20200430 + READY!

20200430 + Up in the am and had bfast with L and Lilly. Got some emails done and the work day started. Got D up and we ran to Home Depot to return the sanding equipment we got yesterday and pick up a finishing sander and other supplies for today's work. Home and L did the finish sand coat on the whole floor and G started doing all the corners and edges. I took a couple calls and dug in to work. G was having issues with batteries and sanding pads so D went back to Home Depot to get more stuff. the new tools made a big difference in getting the corners done quickly. L got a bit frustrated waiting on batteries to charge to sent D back to the store to get a plug in sander. After I finished my work day I climbed behind the plastic veil with L and used some of the sawdust we ahve made to create wood filler and went around and filled in some of the bigger holes and scratches int he floor. We were up late working on final prep. We are ready for putting polyurethane down tomorrow so took down all the plastic and tape to be ready. G&I headed to the basement to watch 'Romancing the Stone', a great action movie from the 80s'.

20200429 - Dusty!

20200429 - Up in the am and started working. Got things rolling with the team and then D&I headed to Home Depot to get floor sanding equipment. We got everything we needed and headed home. I got LD&J rolling and they started sanding down our hardwood floors. G headed out to the shed and set up my office in the living room as everything else is covered with plastic. I got some work stuff done and checked on the workers throughout the day. When I logged off of work we had just finished the 36 grit sanding of the 3 rooms and the hall. L&I wanted to quit for the night but D pushed us so we changed everything to 60 grit and started the process over. J got in a tangle with the edge sander and it ripped through his pants and tore his leg up a little. He bandaged himself up and checked out. LD&I finished up the 60 grit and then D pushed us again to do the 80 grit. So we dug in and sanded our brains out and finished up about 9pm with all 3 grits, day one done! We all got cleaned up and relaxed our aching bodies for the night.

20200428 - Extreme Quarantine

20200428 - Up in the am and L was on the couch, she woke up at 3am and has been up every since. I got around and had some bfast. Got D&G up and sent them out to get some supplies to finish the steps and the sand our floors. Got to work and dug in, had the weekly call with my team. Worked all day and got a lot done. After dinner we all worked together and removed everything from the dining room, my office and our bedroom. L&I then taped off the house in preparation to sand down the hardwood floors tomorrow.

20200427 + Locker Up

20200427 + Up in the am, G up early for some reason. Had some bfast and then in to the office to get things rolling for the week. L&G cleaning up from all the work this weekend. I dug in and heard the boys get up. L scooted around on the floor and removed the quarter round on the hardwood floors, I worked throughout the day and  D&G made a run to Home Depot but the line was to long and they returned shortly, J left to go skateboarding. I finished the day and then headed out to the garage to put tools away  D grilled dinner and we all got together to eat. After dinner L cleaned up, the boys ran to there electronics and I finished cleaning up the garage and put a new lock on the back door. L&I hung out a bit until J&D had to get on their Scout call, I skipped both the Scout and Bible Bangers tonight. The boys eventually wrapped up their electronics and G came down for ice cream and we watched ‘Major League’, he loved it. Off to bed and watched some TV and then read some in the new Bible.

20200426 - Work Day

20200426 - Up late and got supplies together and D&G helped me get the basement stair project underway. J eventually came down to help and G headed to the shed. We worked all day on the steps and finished up about 7pm. We had dinner and then the boys headed off to do their own thing. I got cleaned up and wrapped up the week in front of the TV. To bed and watched a show and then hit the new study Bible I got.

20200425 + Errands and Visit

20200425 + Up in the am and had bfast with L. L trimmed Lilly up a bit and took her on a walk. I got some things organized for a trip out to get project supplies. Boys up, I finished measuring and lists and D&I headed out. J went skating and G to the shed. D&I went to Home Depot but the line to get in was crazy long so we went to Lowe's. We walked around forever trying to find what we needed. We got a bunch of stuff and then headed to Giant Eagle for a grocery run. Finally home and unloaded everything. It has been raining most of the day so just hung out, and then the Mallonn's stopped over to sit on the porch for a social distancing visit.

