20131031 - CANCELLED

20131031 - Up in to work. A day full of meetings... Trick or Treat moved to Saturday due to rain... Home and squished J&G, had dinner and thought we would go to a movie, didn't happen, boys fighting sent to bed early. Stayed up late doing bills and getting organized for party.

20131030 - Skelton

20131030 - Up to work, home ate dinner, did work email trying to catch up.  Played Blockus with J&G watched the world series w/ D and posted things on ebay.

20131029 + Blown It!

20131029 + Up to work, picked up auction items on way home. Home and had dinner.  JG&I repaired J's bike because he blew out his tire today, see pic of G pointing out the blow on J's bike.  Played cards with DJ&G added more people to the football party invite.

20131028 - Scary Woods

20131028 - Up in am and into work. Fast long day... Hoe late and grabbed a piece of chicken on the way to Scouts with J&G. We went to Friendship Park for a Forestry lesson from Vinnie. I got to hide in the woods and scare the crap out of the boys :-) The boys had a good time and learned a lot about trees. Home for a couple minutes to update some Scout records and then to pick D up at Scouts and get advancement updates. Home for another quick minute and off to Bible Bangers with Doc. Bunch of guys there and had a good discussion and a McRib :-)

20131027 - Hangman

20131027 - Up to church Home for lunch D&I out shopping for the party, 3 stars and donations, J sleeping, was up all night at bday party, L&G cleaning the house and backyard. Home and unloaded massive amounts of food and candy and party stuff. Fixed up G bike, replaced busted pedals and put on bell and reflector. In and played hangman with J. Then a card game he learned. Dinner with the fam and then I taught the boys how to play euchre. Little boys to bed, Chris over and D&I down to the basement to watch walking dead. Up late watching eBay sales and planning the week for the party and work while watching World Series.

20131026 + All My Favorite Things

20131026 + Woken up to the sweet smell of McD's Sausage Mcmuffins delivered to me in bed by L with some clever homemade cards from J&G.  Up and planned the day.  Out and picked up D from his overnight party. We went and got my drivers license renewed, mailed an OhiOOrigins sale and then home to get things rolling. We cleaned out the garage in prep for the party. Gma&paW down to watch the boys. L&I to Texas De Brazil for a FANTASTIC DINNER!!! Home and had awesome homemade carrot cake and watched the Buckeyes beat Penn State. What a great Bday.

20131025 - Clowning

20131025 - Up and in to work.  I stopped for pies to take in.  My friends in Holland taught me that on your birthday you by pie for the people you work with, so I took in 5 pies and they were gone in a flash.  Meetings all day and a Mexican Friday lunch.  Home and grabbed LJ&G and we headed to the food court for a special feast for everyone.  We explored the Halloween decorations (the huge jumping spider that almost ate G was my favorite) and then on to Toys R Us for the annual Santa Scan.  Home and watched Dracula.

20131024 + Fire Cards

20131024 + Up and to work.  Home and played cards with J&G.  L&D out to get coat.  ALl home and we watched the World Series and catching up on email.

20131023 - First White

20131023 - Up to work, home late again.  First white signs of winter today.  In and dinner and watched the world series.

20131022 - blah

20131022 - up to work home at 7pm ate alone worked while we all watched tv boys to bed Up late on PC

20131021 - Geologists

20131021 - UP and into work. In front a big screen doing flows all day. Home and fast change and to Woodside Green Park with J for a Den Meeting on Geology, it was a fun meeting. Home and took a call with China, and then ran to pick D up from Boy Scouts and check in with the leaders. Talked to Bob about coaching 8th grade baseball. Home, got Doc and to Bible Bangers. Found out the OSU game on 11/2 is at noon so we will have the party then! Up planning a bit.

20131020 - CornMAZing

20131020 - Up things done at the desk. Up to farm to get J&G.  We ran to a pumpkin patch with Gma&paW to look around and go through a corn maze. Stopped at the Olivesburg General Store then to dinner. Back to the Farm to pack the boys up and head home. Chris over to watch Walking Dead with D&I. Up late on the PC.

20131019 - @ D SHOE

20131019 - Up, J&G headed up to the Farm to see the play 'Aladin', L to the neighbors to watch the game and D&I headed to OSU the game. We got their early enough to catch some of the Skull session, Way up seats, made my legs hurt, I sent D down for supplies several times.  There were horrible calls and the umps were boo-ed so loud, I have never heard anything like it...  Our defense was bad defense and we were lucky we won. D&I walked high street to find dinner but it was way to crowded.  We caught the bus back and swung by BWs and picked up wings.  Home for more football and posted items on ebay.  I woke up in basement 3am.

