20150930 - Nice Dinner

20150930 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  A normal busy day and then home to veg out in the chair as L got ready.  Boys are on their own, each with a list of things to do while we are gone.  L ready, she looks amazing.  We went to dinner at Hyde Park in Upper Arlington.  It was a fantastic meal.  Nice and relaxing, nice to sit quietly and talk.  Home and some of the lists got done.  Boys to bed.  Exhausted from the day to day life...

20150929 - Hard to See

20150929 - Up in the am and L discovered a can of Pringles she bought yesterday afternoon vanished over night after J&G went to bed and I went to Bible Bangers (notice the list of suspects is very slim...). I dropped D, in full denial of the crispy offense, off at school on the way to work. A full day at the desk and things accomplished as more pours in...  Received a text midday from L that she found the chip almost gone in the basement and D finally cracked when the evidence was presented...  Home for some soup and then D drove G&I through the rain to the post office, Dave's warehouse to get more blow up football players and finally the video store.  Home and all down to the basement to watch the new Avengers.

20150928 - Trouble, Blockus & TD Passes

20150928 - Up in the morning and dropped D off at school on the way to work. In and got a couple things done before the owner showed up. We had a good meeting and got a lot of future plans approved.  Home and L took J to soccer practice, G&I dropped D off at driving class. G&I got home, took out the trash and played a couple games of Trouble, a round of Blockus and then headed outside to throw the football a little.  L&J home and we had some ice cream. Little boys to bed, I went and picked up D, got him home, picked up Doc and went to Bible Bangers.  Home and up very late updating more of the blog for June 2014, July 2014 and August 2014.

20150927 - Work & Play

20150927 - Up in the am and L&D off to D's double header. JG&I stayed at home, J&G playing Xbox and other various electronics while I got things done at the desk. J made lunch for G&I; turkey sandwiches with wheat-thins and almonds.  J&I dropped G off at one of his friends bday party.  On to get some things at Menard's, a shake and slushy from Sonic and checked on an eviction. Finally home and J&I replacing the steps going out the backdoor. G got home from the party and helped J carry the old wood over to Doc's. L&D home, D won the first game and tied the second. Steps done, L took D&J to church youth group, G shooting a BB gun. The city attorney stopped by to admire the ditch work, the eviction stopped to pay some $ and I repaired the ball box for the bumper-pool table in the basement.  Then G&I checked out his fort and played on the player for a bit before settling in front of the TV on the back porch.  LD&J home and Chris over to watch Fear the Walking Dead.

20150926 - Beating the Street

20150926 - Up in the am and took D to driving class, L&J to his soccer game in Johnstown.  G&I hung out at the house a bit while I got things done/organized to head out.  G&I out running errands and getting $ from businesses for his baseball team.  We went to about 30 places and G walks right up, asks to speak to the manager and then very quietly give them his spiel (I am not sure how this anomaly happens that you can barely hear him as he is officially the loudest human being ever created...).  They all think he is cute and they all want to help.  We had multiple businesses today tell us they get 3-5 requests for sponsorship a week... amazing.  Once D's class was over he drove us around.  G scored a handful of gift cards and a bicycle helmet to raffle off.  We swung by Lowe's as a last stop to get some lumber to replace the back steps and they didn't have what we needed.  Headed home and all down to the basement for an evening of football.  At halftime for the OSU game D took me to get my new glasses and then we hit McDonald's and Pizza Hut to get dinner.  Home and finished off the night watching the big screen.

20150925 - HS Football

20150925 -Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  We met at the new site this morning to take a tour; very nice place.  Over to the existing building to handle an emergency and then a day at the desk of catching up and pushing tasks through.  I left a few minutes early to go to a celebration a couple of my friends were having to celebrate them buying the company they have worked for for years.  Very proud of these guys, Courtland & Brad.  I saw some folks I use to work with there, it was a nice party.  Way to go guys!  I didn't stay long as I had to rush home and pick up the fam.  We loaded up and went to the Rusty Bucket for dinner and met some friends, the Burnworths there.  After dinner we walked over to the high school homecoming football game and met up with a bunch more friends and we all sat together.  It was a blow out, the other team was really not good, they didn't even have a punter and did field goal kicks on each 4th down, very odd...  After the game we came home and D&I up late setting up our new phones...

