20151130 + 30K Concert

20151130 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. The VW hit 30K miles today on the way to work. After work I got D from weight lifting on way home. We ran to Scouts to talk to leaders before the meeting, success. Home got D and ran him to scouts, LG&I to J's band concert. The band sounded good and it didn't break our eardrums. After the concert DJ&G went to Dairy Queen and I went back to scouts to ask about advancements. Ran to the post office and then to Bible Bangers, back at McD's for a McRib :-)

20151129 - Christmas Prep

20151129 - Up and all to church. Home in the office getting things done, Scout emails, we are worried about the future of the Troop and specifically the individuals being placed over Jack in leadership roles... L fixed us a nice lunch and then the boys helped me clean out the p-trap in the bathroom and put the lights out front. Back to the office to try and get a little more done while L decorated the Christmas Tree.  Boys to Youth Group to decorate the church, LG&I to McD's for dinner to get a McRib and drop movies off.  Picked boys up from church, guys over to watch the mid season finale of The Walking Dead. Vinnie stayed a bit to discuss Scouts.

20151128 - Football Day

20151128 - Up in the am and D's GF3 is with uts.  We dropped J off at the Mallonn's and then headed to the Pettit's for our traditional OSU vs Michigan game party.  Gma&paW dropped G off at the party from his extra night at the Farm.  It was a good time and lots of folks there.

After the game we headed to the Mallonn's to watch some more football and grab some dinner.  Home, J stayed with the Mallon's and we watched some more football.  A full day of football and friends.

20151127 + GmaW Bday

20151127 + Up and the boys out with Gma&paW for the day, L&I out shopping. Not as productive in years past but still got a lot done and nice to just be the two of us. We had a nice lunch, finished up the shopping and headed back tot he farm. The boys and Gma&paW pulled up as I finished loading the car. We all went in and had GmaW open her bday presents and have some cake. We left G there and the rest of us headed home. Home and unpacked we watched the new 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.' L&I up late and watched the new Vacation.

20151126 - Thanksgiving @ the Farm

20151126 - Up in the am and the all the boys and I got suited up and met Johnny, Roger, John 3 & John C on the hunt.  Only D&I carried guns from our group and we took a nice walk across the fields and through the brush looking for the pheasants we let out last night.  J found one walking through the woods at the end of the hunt and D chased him down, kicked him up and got a bird.  4 in total for the hunt.  After the hunt G wanted to shoot a shotgun, here is his first shotgun experience:

JG&I headed up to the house to get cleaned up and D stayed at the Spring House to clean his bird. We all met back up at the Farm House for a wonderful feast and fellowship with our relatives.  I love how everyone comes together for the holidays here. 

Several groups took hikes and GmaW, DJ&I took a trip to the Falls.  Soon everyone left and we headed up to Gma&paW's house and found a movie to watch and relaxed the rest of the evening.  What a nice day!

20151125 - Whittling & Setting 'Free'

20151125 - Up L drove to Farm, hung out, boys played with the kitten, G&I did his soap whittling for his pocket knife carrying chip.  Roger showed up with 20 pheasants and the boys and I helped him let them out.  It was G's first time and he did great.  when it got dark all the boys came in and we headed out for dinner at Chinatown with Gma&paW.  Back to the Farm and to bed exhausted.

20151124 - Squaw

20151124 - UP in the am and L all dressed up for the Thanksgiving feast at her school. I dropped D off at school on the way into work. It was a crazy day at work trying to get things done. Home and L got us packed for the trip up to the Farm for the next couple of days.

20151123 - Sr. Patrol

20151123 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way to Work. It was a very fast day trying to keep everything together and get extra things done so the holidays would go smooth. Took a break and went to get my hair cut, bad haircut... Picked D up at school from weightlifting on the way home, ate and then to the Scout meeting and a bit frustrated with trying to get reimbursed for the Thanksgiving feast. Even more irate at the news of the new Patrol J finds himself in. Glad D is in the Sr. Patrol. Angry I dropped boys off at home after scouts, checked on Doc, he's not doing well with his eye... I went to Bible Bangers and it was pretty much a venting night for all of us. I am really at the end of my rope with the Scout Troop and they received most of my wrath...

