20110430 + Talenteder

20110430 + All up and out for Jack's first soccer game of the year.  J got a GOAL!!!  Dropped docs to be shredded at City Hall, then home and D&I went back to the baseball fields to help get them ready for the season.  Home and grabbed a quick bite; I did some paperwork and D started mowing.  Outside and work, then DG&I made a trip to the store and got some pavers and plants.  Home and we planted 14 forsythia bushes out back and mulched them in.  We also laid out the pavers for the extended patio L wants...  We had steaks on the grill and then LDJ&G headed to the church for a talent show.  I cleaned up dinner and myself and walked to the church to join the fam.  It was a pretty good show and we got home about 10.  L&I watched a movie 'Gone Baby Gone'.

20110429 + Early Late

20110429 + Up at 5am and to the airport only to have my flight cancelled and rerouted to get me home by 5pm :-o  I was suppose to be home by NOON!!!  Well got some different flights and made it home through NYC by 1:30pm.  Chatted with L&G, then G took a nap.  Called AT&T to change text plans, seems I am 511 text messages OVER my text plan :-o
Made a couple calls, boys home and out to the bank and dinner.  I took J&G to J's soccer practice and was playing on the playground with G until he had an 'I HAVE TO POOP' emergency.  We ran home and I dropped him off with L at D's baseball practice.  Back to J's practice and afterwards went to the store to get snacks for his game tomorrow.  While there he realized G was not with us and panicked a bit.  I told him we would go back for him after we got the snacks and he hurried me through the store.  We arrived home and I said 'Oh we forgot to get G.  I'm tired we'll go after him in the morning...' J flew out of the car to find L and there was G, he was relieved...  All boys cleaned up and to bed.

20110428 - Mo-Meetings

20110428 - Up to office for another day of meetings.  I had another presentation that went well.  After work went out for a nice dinner with Tom.  Back to the room and called L to catch up: G had school with GmaW and then COSI. When D&J got home they all went out for dinner and got toys :-S

20110427 - Pool Teeth

20110427 - Up over to office. Good meetings all day.  Had dinner and a billiards tournament with the Sales Team.  L took all 3 boys to the dentist today.

20110426 - Boston Bound

20110426 - Up early and checking G out in his clothes he picked out himself for school (better than I do most days :-).  Then to the airport and into the hotel to get some work done.

20110425 - Up and a rainy morning.  D&J to school, I took G to sitter, L to get a mammogram.  Sitting at the desk on a 3 hour con call getting caught up from the vacation weekend.  L&G home for lunch, Lilly captured a squirrel.  L back out to the dentist.  G took a nap and the AC guys showed up while I am on the phone...  More calls, boys home.  Boys home from school and grade cards....  not so great for some...  Bought a washing machine online and trying to arrange help while on calls... Out of the office and all the boys games cancelled for tonight.  L&D ran to get me some supplies for my trip this week and J&I dismantled the washer/dryer combo in the basement.  D home and ready for scouts, L mowing the front yard.  I met Scott at Scouts and we headed to Lowe's and picked up the washing machine.  Back home and met by Chris and we made short work of getting the old washer out and installing the new one.  Back to pick up D from Scouts, home and all boys to bed.  Out to Bible bangers with Doc.

20110424 - Easter

20110424 - The boys up early and went through their Easter Baskets.  I missed it...zzzz....  Finally up and on the road to Gma&paB's.  Got there and installed a wireless router, ate a bunch of stuff.  GpaB home from church and we had a big proper dinner.  The kids had an Easter egg hunt and were in and out dodging the rain.  We hung out and talked and had a good time.  Home and getting ready for the weekend.  The washing machine exploded in the basement and we had water everywhere...  Out to a new Bible study, home and to bed.

20110423 - Cash Vines and Sweeps

20110423 - Up late and out to the bank with J&G to meet the Cub Scouts.  We got a grand tour of the bank and learned a lot of neat stuff.  A quick errand to the Home Depot and then to pick the black car up from the garage.  DJG&I ran one more errand on the way home and then time for J&G to rest.  D&I got the lawn mower running and D mowed the entire backyard while I trimmed the grapevines.  I finished up the grapevine trimming in the rain and then in to get ready for a big night.