20150924 - Study Hall

20150924 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school late on the way to work...  Got to work and was in the same room all day reviewing legal documents :-(  Left work and went straight to the soccer field to watch the first half of Jack's game w/ L, they lost :-(  Across the street for the end of G's practice where D was helping.  It looked like practice went well.  Home and G&I sat on the back steps and he played with Lilly.  Everyone in and cleaned up with an ice cream treat.  L helping D with English homework until her eyes gave out on her, then I sat with him while he finished up doing my own homework.  To bed late.

20150923 + Trumpeter

20150923 + Up in the am and dropped D at school on the way into work. We had a meeting first thing and then a final call at 5...  Where did the day go???  Home and had some cold dinner and then watched L play with Lilly for a bit. D drove J&I to Music Go Round to find J a trumpet. We found him one and he is now trying it out...  where are my ear plugs???

20150922 - Bad Noise

20150922 - Up in the am and dropped D off on the way to work. In and got some things done before the customer showed up for a good day on the floor and in the conference room.  Home and headed over to Doc's for a beer and a chat. Over to the house and had some dinner, D&G upstairs studying and playing, L&J at soccer practice.  I hung out on the back porch drinking beer and Eric from work stopped over to shoot the shit.  L upstairs trying to play with the boys and make machine gun noises (girls can't make gun noises...).  Good times.

20150921 - Fancy Bar

20150921 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  It was a crazy busy day and I took a break to get Dave and I some food.  Back to the desk to finish the day and then out with folks from work and our new customers for a nice dinner at Black Point in the short north.  Home and got an update of the soccer practice and teacher conferences.  Up late updating the blog.  

20150920 - Certified

20150920 - Up in the am and L&D out to D's double header.  G&I are at home, G doing his jobs and I am getting caught up on the impossible list of things to get done.  G transferred to the basement to play the Xbox and I kept working.  Before long it was time to go to his practice so we saddled up and went.  L reported on D's games, D got a double and they won both games.  All games and practices over and everyone but J home.  D&I trying to get pine sap off the VW, then L ran him to the church youth group.  J got home and LG&I went to get him and take him to dinner at Panda Express.  Finally all home and settling in.  J got kicked off the Xbox when the walking dead came on and was not happy about it... Chris came over to watch the walking dead with D&I.  L&I up late working on things.

20150919 + Ditch-b-Gone

20150919 + Up and the crew is here working on the ditch.  I took D to a practice at Academy and then L&I went to an estate sale and then hit a couple stores just hinging out.  Home and L went to get D and run some more errands.  Jim from next door and I supervised some of the work on the ditch and are happy it is getting covered.  In and D home, we verified the inventory on ebay and he listed 1 more thing.  We then headed to the basement where we moved the washer and dryers back into position and finished putting shipping boxes and our bug out bags away.  The basement looks amazing..  Then we settled in to the basement to watch the Buckeye game.  Seems our offense has no idea what is going on...  Pretty miserable game, even though we won...  We can't stay #1 play sloppy like this.  McClains over at half time and we watched the rest of the game and then just hung out flipping between other games.  D drove Bill and I to Chipolte to get a late dinner for everyone.  Fun times.

20150918 - Team Photo

20150918 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  Had a staff meeting first thing in the morning and pretty steady the rest of the day.  Bailed out about 4 to get D&G and head to G's scrimmage in Delaware. L stayed home and dropped J off at the church with the Scouts to go to hunter safety course.  DG&I stopped to go through the car-wash on the way to the game and D helped ump.  It was the first game I did completely on GameChanger It worked well.  The guys from the Stix are very nice and it was a fun scrimmage.  After the game the McClains and Georges stopped by for some Natty strategizing.  And G went to spend the night at the McClain's.

20150917 - Catching Up

20150917 - Up in the am and dropped D of at school on the way to work.  In the conference room almost all day and the mountain of work grows.  Stuck in traffic for an hour on  the way home... Home and changed and D drove me to G's scrimmage.  We missed most of it, about done with baseball and it hasn't even started...  Home and G got cleaned up and we watched some TV.  Gma&paW came down to see J's soccer game and get some dinner.  All back to the house for a minute and then boys to bed.  When I went into my office tonight I found the cutest note on a bobble head G got at a baseball game.  He brought about 5 of them home and I said we were going to put them on ebay.  His note, 'Is mine dad do not post I need it Sincerely Grant'  :-)  I stayed up really late and tried to get caught up on 16 months of blog entries: April 2014 and May 2014.