20151122 + Dish Washers

20151122 + Up late, got a couple of things done at the desk. Went and picked up D&J from their Scout campout. Home and fixed the tarp on the back of the shed covering the mower and then the door going into the garage. L&G to a play, DJ&I ran and got wreaths, and the delivered some. D&I dropped J off at home to get his homework done and ran to get gas, deliver some more wreaths and pick up D's new girl. Home and JD& DGF3 delivered wreaths to the neighbors and then washed the dishes. L home for a minute, then had to run out and get dinner. I ran to Dave's warehouse to get some things that had sold on ebay. Home to watch a good episode of the walking dead with D and the guys.

20151121 - First Script Ohio

20151121 - UP in the am and getting things done at the desk.  then G&I got ready and hit the road.  We swing by the bank and the gas station and McD's on our way tot he fairgrounds to park and ride a bus down to campus.  We got dropped off close to the horseshoe that G proclaimed is a lot bigger than it looks on TV.  We headed North past the Shoe and to Saint John's Arena to join the Skull Session.  Then down Lane a couple blocks to check in with some old high school friends at their tailgate party, where G got to play some football with their kids.  We then headed back to the Shoe to stand in a ridiculously long line and then climb 100 steps to our perch on C deck.  We had some big fans around us and i had to sit sideways with my arm around G's back to fit in the space...  Then some rain started to sputter so I suited G up with his trash bag rain coat.  The band marched in and did Script Ohio and then the team ran in to fireworks and the game commenced.  G was taking it all in with wide eyes, not talking much, maybe he was freezing.  We made one trip to get nachos and hot chocolate and then braved the rest of the game at our seats.  The game was very close and we ended up losing :-(  But it really didn't matter as it was G's first time at a game with all the trimmings and he thought it was 'Really Cool'.  A short bus ride back to the car and we drove through Arby's on the way home.  Home and in dry clothes and G told L every single little detail about every minute and event he had witnessed that day ;-)

L reported that the Scout Thanksgiving Feast was very nice and J was cold and wanted to come home.

20151120 - End of Crazy?

20151120 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way to work. Had a very stressful and frustrating day... Home and took D&J to drop them off at the Scout campout. Home and Gma&paW were there and we had some pizza for dinner. Later LG&I headed to the McClain's to relax and have some good conversation. L got her nails painted by Amaya. Home late and to bed exhausted from a crazy week.

20151119 - Don't Like Waiting

20151119 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Another incredibly stressful day... Did run downtown to pick up all of the awards and mothers pins for the Troop Court of Honor. Home and stopped at the school to pick D up from weight lifting that was to be over at 6:00... at 6:25 D came out... I don't have time to wait for his weights... Home in a flurry and rush. Picked up G and heade3d to the Pack 98 Fellar's Cake Auction. Penn showed up to bid against me and the Pack raised about $1000 for GRIN. G&I bought 2 cakes, his and 1 for the upcoming Scout Thanksgiving feast. Home and D helped me get all of the Court of Honor handouts printed and folded.

20151118 + 100

20151118 + Up early with L being gone and got all 3 boys up at the same time, not their usual staggered wake-up calls. Got myself together and then dropped D off at school. Back home and got G ready and sent off. Then J's turn. SUCCESS! In to work for an absolute crazy day. Stuck in traffic on the way home. Home for 3 minutes and took J to the grocery so he and his scout patrol could get supplies for this weekend's campout. L was home and she helped G get his cake iced. Home and working on Scout Advancement paperwork for the Court Of Honor happening this weekend.

20151117 - Admitted

20151117 - UP in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. In and worked a full crazy day. L called midday and let me know GpaB was in the hospital :-o His kidneys are in bad shape. L and Nicole headed over there for the night. I headed home a couple min early to catch all the boys, D was walking home from Yoga, the little boys were home by themselves. D cooked himself some eggs, Jack thought they looked good so cooked himself some eggs too. I had left over pizza and G had McNuggets. After our makeshift dinner G&I had to get his cakes baked for the upcoming cake auction.

20151116 - Points of LIght

20151116 - Up in the morning and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Busy stressful day and then back to the high school to pick up D from weight lifting. I went in and talked to the varsity coach about items he may want me to ask the Boosters for. Ran D home so he could change and then dropped D&J to Scouts. I went on to the Athletic Boosters meeting. After the Boosters meeting I headed back to Scouts to get data for the upcoming Court of Honor. Rob did a real nice speech about good deeds being points of light in relation to the terrorist attacks in Paris. Dropped D&J off at home and on to Bible Bangers. Doc did not go again this week due to his eye injury...

