20220530 - Up in the am and pretty tired from a couple really busy days. J headed to work and G headed to the pool. I ran to the gas station and got a couple bags of ice. Home and Hazel and I headed to the pet store to get her some food and a new toy. Home and L&I headed to Larson's grad party and had some Greek food and chatted with folks a bit. L&I stopped at Kroger and got some food for dinner tonight. Home and L tried to rest and I put all of J's graduation gifts in a spreadsheet. He had 121 guests at his party and brought in $3,730! Pretty good party. I then pulled it up and compared it to D's graduation and D had 122 people and brought in $3,734. Amazing it was so close. D and DGF13 showed up and I cooked some brats and L cut up watermelon and we had a nice dinner with all the kids. It was a beautiful relaxing day. L had all the decorations down and I got the garage put back in order so I could pull the car in. L&I hung out and I watched the new Dumbeldoor movie