 By the #s:
1 Skull Session
1 ginormous drink
1 huge pretzel and cheese 
1.5 lb coney cheese dog 
5 rows from the top
24 Hawkeyes
34 Buckeyes
214 steps from ground level to get to our seats

20131018 - Working Family

20131018 - Up to a quiet house, boys don't have school today; J going to a friends, D&G hanging out at home while L took a CPR class at work. I was stuck in a conference room all day working on flows. Home and out to dinner at Big Boy with the fam. We ran to get some grass seed and a movie, up late watching a movie with the boys.

20131017 - Scout Carving

20131017 - In to work, full day of meetings. Home changed and to the pack meeting with J&G. J and his Den did the flag ceremony and the kids carved some pumpkins. J carved his all on his own this year. Home and watched baseball until late with D.

20131016 + 7 G's

20131016 + Up in the am and G opened his presents, he's 7 today!!!  I had him close his eyes and hold out his hands for his main present...  an iPad! :-P

Off to work and an incredible busy day. Took lunch with Dave and Jared. Finished the day and headed home to take G out for his bday dinner at his pick, Arby's. It was a good dinner and then on to the main event: Glow Putt!

It was a great game and fun: G got a hole in one on the last hole and a special prize, J got hit in the head with a club and I got 2 holes in one.
 A stop at Dairy Queen for a treat and home to measure G, he is as tall as D was at 8 :-o  boys to bed and L&I up watching Heat.

20131015 - Last 6 Licks

20131015 - Up and in for a extremely busy day at the plant. Stopped by the auction house on the way home. Made it home in time for the end of dinner. L&D to his teacher conferences: all good, 'He is a wonderful boy...'.  G&I out back throwing the football until too dark to see, J texting his friend (that happens to be a girl and if I use the word 'girlfriend' it sends him into a tissy...).  Back in and I did the dishes while J&G got out a science experiment kit G got for his bday and made some goo. All back home, L made a trip to the store and the boys and I had an ice cream treat and licked our bowls clean :-)  Up late doing email and planning more for tomorrow that I can't possibly get done in one day :-s

20131014 - Back to Scouting

20131014 - Up in the am an in to work and locked myself in the office all day to get through the calls and mountian of email. Home and had dinner with the fam, then DJ&I headed to Scouts.  It was our first Webelos meeting of the year and we had one new Scout, we tested their progress with the standing long just and rock throw. We headed indoors and had a really fun meeting. Home and D, Doc and I headed to Bible Bangers.  Small crowd but good conversation.  Home straight to bed.

20131013 - Party 4 G & Team

20131013 - Up in the am and getting things done around the house.  Then set up an obsticle course with D&G. J home from his weekend of luxury camping with the Varneys.  Soon G's friends started showing up and the fun began. The birthday party games went fast and the boys were just as happy playing flag football as anything else we had planned.

The had cake and ice cream, opened gifts and G was happiest with a pair of socks :-o

One party down and off to another for D's baseball team. We had good food and I started the adults vs kids kickball game. It was a lot of fun and I spent a lot of time on the ground. Plenty sore...

Home and to the basement for the premier of 'Walking Dead'.  A long good busy fun day.

20131012 - My Princess

20131012 - Up too early for a Saturday without baseball or football and over to Jefferson with D to paint the concession stand. I ran and got bfast and doughnuts and then did some supervising ;-)  home after painting and tried to find what is making noise on the black car, all looks ok and is sturdy...???  Changed and headed to Delaware for a Kraft Family Picnic. It was a good time and G&I played catch for a long time. Home and ate, took pics for eBay and then to the basement with D&G to watch football. The Penn St Michigan game was awesome with 4 overtimes and Penn wining!  I stayed up an watched football and posted things on eBay until 3am :-o

20131011 - Preparing

20131011 - Up and into work.  Fast day and home for dinner out with the fam.  We stopped and got some supplies for the fast weekend.  Home and watched a moive.

20131010 + Short on Scouts

20131010 + Up and to a work day of calls.  L had teacher conf with G's teacher, hes reading at a 2nd grade level.  Home for dinner and then G&I headed to Scouts.  We were the only ones that showed up so we had a short meeting.  We then stopped by the post office to ship a package and then got some ice cream :-)  Home and helping D make DNA double helix out of LEGOs.  Watched some TV to bed.