20200424 - Fast Friday

20200424 - Up in the am and had some bfast with L and watched the opening bell while she did all kind of cleaning. I headed in to the office and got the day rolling and heard the boys moving. Paid some bills and got a ton of work done today. D worked on removing the steps to the basement. I Finished up the day with a managers zoom and then D&I ran to the post office and Gahanna Grill to pick up dinner. Home and we all ate. LDJ&I played the frisbee bottle game for a bit while G screamed in the shed. D&J in to play on their electronics. L&I watched a cute little movie, 'Charlie Barttlet'. G came in and we stayed up and watched 'Bio Dome', G laughed out loud at it. I headed to bed and boys were on electronics until late.

20200423 - Office is Clean!

20200423 - Up in the am and had bfast with L and got some email done. Headed in tot he office and took some pick of the last stuff to list on ebay. Made  couple work calls and then dove in to work. Finished the day and headed out for dinner. We all ate and then DG&I worked on removing the basement steps for a bit. D&G headed to their electronics and I posted the last of the stuff from the office floor on eBay while L&I watched 'Long Shot' a really funny cute movie. After the movie G came in and we watched 'Hamburger Hill'. Up late.

20200422 + Hamburger Helper

20200422 + Up in the am and had bfast with L. Did some email and unemployment stuff for L before heading in to the office. Heard L getting the boys up as I started calls. Had a good busy day of getting things done. Boys up and got their school work done. D&G climbed around int he attic and crawl space to remove some old cameras and wires for me, J went skateboarding. L went to meet her girlfriends at a park for a walk. I finished the day and cooked some hamburger helper for dinner. J&L home and we all ate. After dinner we took a break, L&boys on electronics and I listed stuff on ebay, and then got back together and watched 'The Core'. After the movie L headed to bed, D&J headed up to their electronics and G&I watched 'Danger Close'. To bed late.

20200421 - Game of LIFE

20200421 - Up in the am and had some peanut butter toast with L and Lilly. Headed in to the office to work and get on some calls. Spent a big chunk of time working on D's classes for next year. Finished up the work day and took some pics for ebay. L making dinner, D up in his room, J skateboarding somewhere and G in the shed. L made dinner for us and we all ate together. We then played the game LIFE for a bit before separating, D&J to their rooms and G to the shed to get on their electronics and L&I watched a movie. Gma&paW called and we may to the MSD@F in a couple of weeks when the restrictions lighten up. I posted some things on ebay. G came in, got a snack and then we watched a movie, "Nice Guys' until too late.

20200420 + Lots of Calls

20200420 + Up in the am and had bfast with L and then in to the office for some work and calls. Heard the boys up and around and L tending to her plants. I helped D schedule classes, J finished up his school work and headed out to skateboard and G was out in the shed on the Xbox yelling at his friends. I finished up the day and came out of the office, J home and L had dinner ready. We all ate and shortly after JG&I had a call with the Scouts. As we finished up our call L got on a call with her girlfriends. I then had a call with the Bible Bangers, having an issue getting Pettit to join, technological issues... After all our calls we settled in for the night.

20200419 + Gate and Playset Work

20200418 + Up in the am and the boys down and we had cinnamon rolls L made for us and we watched Joel Osteen. We then got dressed and headed outside to do some jobs. DJG&I got a brace added to the swinging bridge and tower and then D&I headed to the back to install a gate to get back to the school while J&G spread mulch around the playset. J headed out to skateboard and D&G hit the electronics while I cleaned up the garage and L cooked some dinner. All at the table for dinner and then D&J played a dice game and L cut G's hair. I listed some things on ebay and cleaned up my volunteer duties. L&I watched some American Idol to get ready for another week.

20200418 - Work and Fun

20200418 - Up in the am and had some bfast with L and then to the desk to organize the day. L got the boys up and D&G headed out to Home Depot for supplies and J helped L clear a path in the backyard to the school. I worked on dismantling the rotten pieces of the shed. D&G back and spread some of the rock in the window wells and mulch they picked up. D went next door to help Jody with her stone steps and J helped me put the new panels on the shed. We all finished our projects up and D&G played a game in the backyard, J headed out to ride a skateboard and L&I got a snack and sat out back and ate watching D&G play. In and cleaned up and watching some TV and the boys got on their electronics.

