090128 + Sledding

090128 + Up had another amazing fast crap day with N, consuming every minute I had. Wanted to go out with the kids as they were home for a snow day and do some sleddng, but before I knew it they were back inside. That was 2hrs gone inthe blink of an eye. Hung around the house, had dinner, played, baths, watched American Idol and LOST (which was really friggin cool).

090127 - Day from hell with N, on phone from 8am to 7pm with issues. I don't know anymore than that that happened today... was infront of phone and PC for all of it. Can't remember if I even tucked in the boys...

090126 - Up full day of work, like nails on a chalkboard... Howdy home from school and came into the office to do homework w/ me. We all had a fast dinner, well the boys didn't eat, so L&I decided to starve them until breakfast... Took D&J to karate, home got them in bed, then off to Tim Horton's to meet the Bible Bangers. Home worked on facebook, madison89.com, geni.com talked to GpaW, John3, JEK, all kept me up too damn late.

090125 - Church for L,D&J first thing. G&I tried to get to the store but didn't make it before everyone got home. After lunch I dropped Dylan off at a bday party. Home and G&L took a nap while J&I played the Wii. Everyone back home for dinner. D&I built more little army guys, then J&I watched waterhorse, up late doing mail for work.

090124 - BasketBall & Birthday

090124 - Up & had bfast w/ fam. Jeff picked me up and we headed out to the rehab propery we bought Thursday. Home & made blog for the rehab -> http://6938retton.blogspot.com/ Loaded up the fam & headed out to Howdy's bb game. Gma&paB, Rich, Nicole & Sam met us there. It was a fast game, the other taem were GIANTS. Everyone back to our house, GpaB had to do some work and then we all milled around until the chilli dinner. It was a nice visit. D&I headed out to get some model glue and then home to put together some mosel miniture army guys (man I missed the smell of that glue!). Up late.

090123 - Bull ears

090123 - Up, really tired, full day. Went out to eat @ Longhorn Steak House because Howdy got an A on his science test and got a free meal! We ran into one of his friends that got an A too. Grant kept pointing at all the big bull horns and saying 'they cut off the bull ears'... Then we went to Meijers so the boys could spend their allowance. Home played w/ the new stuff & watched a movie.

090122 - Boston

090122 - Up @ 5 & in boston by 9. Took a cab to Paul's house, met his wife and toured his place. We then headed to the US main office. Hung out took a tour (found this Nerf Vulcan machine gun in the developer area) and met lots of folks. Paul & I gave a presentation to the 'C' level folks which went very well. Then rushed off to the airport and home by 9pm. tucked the boys in, did a bit of paperwork.

090121 - Puzzle Partner

090121 - Up & on the ph right away. L,J&G had some friend over & was on the ph untill 4pm... Lori, Lee's wife had a heart inspection,today & no surgery required! medication & reduced activity for a while should be all that is required. L took D to karate & then got groceries. I played w/ J&G & then got J ready for karate. L home, dropped off groceries & picked up J for karate. G&I put the groceries away, G loves/has to get everything out of the bag and hand it u to put away. G&I then did every puzzle we could find.
090120 - Lee(I work with out of the SFO office) had a scare today. His wife Lori had a bit of heart problem she had to go to the hospital for and is spending the night. Other than that it was a normal day of con calls and work. Watched American Idol w/ L.

090119 - Plan to catch-up

090119 - Up, everyone home, no school. L,D,J&G headed out for a play date. Only 5 hrs of scheduled calls today an about 1.5 unschdld... To get caught up on my 300 unread mails, I have allocated M,W,F to P & T,R to N. We will see if it helps... A lightening fast dinner and D to karate, bank, gas station, home, trash out, Jack to karate. J&I got to see D do his 2nd degree Black Belt kick! I am trying to upload it to blogger from my phone. Let's see how it goes...
Ok so home from Karate, made a couple of calls and then D&J went with Doc and I to Tim Horton's to meet the Bible Bangers. We had hot chocolate and doughnuts and they shared what they did over the weekend, just like the big guys. home about 10:30 and they were plenty tired...

090118 - Sleddin Hill

090118 - Up, L&D to church, D had to light the candles. I got bfast for G&I while J watched tv. We play a bit, got dressed & J started gathering things to take to the Farm. L&D home, we loaded up w/ Lilly and headed to the Farm. We got there safe, suited everyone up and headed out in front of Gma&paW's to the big hill. It was perfect sledding snow and we zoomed down farther than ever. D was going down the hill STANDING on the old tobogan, over & over. J went up & down the hill many times on a little Chevey Chase saucer until he crashed and got snow down his shirt. G got to see and feed Dusty. Everyone back into the house to thaw and have couple smores from the warm firplace. Gpa & I ran out to get food, while Gma,D&J headed back out to make a snow dinosaur and more sledding. We had a good dinner and then home for bath & a movie because no one has school tomorrw.

