UP UP & AWAY

20130502 - Up in the am and off to work. had a very full day and got a bunch done. Out early for a baseball game. The umps didn't show up so it was an automatic forfeit, but we had a dad from each team step up and ump so we could play. D got to play catcher and got 3 hits tonight: 1 flew left field high and foul and the outfielder caught it foul :-( his second at bat he hit it right and it was caught :-( his third hit was the biggest hit I have ever seen him get; that ball soared off the end of that bat high and away to deeeeep center field, the fielder running at top speed backward almost to the fence made the luckiest over the shoulder catch I have ever seen. D was upset and heartbroken :-( I was sad for him but so proud of those 3 hits, and all of his teammates were cheering him on and talking about his awesome hit :-) Home and hung out watching American Idol. Up late trying to catch up.

20130501 - D's Bad

20130501 - Work, rush out to baseball game, we won, D got a hit but they got him out at first... Then struck out swinging at crap. Home and D MEAN to J, sent to room to do homework... D up late pushing my buttons :-(