LDJG&I to dinner with Gma&paW, Mary and Lucia at the Spaghetti Warehouse.  We had way too much food and I was the only on to make a mess of themselves...  Across the river and to the Ohio Theatre to see Mary Poppins the play.  It was spectacular!  The boys all stayed awake and thought it was great, especially G.  Home afterwards and G was singing all the way to bed.

20110422 + Adventure Day!

20110422 + Up early and to the hotel cafe for breakfast in shifts, DJ&I first, then G&I.  We got all packed up and called Aunt Martha and headed to her house that was only a couple blocks away.  We had a nice visit as the boys stalked her cats and then we kidnapped her and took her with us.  Our first stop was the 'Madonna of the Trail' and our fist geocache as well!

Then from there we took some winding roads and found the 'Prabhupada's Palace of Gold and City of God' where we took a nice tour and learned about their religion.  Martha was a good sport and i think learned a lot ;-)

Back on the twisty roads to Moundsville and the 'Marx Toy Musuem' the boys were in heaven, but wanted everything they saw.  We got the scoop on a local place to eat and had a great meal at 'Bob's Lunch', gravy covered fries is their specialty, YUM!

Back on the road and stopped at the 'Grave Creek Indian Mound' and museum, it was pretty cool and we found a geocache with cool stuff in it there.  The mound was directly across from the castle like old West Virgina State Penitentiary, they would NOT take the boys :-(

One more stop in WV for a geocache, we found it but it was soaking wet.  On the road and over the Ohio River to Bellaire where we found the 'Toy and Plastic Brick Museum' = LEGOs.  I mean I have never seen so many LEGOs in all my life.  We were all amazed at the awesome displays and things they had built.  This is a must see for anyone with kids that like LEGOs!!!

Back on the road and Martha directed us past the site of McColloch's Leap, which is a great story.  We got Martha home about 5pm and said goodbye, except for G who talked some much during the day wore himself out and was dead asleep.  We had a great day with Aunt Martha and hope we did not wear her out too much :-)

On the road heading home and made a stop at Buckeye Lake for a Pizza Cottage dinner and hot wings.  We got home, things put away and our 3 tired little fellas from a huge 24 hours adventure went right to bed.  This day was great and so much better than had I sat behind my desk...

20110421 - Forgot; then Fun

20110421 - Up and at the desk.  Got a ton of stuff done today, always more to do...  Towards the end of the day I realized the boys had tomorrow off and on my personal calendar I did to, but I had not scheduled it with work :-o  so I made some quick calls and got things line up and shew, I was able to get tomorrow off :-)  I made some more quick calls and then emerged from the office hustling everyone to get there things together, 'WE ARE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!!'  We loaded the car up and were on the road by 6pm.  We had dinner in the car and the boys watched a movie.  When the movie was over we were in Wheeling WV at a hotel.  We got into the room and you would have thought the boys were in paradise, they were jumping on the beds and dancing and singing as they got their swimsuits on.  We went to the pool and swam until 10pm, followed by the traditional hot cocoa.  All to bed and G had terrible nightmares throughout the night..

20110420 - Frazzled Nerves Unraveled

20110420 - Up and the news is BAD: 18 more folks that I have worked with for a long time have been let go...  Pretty much screwed up my entire day...  did manage to get the essentials done...  Had dinner with the fam and then to the basement to watch a James Bond movie with the boys while L went to a meeting and got groceries.  Up doing some personal catch up and watching documentaries.