090117 + Lori's first attempt at slideshow

090117 + Played with the boys a bit and then all 4 of us had an ice cream snack with nuts, heath pieces, chocolate chunks and Hershey's chocolate syrup, YUMMY!!! Some play time while we watched Terminator 3, then up for more 'Uncle Wiggly' and bed. L then wanted to learn how to put a slideshow on the blog... It went very well as you can see below. She did another one completely on her own that is further back in the blog on 081228, a montage of Our Christmas. I better be careful or she will take over my blog or I will have to build her one of her own... We then watched a video from Invention Home. We are working on getting her BRILLIANT idea licensed. I hope it makes us rich!

090117 - Jack's Book

090117 - Everyone up and playing around the house. DG&I headed outside to do an experiment. We captured snow flakes and put them on a microscope slide, gave them each a drop of superglue and then another slide on top. We put them in the freezer and the plan is to look at them in a week when the snowflakes have evaporated and the supergloe has hardened to leave a perfect imprint of all the details of the original flakes. let's se how this turns later... We then dropped car off @ Tuffy. L&D dropped JG&I off at home for naps and then headed out for some shopping & then to Dylan's first Basketball game of the season. The reported that it was much more agressive this year. Everyone home and we cleaned out the basement, played wii, and worked on Jack's first book. He thought of this project all by himself and had his mom print out the animals he wanted. He worked very hard coloring all the pictures himself and even came up with the words. Have a look!

090116 - Up and on the phone, only about 4 hr today; better than the avg 6hrs/day this week... Right after work we met the Rosers at Eagle Pizza in New albany for dinner, it was awesome, but the resturant was COLD, we had to leave our coates on... Home with some tired boys (stayed up too late last night maybe???). I fixed the vacum cleaner as we all watched 'Huk Finn'. I then attempted to organize myself from the mess of a week, hoping next week is better...

090115 - Play day!

090115 - Up J had friend over. I had another 6hrs of calls, then rushed to Dr. For my wrist. He took more x-rays, looked at the MRI pics (which I saved on my pc, VERY COOL!). Well this Dr. has never seen this before and needs to ck w/ some other folks before he decides what our next step is... That was helpful... While I was there a plane crashed nyc into the Hudson liver. I can't believe ALL OF THE PASSENGERS MADE IT OUT ALIVE!!! Miracle! Home for dinner then D&i headed to Cub Scouts. school had already been cancelled so after scouts one of D's friend came to our house for a sleep over. They were up till 4am.... yawn...

090114 + SNOW!

090114 - Up on ph all day... We got 6'' of snow and it is still coming down, but that did not stop D&I from heading out on the snow covred roads. We went out to pick up the MRI on my wrist (i saved a copy on my PC, VERY COOL!), a stop at the video store and one more Dr offie to pick up some xrays. But the Dr office was closed due to the $hit weather. I made the best of the empty parking lot and taught D how to do donuts. He LOVED it!!! A quick stop at Kroger for supplies before heading home to play grab a snack and bed. L&I stayed up to watch American Idol again, and i worked on facebook, the blog and the www.madison89.com website.

090113 + ON the phone all day again for work. Getting back into the mindset of customer P. D went over to the Pettit's for dinner. LJG&I ahd a nice quiet dinner. D got home and things got exponentially LOUDER!!! Got the boys showers a snack and read some Uncle Wiggley to them. L&I watched American Idol and I stayed up late working on 2 new websites.

090112 - Starting the work week off behind... Finished the day afte 6hrs of calls... Ate fats and ran D&J to karate with some errands in between. Got everyone home for a quick play, snack & bed. Brent P stopped and we spent a couple hrs going over project mgt and some of my anal organization... Stayed up late, started a new business, pyramid for selling 'Internet for Life'. Basically I joined a co that owns all the .ws domains. Check it out and buy ur own domain through me at the link to the right or go to www.ColdwaterGDI.ws

090111 - Newcomerstown

090111 - After church we headed to Newcomerstown to visit Gma&paB. D&I took Lilly back to the ball field to run in the snow. D has a huge 6ft stride when he is running, we could see it in the snow! We palyed in the house & church to play basketball. Had some food and a very nice visit. Home, boys had bath, snack & bed. L&i watched a couple movies while worked on the pc.

090111 - I got it!

090111 - Up, L,D&J to church. I played fetch with G&Lilly. Here they are trying to get to a ball under the hutch. I got some paperwork done, the gang showed up, we loaded up the car and headed to Newcomerstown.