20200417 + Social Distance Visit

20200417 + Up in the am and had some bfast with L and in to the PC for work. Spent some time moving investments around today and putting the stimulus check we got in them market.  Done with my day and decided to get out of the house. So L&I invited the boys but no one wanted to go so we headed out. We stopped by the McClain's for a visit and chatted on their front porch. We picked up some wings from Flanagan's, I was the only person with any protection on in the place... We swung through McD's to get L a Coke & fries. Home and we started to eat and tried to figure out what movie to watch and J lost his mind in defiance and I returned in kind... So not a great night. Ended up in the basement with D&G and we watched Lethal Weapon 4.

20200416 - My Vision

20200416 - Up early in the am and to the Endocrinologist. I have been feeling better since started to take 2x the pills and it was a good visit.  2 of my 3 thyroid #s are back in line and everything is headed in the right direction. I swung through McD's and brought some bfast home and started in at the desk. Lonie is doing good today and was released to go home after a heart ultrasound.  When I came out for lunch L had the boys up and I ate and took a little nap. Back at the desk to to finish the day. D ran and got us some pizza and we all had dinner together. After dinner DJG&I played a Frisbee game in the backyard. It was fun and I made them all play one round with a stocking cap pulled over one eye so they could get a sense of what I see. It was a hoot and fun. In and L&I watched some TV while the boys got on their electronics.

20200415 - Practice

20200415 - Up in the am and had a busy day at the desk. D scheduled classes for next year, J went skateboarding and G hung out in the shed. I finished up the day and headed out. L went for a walk and then it started pouring. I sent D to rescue her and Lilly on the way to the post office. L made us dinner and then we watched James Bond, 1964 - Goldfinger. Still a great movie! After the movie G&I stayed up and watched Lethal Weapon 2.

20200414 ‡ Virtual Rank

20200414 ‡ Up in the am and did some email and had a couple of calls. Pretty frustrating day, things moving slow at work and L's unemployment isn't working... We worked on that a bit and I got some work done, organizing things. Finished the day and we all had dinner together. Tonight the Scouts held their first ever Board of Review and G was the first Scout to achieve a rank virtually. I stepped out to take a call from D's college to figure out why he wasn't getting any homework. Stayed up a bit and got some things done on the PC

20200413 - Perspective

20200413 - Up in the am and out to the lab to get blood drawn, quick and painless. On to the grocery to pick up a prescription and get some groceries while I was out. Then through the gas station and post office. Home and joined a call for work. Was at the desk all day and came out for a nice dinner that L prepared. We had a good dinner and then JG&I joined the Scout zoom meeting. After the Scout meeting I had a Facetime with the Bible Bangers. Good to see other people! THen G&I watched Lethal Weapon, great movie!

20200412 - Fun & Games

20200412 - Up in the am and L&I had some cinnamon rolls she made. We got the boys up and they came down and we watched Joel Olesten with us, they liked him. They then vanished up and out to be on their electronics. I got my office closet cleaned out and got some things organized wile watching some TV. L took Lilly on a walk and D&I looked at repairs for the playset and shed. Back in and L home and cooked us up an Easter feast. We ate together and then the boys cleaned up. We got Scattergories out and played 12 rounds, we played for a couple hours, and we laughed and head a great time. L got us together for a picture before they headed to electronics. L&I watched some American Idol and prepared for next week. G down and we watched Police Academy 7. To bed and watched last week's Walking Dead. 

20200411 + Putting Things Together

20200411 + Up in the am and had some bfast with L. L headed up to Nicole's to have a social distance visit. I got the boys up and caulked the office trim and had them do some mulching. I then started the generator and then trimmed the hedges along the back. L home, trimmed L up and took her for a walk. Later L cooked us some dinner and we all ate together.  D&I played cornhole for a bit before heading in. G eventually came in and we watched Police Academy 6.

20200410 - Hat Head

20200410 - Up in the am and had some bfast with L and watched some news as the day started. We are shocked that people think it is over or that it still isn't any big deal... I headed in to the office to finish the week. Got a bunch of work done and paid bills. Boys up late, D ran some ebay things to the post office form me, J&G doing homework. The boys all headed to Home depot and got some mulch. Then got home and L made us dinner. After dinner LDG&I watched James Bond, from Russia with Love. The boys then hit their electronics and L got on a call with her girlfriends and I had a call with the Bourbon & Bonfire Boys. G finally came in from being out in the cold shed with a stocking hat on all day and his hair was so bad even the skeleton wouldn't look at him.  G&I stayed up and watched Police Academy 5

20200409 - Peeking Dog

20200409 - Up in the am and finished off the maple syrup I made over the weekend. Got on the PC and got some things rolling. Got the boys up and then took a couple calls and then in to the office to attend a financial webinar and continue moving books. Zooming in on a project I want finished up for the rest of the day. Out and we all had dinner together and then headed to the basement to watch a movie. We have decided to watch all of the James Bond movies in order and stated this evening with Dr. No, these are great movies. Lilly thought about coming down and watching it with us but doesn't like the steps. Up late finishing up the book move in the office.

