051231 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2006

051231 - Spent the evening in the pool and then playing UNO. Dylan, Lori, Grammy & Grampy Farmer & I are watching the ball drop in a hotel room. Jack didn't quite make it.....

051231 - Holiday Fun

051231 - Saturday, Up had some bfast, clnd up and then to the barn. Loughman's over to play. Jack helped Grampy Farmer feed with the tractor. Howdy, Katie & Jake played in the hay. Everyone up to the house for more playing, lunch and playing. Good to see famIly and friends! Everyonr rested and then off to the indoor waterpark to bring in the new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

051230 - Friday, Videoed 1/2 the contents of the house, changed the smoke detector batteries and then headed up to the farm. Opened presents and then took jack to see the Christmas lights at the fairgrounds. Set up flat screen for Dad.Stayed up late watching 'Sling Blade' w/ Dad.

051229 + Thursday, Took the car into the shop to get serviced, Boys and I dropped things off at 'Got Stuff' to sell on e-bay. Had dinner then ran some errands: Target, Dicks, the employ the dumbest asses... Home frustrated...

051228 - Wednesday, L & the boys to her friends to play. I took several calls and got my hair cut. To McDonalds playplace for dinner.

051227 + Tuesday, Howdy and I to see 'Zathura'.

051226 - Monday,Grama & Grampa B stopped by for a visit. L & I finished cleaning out the house. We watched 'Polar Express'. I stayed up and got all my year end stuff done.

051225 - Sunday, Merry Christmas!! Boys up early: Jack only wanted to eat candy, Dylan tore into it... Pretty great christmas, not excessive, everybody got something they liked. Jack, & now I, are sick and took a big Christmas nap. Worked out good, gave Lori time to build all the stuff so I didn't have too :-D

051221 - Sick House

051221 - Wednesday - Judy Kidd stopped over for dinner. As we watched 'Blue collar comedy', Howdy began to scream... He had gotten sick in bed. I was up with him until 05:30, he got sick all night.

051222 - Thursday - Howdy on the couch all day. Jackwas really bored... Howdy perked up this evening and we watched some Christmas shows. Up late doing year end stuff.

051223 + Friday - Fast day at work. Got all my PCs archived and synced today. Howdy & I to see 'Narnia' in the afternoon, very good show. Home and all played. I stayed up late wrapping gifts.

051224 - Saturday, Christmas eve day - Jack woke up sick today, I stayed with him while L& Howdy went to Nicole's, and then met up with M&D Winger for church. Howdy is singing tonight. We will all eat when they get home and then off to bed so Santa can stop by (pic is of sick Jack on Christmas eve).

051220 - Last of the Christmas shopping

051220 - Home - Jack and I out finishing up the Christmas shopping. We left the house at 6pm and got home at 9:30... we went to a couple of toy stores... We sang songs and looked at the lights. Work - Nice slow day. Wrapping up the year, winding down....

051219 - WORK - Slow day. Did some work, took some calls. Organizing the SUN stuff for work to be done by the end of the week. No real word on how the INOV8 discussions went. Little pissed that I am not more involved. Taking things slow, getting things organized to clean up last year and start a new one.

HOME - Good day. L took howdy and Jack to story time and then to see santa. After work I played dino attack with the boys, I put a t-rex puppet on my hand and chase them around, they love it. finised cleaning out the playroom, making room for santa to visit in a couple of days. Put the electric blanket on. L not feeling to good. Talked to Max today, his sternum is becoming more stable, still can't watch shows that are too funny.

051218 - Brunch

051218 - Lo to church early. The boys and I hung out, reading the paper and watchin 'Little Bear'. Whem lo got home we packed up and went to Big Boyfor brunch.When Lo was prego with Jack, Dylan and I went every Sunday for brunch. Now Jack is 2. It amazes me how fast time goes by and how fast these little people grow.

Bird houses r painted, dinner is done. Decorating cookies and then to play bull rider... Oh my back....

051217 - Making cookies

051217 - Howdy is helping Lori make christmas cookies. Both Howdy and Jacked helped me make birdfeeders this morning...
Ran errands tonight. Damn stressful. Too many assholes out holiday shopping and on the roads. Howdy is on albuterol an dhe is all hyped up. So a pretty tense night. Home, L wrapping presents and I am supporting her by watching 'Daredevil'.

051216 - Test of Mobloging

051216 - So this is my first attempt to send ablog to the web from my phone. I have even included a pic. Let's see what happens....

051216 - Figuring it out

051216 - Fast couple of weeks. I still have no real idea how to use this thing. What I want to learn is how to write my stuff in here and like burn copies of it every year or export it to a word doc. Then i will abandon my paper journal and do everything digital... there is even a way to send things to this blog from my phone, that would make it really simple, i could do it from anywhere at anytime. That would be too cool...
Christmas is almost here, we have all of our shopping done.

051207 - Best and Bigest Friends

051207 - I can remember being in McAllen Texas on this night with Ger S., Jason S. and some others. We were looking for a place to eat and one of the guys, I think Eric R. want to eat here but there was a long wait. There were only a couple of places to sit and Ger and Jason decided to share a little wicker love-seat. The rest of us watched as the two squeezed in and the furniture made unnatural noises expecting it to explode. It held up and as I recall it was one fantastic steak dinner and we returned to this location many times. Ger and Jason I consider to be two of my best and biggest friends that I have MANY memories with and we keep in touch throughout the years.