20110419 - Trip of Nerves Frazzled

20110419 - Up at the crack of dawn and to the airport. I was traveling today to meet Cindy, Lee and Tom for an undefined meeting in Chicago... Lee had mechanical and weather delays so he did not make it. Cindy and I met up in Chicago and took a shuttle to a nearby hotel to meet with Tom.
*STOP* insert history here...
Ok so late last week the 3 of us were asked to be in Chicago with no agenda or reason or information on the trip. Cindy Lee and I tried to get info and speculated what and why the secretive meeting was being held. We had heard from others in the Netherlands that the following morning there was to be another all hands meeting there and we were all very anxious...
So Cindy and I get to the hotel and get a cup of coffee. 
Cindy went up first.
Stressed out beyond all imaginably I take the picture of this day...
Trying to remember my Bible reading from this morning that prompted a Bible Banger Blog post.
Time seems to stand still...
Cindy eventually comes back.
She has been let go from her job/downsized.
I am sick to my stomach, horrified, even more scared, saddened, worried, distraught. 
I can't even imagine how Cindy is feeling...
I have no idea how to help her...
YEARS of working together and 'snap' done...
We said goodbye, but I was expected upstairs next... :-s   So certainly we did not get to say a proper goodbye. 
I head to the elevator.
Cindy heads to the shuttle to try and get an earlier flight home.  How sucky is that to be flown to Chicago to get fired. (over the next week I ask both Tom and the HR lady to make sure when it was my time I did not have to go anywhere...  that was horrible).
I had a meeting with Tom and Lee.  Tom was visibly shaken as well.  I do not believe it was his choice and he made the best out of a crap situation...  We talked a bit, had lunch and i left, to dazed and confused to stay and work. 
I got home earlier than expected and got to see the boys before they went to bed (the highlight of my day).
Lesson learned today = have multiple streams of income, cash on hand, plan B ready, always.

20110418 + Civilized Eggs

20110418 - Late start, catching up on Bible reading missed during the camp out.
At the desk with a mountain of paper, mails and calls.  Nervous about tomorrow's trip to the point of paralysis...  Finally got in gear and desk is cleaned off, all caught up.  Watched G while L went to the Dr today.  Joe over to get the weed eater.  All boys home. G taking a nap, L raking out front, D doing homework and J playing.  Finishing up my day.  Had dinner with the fam and then took a bike ride to Signatures with J&G.  We all met back at the playground for D's baseball practice and some play time.  I took J&G home for showers.  All home and boys to bed, out to Bible Bangers.

20110417 + Up early, but not as early as yesterday...  Very cold this morning but NO RAIN :-)  We had breakfast with the Pack and then started cleaning up our campsite. J and I took one final hike down along the creek and then J crossed the creek and back on some fallen logs.  We climes a steep hill to get back to the car. 
Back to civilization and J&I took long hot showers. LD&G home from church, they had an easter egg hunt, and we all unpacked the car and had lunch. We then set things out to dry before putting them away.  The boys played pretty good in the backyard and L&I gave the white car it's annual cleaning.  All in and ready for bed, everyone completely exhausted.

20110416 - Wet Camp

20110416 - J woke me up at 6:45 :-o so out I went in the cold and got a fire going. The night was VERY WINDY, WET and COLD but we stayed dry.  Soon J joined me by the fire and another father son team as well and we cooked a splendid breakfast over the fire. 

We welcomed the other Scouts as they arrived and got set up and J was off with the other Scouts exploring and climbing and doing boy stuff.  We had stations during the day so the boys learned something.  L&G came out for a visit and a walk and liked out campsite.  There was even a BB gun range where we got to test our marksmanship. 

Dinner was served and J was ready for bed (7pm :-)  I got him into dry clothes and he was ready for more. We had s'mores at our campsite and then the Pack met for some skits and songs. Into the shelter for some chess and Texas Hold'em. Everyone headed off to bed and we were put by 9:30, exhausted from a really fun day.

20110415 - Cold Wet Wind

20110415 - Normal day at work, pretty fast.  Gma&paB over for a visit.  J home from school and we had to load up and hit the road fast, looks like rain is coming!!!  We got the campsite and got our new tent set up.  IT IS AWESOME!!!  we got our firewood and everything set up.  Others showed up and we helped them.  Then it started raining.  But we were tired and got to bed in good shape.  J fell right asleep, took me a while with the storm/rain/100 mile/hr wind and old trees :-o

20110413 - NC Adventures

20110413 - Up and ready in a perfect crystal blue North Carolina sky morning.  To the airport and met up with Norm.  We got our car and headed to Hickory NC.  We got there early so I introduced Norm to geogaching and we found 2; 1 in a parking lot and one off a nice trail in a park.  We had a just ok meeting...  Back on the road to the airport and made a stop at a very large shoe in Lincolnton.  Back on a jet and home by 7:30.  Had some dinner and got to see the boys a bit.  All boys to bed and catching up on mail, calendar, etc...