20151115 - Old School

20151115 - Up in the am and all to Church. Home and at the desk most of the day. L gone most of the day, not sure where... JG&I out running a couple of errands, we went to an antique mall looking for a lockset for the new office door with no luck. In the afternoon we picked up D from his church retreat. In the evening had some guys over for the Walking Dead.

20151114 - Santa Scan

20151114 - Up in the am and got myself together. L out shopping, JG&I headed to my work with a stop at McD's for bfast. We looked all over the plant for 1 more railing for the boys closet but couldn't find it. The boys had a blast riding and driving the golf cart and looking at all the high-tech stuff. We got some scrap stuff to take to D's robotics teacher and headed home. We drove though Burger King to pick up some lunch and then home to eat and watch the OSU game. J&G headed back to the school to play at halftime and I grabbed a football to go back and throw with them but it went flat :-( Back in to watch the second half and then we loaded up and headed out. We stopped at Cabela's to get G his first official pocket knife for Scouts :-) we then went on to Hobby Lobby and Toys R Us for our annual Santa Scan so the wishlists to the right are populated. The boys found loads of things their little hearts desired... After the scanning we headed to Quaker Steak & Lube for dinner and then home and L gave the boys hair cuts, got them cleaned up and off to bed.

20151113 + Relatives on TV

20151113 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. In and checked on the inventory and then the staff meeting. A couple of calls and then with a customer all day. Home and D gone at a retreat for the weekend and LJG&I headed out for a nice dinner @ Massey's with the Mallonns. Home to finish watching 'Puss & Boots', and then a documentary on their relatives, monkeys. Getting caught up and seeing what we can get done over the weekend.

20151112 - Conservationists of the Year

20151112 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. At the desk and got tons done quick. The day blew by and I headed out early. Home and got the gang and we headed up to Mansfield for a banquet. Gma&paW were receiving the award for the Richland Soil and Water Conservationist of the year. There were a lot of people there from years past. I introduced the boys to Doc Scherer and others I knew from life on the farm. Uncle Roger, John & Betty and John & Mary were there tool It was a long ceremony and the boys did good other than G spilling coffee on L. There was a nice slide show and they told of the many things over the years that Gma&paW have done for the county: the boys were amazed at the long list. Gma&paW got up and received their awards, got their pictures taken and GpaW gave a nice speech introducing the generations of Wringers there and telling stories and the many involvements of all in the family throughout the years. A nice event and quick drive how with all boys to bed.

20151111 - 16 Extra Years

20151111 - Up in the am and ran D to school. Home and saw G off to school. Gma&paB over to the house, L to her work and Gma&paB & I took J to school.  J&GpaB we on stage at the middle school for the Veteran's Day assembly. J was part of the posting of the colors and his buddy Conor did a great good announcing the event. J spoke up very nicely introducing GpaB to the school.  It was a very nice event and Gma&paB I headed home afterward. We had a nice chat and L was home soon and we headed for lunch. After lunch GpaB and I relaxed at home while the girls went out to do some shopping. The girls got home and the boys started coming home from school. Gma&paB headed home. G&I headed out to get pizza, movies and pick D up from weight lifting. Home and we had dinner while watching the new Terminator.  A very nice relaxing day, marking an addition 16 year.

20151110 + No Board

20151110 + Up in the am and dropped D at school on the way into work. Work was stressful today dealing with a huge overtime bill and trying to get things finished for a day off tomorrow. Home and had an experimental crock-pot Chicken Marsala L was trying out. Good thing I skipped lunch, I was hungry enough to eat it, yuk :-P Went to the church for a Scout Board of Review, no scouts showed up. Home and relaxed the rest of the evening, the boys tried to play Twister, but it got out of hand quickly...

20151109 - Bearded

20151109 - Up in the am and kids did not have school, not sure why, really should have been a teacher I am thinking as I drive into work...  Had a new manager start today, hope that will provide some relief shortly.  Very stressful day.  Headed home and waited in the high school parking lot for D to finish weightlifting so I could carry him home.  Home and we finished off the taco dinner LJ&G started earlier.  Sat quietly for a couple of minutes before G&I dropped D&J off at Boy Scouts.  We then returned a movie and headed home so G could take a bubble bath.  Back to get the boys from Scouts and have D fill up the car for me.  Home and dropped them off and straight to Bible Bangers for a nice lesson.