20200408 - Frisbee FUn

20200408 - Up in the am and had a call and then at the desk. L got the boys up and moving. I worked in the office all day, doing various tasks and moving and cleaning up the books in my office throughout the day. Out of the office for dinner and then we played a bottle Frisbee game a couple of times before heading in and watching some TV. Kroger dropped off our groceries and we got those put away.

20200407 - Artist

20200407 - Up in the am and on calls and in the office all day. Boys up and got their stuff done. D got my list and started getting things done. Finished the day and we got J home, a bit of a struggle... had dinner and then LDJ&I played a game and G played on the xbox in the shed. D&J upstairs and G came in to watch a show with me.

20200406 - Thank You

20200406 - Up in the am and got some bfast and the laptop fired up to get the week started. Had a busy Monday. We all got together and had dinner and then had our zoom meeting with the Scouts. After the call we all headed to the basement to watch "Austin Powers" it was not good.

20200405 - Puzzled

20200405 - Up late and got myself around and got the boys up. L&I tried watching a show and working on the puzzle a bit. I headed in to the office and started cleaning it out. Sent D&G to the Goodwill to drop off a ton of stuff. Office is looking better. L cooked dinner and we all got together to eat. L had a list we came up with for expectations: 1 - get yourself up, 2 - Get yourself ready and dressed, 3 - Do your school work, Keep your room clean, Do your own laundry, Come up with one meal you can cook each week. L&I watched American Idol and the boys are all on their electronics. L headed to bed and I got some book cataloged. G down and we watched some TV and headed to bed late.

20200404 + Maple Syrup Day at the Farm (almost)

20200404 + Up in the am and got some things together. L headed out to do a walk with her girlfriends, she took homemade masks for all of them. Today would have been the Maple Syrup Day at the Farm so I headed out to the backyard, lit a fire and finished boiling down the sap we collected to keep the tradition alive. Headed in and got the boys up, made a list of things that need done outside. Sent D&G to Home Depot but the line was too long so they came home. L got the porch all cleaned up and I wanted to get the big TV out there so I ordered a TV D could take to college with him and for the first time in 3 weeks headed out. We pulled up to the store and some kids ran the TV out. L cooked dinner, we ate and then the boys went back to play wiffle ball, L joined them. IN and we watched some TV.

20200403 - Distant Friends

20200403 - Up in the am and getting in to work. D ran out to take a drug test for new job,  J skateboarding with friends, G camping out in the shed. L cleaned the back porch today and making masks. L made some tacos for dinner, I helped D with the rubik's cube then watched some of See on Apple TV. Took a break to have Zoom meeting with the Bourbon & Bonfire Boys that are now spread out all over the country to check in and see how everyone is holding up.

20200402 - Overdue Trim

20200402 - Up late, couldn't sleep most of the night. Got myself around and then dove in. L cleaned off the back porch today< D helped int he yard a bit, had to pry J out of bed and force him to do school work, G worked at the counter for hours doing his school work. I worked past 5, we all got together to clean out the fridge for dinner. L gave J a haircut, D&G ran to their electronics, I cleaned up the dishes and then tried to get caught up on personal stuff. L had a FaceTime call with her girlfriends and then joined G&I watching Police Academy 3. After the movie L went to bed and G&I settled in to watch Police Academy 4.

20200401 + L Bday

20200401 + Up in the am and wished L a happy bday! We had coffee together and she opened he slippers. I headed in to the office and got my day underway. The boys came down and I took a break to watch L open her presents and arranged the boys to run and get Cane's for lunch. Back into the office and then back out to have lunch. Back into the office on the PC and calls the rest of the day. Out and ordered dinner from City BBQ and we had a feast for L's bday dinner. We then gathered int he basement to watch the new 'Dr. Dolittle' it was super cute. Then the boys vanished upstairs and L&I watched a magic show and headed to bed. I worked a bit more and then called it a night.