20110412 - Up before the sun and kissed the fam goodbye.  On a jet and to Boston.  Met up with Richard and we drove into the office with a stop for lunch.  We had our 2. hour meeting, picked up Eric and headed back to the airport.  Flew to Charlotte and to the hotel.

20110411 - Crappy rainy cold day.  Fast work and getting ready for travel tomorrow.  Dinner with the fam and then D&I to his Boy Scouts.  Home for a quick stop and then off to Bible Bangers.  We had a good meeting.  Home finished up and bed late.

20110410 + Partys over (for now ;-)

20110410 + Up slowly in the morning and delivered the signs and buckets with J.  Aunt Weezer over for a nice lunch and then we headed home.  Got back home and the car is unloaded.  J went with me to deliver some coolers to the Grossl's, get some gas, sell some kids stuff at Once upon A Child, donate some stuff to AmVets and get supplies for the fence in the backyard.  Once home with the temp in the 80s the boys played in the backyard until dinner.  After dinner the boys and I visited a couple of the neighbors and then all of us took a big bike ride around the neighborhood.  All boys to bed and L&I followed shortly after.  Another great weekend.

2011 Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

20110409 - Up early and down to the fire with the boys and GmaW.  Roger had the fire started early and the syrup on.  We all had some bacon and doughnuts. I tended the fire while Roger went to pick up his grand-kids, then was relieved to go make final preparations in the barn and set out the road signs.  GpaW and I got the wagons out and bales set up.  Everything ready for folks to arrive.

The weather was drizzle and gray but people started showing up and kids started running and playing.  Before long it had dried up and 82 folks had joined us for the annual event.  There was lots of playing in the woods and barn, people catching up around the kettle and even some maple syrup got made.  We had a magician give us a show and we took a hayride up to Camp Mowana for a nice hike past the falls and through the pine forest.  The weather turned out to be very nice and with friends visiting us from near and far we had a great day.

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know your home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share, those that came to play.  Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day.  See you next year!

See all our Maple Syrup related activities. 

Everyone left and we got things cleaned up like pros.  Then up to the house where we all pretty much collapsed.  Gma&paW L&I revived a bit and sat around the table talking.  A very nice day.

20110408 - Ready for another Party

20110408 - Up, fast day at work, finished up what I had to in front of desk and went mobile. D was home sick from school, up barfing all last night...
Normal day for L&G. When J got home from school we loaded up and headed to the Farm.
Got to the Farm and last minute touches on everything. All looks to be in great shape for tomorrow event; just hope it does not rain...
Had Chinese for dinner, L's PC got a horrible virus.
All to bed at a descent time.

20110407 - Sick Boy, Football and Scouts

20110407 - Pretty frustration first 6 hours of work today.  Project not clear...  Finally finished the day off strong.  L took D to the Dr as he felt weak and has a sore throat...  Played football with G&J a bit, I taught G how to trow a football, and of course he is now throwing perfect spirals  :-o   J&I all dressed up and to a Scout Pack meeting and then out for coffee afterwards, played tic-tac-toe and J did some texting to L on my iPhone.  Home and finishing things up for a fun weekend at the Farm and the annual Maple Syrup Day.

20110406 - Worked all day straight through.  Dinner with the fam and played catch with the boys.  L&J to soccer practice.
D&g sword fighting and watching 007.  I helped a buddy move into the google cloud.  Watching 'Hoarders' with L.

20110405 + 4 Daze

20110405 - Up to a brisk clear morning, the boys had to walk to school.
L&G off to school, I had a slow start but chained to the desk.
L&G home, the Teachers at her school had a little party for her today for her birthday.  Everyone home, Sam & Lena over, we all had dinner then outside to play.  D&I hit the library then home and all to bed.  I fell dead asleep in the basement I think around 9:30, up to bed at 4am...