20151108 - Hanging

20151108 - Up in the am and all to church. After church D drove us around for errands. We dropped L&G off at Meijers so they could get supplies and DJ&I hit Home Depot for stain and stuff and then the video store. We picked L&G up and stopped at KFC for lunch. Home and everyone busy. I stained the new office door, DJ&G helped me drill holes, prep and trim J&G's closet doors. D&J headed to church for youth group and LG&I hung the new tracks and closet doors. The reworked closet doors are awesome and roll smooth! LG&I to the basement to watch 'Inside Out' and have some nachos. I ran to get D&J and all home to finish the movie and then friends over to watch The Walking Dead.

20151107 + New Door

20151107 + Up in the am and D fixing the mower while got my things at the desk done quick.  L&J out shopping and D drove G&I around on some errands, Post office, BP to get beer for Doc, Burger King for lunch, Bank, Home Depot, AT&T store and pick up the car from John's.  G&I drove home in the white car and D drove home by himself :-o  Home and D&I worked the rest of the afternoon sizing and installing a new door to my office that we got at a sale from Mr. Higel across the street.  It looks really good.  D and a couple of his buddies walked to the Gahanna football game and LJG&I settled in the basement to watch the OSU game.  D and his friends home early as it was too cold and Gahanna was getting beat badly.

20151106 - Parties

20151106 - Up in the am and dropped D at school on the way to work.  Another crazy hectic day at the office...  D home with friends after school  I got home and L&I got ready to go out.  D&J staying home and we dropped G and our white car off at John's for a baseball team party.  L&I then headed to Gratzi's for dinner where we met up with the McClains for Tiff's bday party.  We had a nice meal and laughed at the stories they told until our faces hurt.  We bailed out early and picked G and Brady up and headed home.

20151105 - Bloody

20151105 - Up in the am and dropped D at school on the way into work.  Started the day on the floor. Had many meetings and made some progress but still behind. I counted today and on average I receive 1 email every 3 minutes.  No wonder I am behind...  Headed home and picked D up from weight lifting on the way.  Home and J gone to an emergency prep exercise where he gets to get made up to look injured so others can practice rescue skills. L headed out to run errands. DG&I had dinner and then G&I went to his Cub Scout meeting where he got his Whittling Chip, means he can now carry a pocket knife...  After scouts G&I ran to pick up J and his buddies at the FEMA training event and deliver them home. Back home J finished up homework and all to bed.

20151104 + Jam

20151104 + Up in the am the maraujana bill didn't pass. I dropped D at school on the way into work.  Was greeted with a traffic jam, it took me thirty minutes to get to 270...  Started on the shop floor and spent the rest of the day in the office in meetings. Headed towards home and stopped at City Hall for a Landscape Board meeting.  Finally made it home and got a bite to eat and then hung out watching TV and sending emails for baseball. 

20151103 - Up in Smoke

20151103 - Up in the am and dropped D at school on the way into work. On the shop floor most of the day. Left late and picked L up and we headed to vote. The vote to legalize marijuana was on the ballot... L&I had some fun with the papers left over from between the slices of cheese (we both voted NO). Home and played a game of Trouble with DJ&G. Restless night.

20151102 - Too Many Meetings

I'm 20151102 - Up in the am and dropped D at school on the way to work. In for a very full day of meetings and rearranging the shop floor. Home late, stopped at the High School on the way home and picked D up. Home and scarfed down a bowl of pasta while L&G did a science experiment. Took D&J to a Scout meeting and participated int he parent meeting. Home for a min, checked on Doc, he's not doing well... To Bible Bangers at our new location, Donato's to meet with Sampson and Greg. We had a really good discussion night despite the small group. Home late, couldn't sleep, watched a movie.

20151101 + Leaves

20151101 + Up in the am and L out gathering D&J from their friends where they stayed last night.  I got up and got cleaned up, had to take out my eye as it has been bothering me lately...  Nicole brought G home so all back together.  We loaded up in the white car, got the little trailer and headed up tot he Farm.  We got there and put the trailer back in the garage, visited the new kitten and checked out the work GpaW has been doing in the Farm House.  We raked some leaves with 1.5 rakes, put away the picnic tables for the winter and had a nice visit.  John & Mary Terry joined us and we went to Pizza Hut for a nice dinner.  Home and boys cleaned up and D&I to the basement with friends to watch The Walking Dead, with special sound effects provided by G puking up all the candy and pop he consumed at the Farm.