20150916 + Tripe Header

20150916 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  A busy day with a late call and slow trip home.  D had his first day of baseball training and L went to pick him up.  I got home and got changed, then L&D home.  D changed and DG&I headed to the Clippers game.  We didn't make it out of the driveway before I sent D in to take a shower...  All cleaned up and off to the game DG&I met up with Dave and John from work and we a nice relaxing evening.  The boys were good and we had a lot of fun watching a GREAT GAME and they WON!!!  Home and to bed.

20150915 - Double Header

20150915 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way to work. Absolute SH!T DAY. Had a late call and headed home. Quick stop at home and picked up the fam + D's buddy Drew. And headed to the Clippers game for the second night in a row.  It was a great game and the Clippers won!  One more game tomorrow night to go to the championship.  We dropped Drew off and headed home, all boys to bed.

20150914 - All Over CMH

20150914 - Up in the am and NO WORK TODAY!  J and I got his new Destiny pack purchased first thing and then he stayed down to play while I went up and figured out the schedule for the day.  D&G up about 10 and we got started...
- Fire drill
- Gas station, D our driver for the day.
- Trophy store for name plate for J
- Bank, D pay me back for ordering him a 6s
- Giant Eagle, prescription, jam, cupcake stuff
- Movie store, returns
- AAA, doesn't offer driving classes anymore :-s
- Aldi, return bleacher seats
- US Bank to see our buddy Bill
- Lunch at Lon John Silver's
- Columbus Driving Academy, enrolled D = $$$$
- Rental, drop off eviction notice...
- Lowe's, return a pat, get grass and stuff for house, saw buddy Tom
- D drove through downtown...
- Scout Store, get advancements
D&G planted the grasses, J watered them. Then L&J headed to soccer practice and DG&I headed to a free Clippers game.  We saw a lot of people we knew, got dogs for a dime and had a fun evening :-)

20150913 + More Ball

20150913 + Up in the am and at the desk getting things done, J went to church with the Mallonns and GpaW dropped D&G off and then headed out.  D got changed and then LDG&I headed to Grove City for D's double header.  It was chilly windy day and G was the bat boy.  D did not play very well today and was very grumpy...  Home and J was there, D&L headed in to get cleaned up and G&I went to get KFC to get dinner.  After dinner D&I watched Fear walking dead.

20150912 - OSU FOOTBALL!!!

20150912 - Up in the freezing cold windy morning and LJ&I headed to J's game.  It was in Westerville and Sam was having a game so L&I went to watch that while J's team warmed up.  It was a slow game to start but J's team kicked it ino high gear in the second half and won!  During the game my buddy Chris called and had 2 tickets to  the OSU game that he was not going to be able to use.  He wanted to know if Lori and I wanted them.  HELL YEAH!!!!  L&I quickly made arrangements for J and headed out after his game to get a couple of things done.  L&I got all dressed up and headed down to the Shoe for the spectacular pageantry that an OSU Football game has to offer.  We were not disappointed, from our perch in the first row of C deck we could see the band, the sea of people and a not so fabulous performance by the team, but they still won.  It was a fantastic day for football and w had a great time!

We picked up Jack and headed to the McClain's to see my second favorite team play and have some more fun.  What a day!

20150911 + Farm Camp

20150911 + Up in the am and dropped D off on the way to work. Had a busy day, Mexican Friday Lunch and took pics of the team in their Hawaiian and NFL gear. Headed home, picked up D&G and took them to the church to meet up with the scouts that are making an overnight stop at the farm on their way to a camporee on Put in Bay Island. Home and L&I watched a movie while J got the Xbox all to himself for the night. Checked in with D and GmaW and all well at the farm.

20150910 - Soccer and Practice

20150910 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. Had a customer visit today that went well. Finished the day and headed to J's soccer game. They play on a full size field now and J ran his butt off. They lost 2-0. Ran across the street for the end of G's baseball practice. Home and D and I made a late night run for coffee. Return a movie and get him some gas.

20150909 + Just Old & Errands

20150909 + L took  D to school and I headed to the Dr to get my knee checked out that was hurting.  Everything checked out good, he thinks I may have a bakers cyst...  In to the office for more chaos...  Home and L is gone for the night for school First Aid training.  D drove JG&I around to get some errands done.  We went to the post office and G ran a package in, then we stopped at Burger King for dinner, to the video store to return some and browse, then looking at cars.  Home and we watched the movie 'Big Game', very cute family show.  L got home, boys to bed.