20110404 - Up to a rough rainy Monday start...  At the desk all day except for a trip to get Grant and have some lunch with him.  L to the hospital with GmaB for her surgery.  I had all three boys while working this afternoon and they did pretty good.  G to a nap, D&J got home, got themselves a snack and started their homework.  I made them some dinner and then L home.  GmaB's surgery went well and she headed home.  D&I to his Boy Scout meeting.  I hung out with Scott S.  Home, and tucked the boys in and off to Bible Bangers.  Nice small meeting.  Home and watched 'Changling' and work online until late.

20110403 + Up and all to church.  Had a pretty good debatable Sunday school session.  Home for lunch, D had a friend over to throw the ball and play on the Wii with all the boys.  I updated some records and got some things done around the house.  Fixed my bike tire and took a test ride with J.  Out to get gas with G and then met LD&J at Nic's for cake with the Cole's and Gma&paB.  I headed out early for a Scout Leader meeting and got home at 9.  Checked on the boys, watched some TV w/ L then into the office to get a jump on the week.

20110402 - All up super late: that is what a GREAT Party will do to you ;-)
Hung out all exhausted...  Watched some movies, L&J went grocery shopping, I got some things done at the desk and then DG, Lilly & I took a walk.  All back home and out to get some supplies for the next big party.  Grabbed some dinner at Panda Express and stopped at Blockbuster, home and watched 'Yogi Bear' with the boys.  All boys to bed and then L&I watched 'Hereafter'.  Up late updating the blog and adding pages, see the new menu bar across the top ^

20110401 - Lori's 40 Birthday SURPRISE!!!

20110401 - Up in the am and everyone very excited.  Lori turned 40 today and all the presents we wrapped last night anxiously awaited her opening them.  The boys fought over what was to get open first...  G's shaving cream and razors were first, then J's Kitchen & House magazines, D's 'Glee' CD #4 and then the rest of the wonderful garden seeds, gloves, candy, etc, etc...  They were all things the boys picked out themselves...  I got her a shower caddy and a magazine for seniors ;-)  The day progressed normally, we ran errands and had lunch at a pizza place and got a check for a house closing.

The day ran on  and moved SUPER SLOW...  Eventually J's friends showed up and off he went.  Then while Lori was getting ready G&I dropped D off at his friends.  Back home to get L and then dropped off G at Nic's.  ALONE FINALLY!  We headed to Easton and Abuelo's for a really nice dinner.  It only took an hour and then heading back to get G we had to make a quick stop at 'The Sanctuary' in old Gahanna to drop off the closing check to Jeff so he would have it for tomorrow morning.  He was there for his daughters dance recital.  Lori reluctantly went with me, to see his daughters dress...  We approached the very quiet building, I could see through the crack in the door LOADS of silent people.  I slammed the door open and quickly moved out of the way...

There Lori stood in the open doorway in complete shock while 151 of our closest family and friends yelled
and rushed at her.  The music started and the fun began!

Lori made her way around the room and around 8 we all sang 'Happy Birthday'.  This was followed by a pinata, the Limbo, Chicken dance, Hokey Pokey, Macerana, Electric Slide.....  and then karaoke where the kids sort of took over, except for this 1 gem I happened to get of Lori and 3 of her best friends...

Hours of dancing and singing and talking and laughing and a splendid time were had by all.  There were people and kids everywhere and finally the relief for DJ&I to not have to keep this secret any longer...  Weeks of planning and secret activiteis all paid off.  We got home all too excited to sleep and opened the gifts people brought.  What a hoot.  What a great day.  What fun we had and will never forget...

300 Chicken Fingers
151 Guests
  93 Bigs
  58 Littles
  40 Years celebrated
  31 Days of intense planning and lying
    7 Line dances
    4 Hours of serious partying
    2 Cakes
    1 Seriously Surprised, Overwhelmed
       and Ecstatic Lori
Uncountable fantastic memories...

We love you Lori...