20131009 - Light Teaching Moment

20131009 - Up in the am and in for a busy day at work. Jared and I had calls together all day and hung out in my office. L called me on the way home from the swing on the backyard; she went out to get away from what she is now calling 'your children'... I got the scoop from her and finished the drive with a stop at the auction house. Home, L still in the backyard, and I had the boys carry in the auction items. I then called then back in the office and had a little talk with them and tried out D's homemade 'Teaching Device'... It works well! L in and getting dinner to 3 of 'my' very cooperative children... D&I installed the new light in the basement and then came up to put toppings on our sections of the pizza. We had a nice dinner and then D studied, J washed the dishes and G colored at the table. Boys getting ready for bed and I ran out to meet some buddies for a Cub Scout 'planning meeting'. It was fun, relaxing, and we actually got some stuff done. Home and relaxing.

20131008 - 1 @ 8 & 11 < 7 = 3 of 9

20131008 - Up in the am and in to work.  Left in descent time to get to G's game.  G got a triple from a hit off of a kid pitching.  But it was not enough for the win.  The boys were knocked out of the tournament tonight, they were the youngest team in the league (1 8yr old and 11 were 7 or less) and finished 3rd out of 9 teams!  G had some tears because he wouldn't get to play in a championship game and no more baseball until Summer.  Home and J very upset thinking I would tease him about girlfriend...  We got everyone calmed down and watched new marvel show and off to bed in good time.

20131007 - More Ball Last for 4D

20131007 - Up an in to work.  Rushed out and headed up for baseball games.  I caught a glimpse of D's game on the way to G's. G's team won so we are still in it.  D's team lost so they came in second place for the Fall season.  Home changes and to Bible Bangers for a bit.

20131006 - Holy Ball

20131006 - Time running short in the tournament so we had to play ball on Sunday.  G pitched and the boys won.  Home and I ran out to an adult scout leader meeting.

20131005 + Painted Cracked Soaked & Bounced

20131005 + Up in the am and back to the school with the boys to do some painting with the Boy Scouts.  It was very humid and the paint we put on was running right down the walls to the ground :-(  We had to leave for baseball for D&G.  One of L's friends texted me to let me know L dropped her phone...  G had a good game but they lost, so G&I headed over to watch D's game and watch him get soaked.  Even wet they won!  Home, hitting the Pettit's garage sale on the way where J picked up a pogo stick.  He bounced all over the place in no time.  I have no idea how he does it.  D ran L's phone to the store in Creekside that fixes screens and 30 min later her phone was back in action.  In the evening we headed down the street to the Barnette's for a fire and football for the boys.

20131004 - Pretty Girl

20131004 - Up and to work and had lunch with the guys.  Home and had dinner with the fam..  We stopped and got a movie to watch.  Home and relaxing from a fast busy week and getting ready for a crazy weekend.  Lilly &I stayed up watching movie.

20131003 + We're Beat

20131003 + Up to work for a full day.  Rushed to City Hall to meet about the sidewalks being proposed for our section of the street.  Not happy about the plan, it doesn't match the rest of the neighborhood.  Home and J&I out to all the neighbors to draw with chalk on their driveways where the new sidewalk will cross, we were joined by Doc & Jim.  In and ate, G&I are beat.

20131002 - 2 wins

20131002 - Up and into work. Pretty fast paced day in many directions. Headed home about 4:30 and talked to people about work all the way home...  Quick change and to the diamonds for baseball. D had a great game with a single and a huge double. Gma&paW were down to watch. G's game was a bit controversial at times with some calls we didn't know how to make, but we won that one too. This means more baseball on Saturday along with painting and a campout...  Home after the games and Gma&paW brought pizza for dinner. We had a nice dinner and they headed home. G down on the couch with a fever, L out to get meds. All boys to bed, me too.

20131001 + 19 Year & Counting

20131001 + Up and to work for a day of meetings. Home and D there and then out to a friend's house. L home from dropping J&G off and we ran out to get a bite to eat at Olive Garden for our bronze anniversary. We ate a sub par meal and tried to rack our sub par old minds to recall the events from 19 years ago. We didn't remember a lot of the small details, but the great good stuff we do remember. What a great day it was, and she is still a flower of beauty. To my dismay, we stopped to pick up the boys on the way home and the quiet night was OVER... Home with the wonderful family we have built...

Other news: G cried because he didn't get enough play time, J had a good parent teacher conference and D got his braces tightened.