20150908 - Board

20150908 - UP in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  It was a typical crazy day.  Home and L&J were at soccer practice and I grabbed some food.  DG&I ran to pick up D&I's glasses and then hung out a bit, took the trash to the curb and then headed to the Scouts Board of Review.  I walked around the church in between the scout candidates and saw L's classroom.  After the BoR we headed home and got everyone to bed.  I watched Birdman, and thought it was a waste of my time, have no idea what they give awards out for...

20150907 - Wind in the Face

20150907 - UP in the am and L out getting some food.  She got home and we all (including Lilly) jumped in the car and headed to Gma&paB's for a nice Labor Day holiday.  We had a great meal and the kids had a lot of fun at the ball field, on the play set and hanging out.  GpaB had to work on some escalations but joined us later in the day at game time for some family fun and to smoke out some moles.  We headed home at a calculated time to make sure we were home to see the Buckeyes game.  J&G sat in the very back and played cards all the way home which meant Lilly got to sit in the passenger seat and put her head out the window.  Home and settled in for a great opening game for the Buckeyes!

20150906 + I Love America

20150906 + Up in the am and all to church. After church we ran some errands, got some subs and headed to the Johnstown Swappers Day with the Mallonn's. We saw some puppies, hunting dogs swimming across a pond chasing a fake raccoon and hundreds of American walking around carrying, buying, selling and trading GUNS. D somehow arranged for GF3 to meet him there...  It was blazing hot but a good time seeing cool stuff.  Home and we relaxed for a bit and then dropped D&J off at youth group and took G with us out to eat with the Mallonn's. Picked the boys up and then headed home to watch some movies, J&G watched the Chipmunks and LD&I watched the Imitation Game.

20150905 - Mechanic

20150905 - Up early in the am and a couple of the Boy Scout Leaders over for a meeting.  Then D ran me to Home Depot to get some paint for L to finish the basement project.  D&I checked out his rust bucket and were able to fix some things but not others...  :-o  While D worked on his car I started cleaning out the garage, i mean every shelf, cabinet, drawer and wood pile... J had some friends come over and they played and had a water balloon fight, G joined right in.  A little girl from down the block stopped to walk Lilly and D&I cleaned and cleaned.  The garage looks FANTASTIC!  L cooked out and then we got cleaned up and watched 'Paddington' in the basement. D&I up late and watched a second movie 'The Gunman'.  

20150904 + Fun Days R Back

20150904 + Up in the am and dropped D at school on the way to work.  Had a full day of calls and meetings, but took a break to take pictures of the team wearing college gear for our first Fun Day of the season.  Home and it was raining so we didn't go to the high school football game but ran some errands with D driving and got some movies to watch.  I ran over to a buddies for a meeting while the fam watched 'McFarland'.

20150903 - Paper Flowers

20150903 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  Very busy and frustrating day...  Home and L was making paper flowers and posting them on social media, D&G were screaming at each other and got in trouble...  J was out shopping with GmaW that was down for a meeting...  LDG&I met them at the new Arby's for dinner and then D&G went shopping with GmaW...  LJ&I headed to Kroger to turn in some raffle ticket $ I had collected and get some supplies.  Home and we watched some college football.  L said why do I love that sound (of the football game on the TV).  It is because it signifies cool fall days and parties with family and friends gathered around the TV watching football and being together.. We can't wait for the Buckeye game Monday night!

20150902 - Games

20150902 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  In for a full day of unexpected duties...  Finished the day and got home for dinner with the fam.  After dinner L&D went for a walk/run and G&I played Trouble, J joined us for the last game.  G&I then played a couple more games and had a blast.  Up late editing pictures and videos; trying to get caught up on this blog.

20150901 - Kickin It!

20150901 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Another day full of exciting meetings...  Home and put some food In a box and took J to soccer practice. It was nice to sit and relax and just watch. J did good and is excited to play. After practice we ran to my buddy's warehouse, diabeticfriendly.com, to pick up some stuff we are selling online for him and chatted politics.  Home and had an ice cream treat and little boys to bed. D up watching the Indians game texting GmaW.