090110 + Dancin Jack

090110 + Up in the am, got organized. D&I over to Saddle Run for inspection, furnace and have them sign a new lease. This is the first time we have met them and they are a very nice family. We hit a bank and Wendy's to get lunch for the fam on the way home. L took D to his first basket ball practice. This year his team is the Suns (his schedule is at right if anyone would like to attend, let us know... J&I watched an old voice over Godzilla and G took a nap. Everyone home and off for dinner w/ Curran's. Home and J dancin around w/ Lilly. L&I stayed up and watched a couple movies.
090109 - Worked all day. Added classmates out of the yearbook to the www.Madison89.com website. Jim signed up today, hope it catches on. L made dinnr, then J&I ran out to get some movies & a slim jim. Home and watched a movie about giant ants & Jack thought the were under his bed... I stayed up moving blog entried from the old Yahoo blog to this one, so getting some history as far back as 2005. During the Christmas break I gathered memories all the way back to Gma&paWs wedding announcment from the news paper... Let's see how long it takes me to get all that history in...
090108 - Worked all day, D came in to the office after school to do his homework w/ me. After dinner J stayed @ home w/ L, I took D&G to cub scouts & then over to Grossl's for a CREI meeting. Got the boys home & bed, L&I stayed up and watched the college champ game, now that was some football. I stayed up longer, watched a movie & set up website for class ( www.Madison89.com ).
090107 - Lilly vet, my Dr called, and my wrist broken. Worked all day and then took the boys to karate. While J was doing his karate practice, D&I did math, 500 problems. When we got home I taught the boys how to play paper football.

090106 + Recession?

090106 + Up, day 2 and falling back into work/school routine. Worked all day, everyone in the kitchen for dinner. Got saddled up and headed out for a couple errands. We went to Costco and got some bulk goods and I was amazed at what people were buying. This cart had 4 flat screen TVs on itm they also had matresses and a computer... Funny, I thought people were reducing their spending...

090105 - Boys back to school today. They were glad to see their friends but would rather stayed at home. After school L& the 3 took Lilly to a park where they arranged to meet with another family that just got a puppy and the 2 dogs played hard for a couple of hours. I spent the day diggin out of email and jioning some calls. We had dinner then J&I took out the trash and played the Wii until 8 when we headed over to the Pettit's to watch OSU VS Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. I helped Chris get his TV setup for HD and it was a great party and first half. The kids played and played. Home at half time and the boys to bed. L&I stayed up to watch the very exciting game that ended the wrong way in the last 16 seconds... UGH!

090104 - Bales

090104 - Up, L,D&J to church. G& I watched a movie and played w/ Lilly, bored, went to church. G ran right up the isle, L saw him and smiled, didn't realize it was her son flying up the isle until she saw me chasing after him. Grant was his usual LOUD self... When D&J went out for the kids church G belted out 'I GO WITH THE KIDS!'. L took him to the back playroom for the service until communion. While we waited for our row to be dismissed, there was a 5 second period of pure silence in the church between songs. It was at this point Grant decided to tell everyone what he thought and belted out 'MY TURN!' at the top of his gruff voice lung capacity. It caused quite a ripple of laughter through the congregation...
Home, changed and then headed to the Farm where, marshmellow guns, were waiting, a trip to the barn to play on the bales, rope, dusty and G to carry an upsidedown cat. We had a nice dinner w/ Gma&paW and then headed back home. Jack was dead asleep by the time we hit 71. Home, baths, played for a min, books, bed. Not looking fwd to going back to work tomorrow...

090103 - Monster Jam

090103 - Jack had friend over this morning for a play date. We had lunch and then all headed upstairs to clean out the playroom. L took Lilly & the big boys back to the playground and I got more year end stuff done. Hung out at home then headed out to the hobby store, Long John's for dinner and then a special treat for D&J: the Monster Truck Jam @ Nationwide Arena. The boys loved it! There was remote control cars, huge trucks smashing cars, doing wheelies, crashing, rolling over and LOTS OF NOISE! Home, told L all about it with matchbox demonstrations... Bed. I did more sorting.

090102 + Shredding

090102 + Did some cleaning out in the office. I think teaching the boys early how to shred documents is a good idea... L&D to the grocery. G took a nap while J&I played wii. Dylan had friend over for dinner. I stayed up late watching movies and sorting stuff.
090101 - Up and played a bit. Then to L's aunt Nancy's for lunch, food, tv, boys out of control, home. Watched a movie and tired boys to bed.

081231 - New Years Eve

081231 - Up and working in the office a bit. D&I across the road to help Doc w/ his computer. The Doc, D,J&I ran out to take a look @ a house. Home, Doc stayed for lunch.
Quiet afternoon, I taught D how to weld w/ his new plastic welder toy, L&G got groceries. Then D played while L,J,G&I caught a fast nap. Up and out to dinner w/ the Kreigers @ Max & Erma's. The big kids sat at their own table, ordered their own foods and had a good time. We had a nice dinner and good conversation. Headed to Blockbuster where everyone got to pick a movie or game for the night.
Home and watched Grant's movie, J then got to play his game for a bit, which he loves and moves and jumps around trying to help his character jump & fight. D started his movie, but didn't last long... L&D fell asleep & J&I were up enjoying the show. About 10 till the new year J&I woke everyone up and forced them to watch the ball drop & poor Dick Clark participate 1 more time. The ball dropped, the new year is here!
Got everyone to bed, my New Year wishes sent out over SMS and off to bed.
081230 - D&I out for haircuts and a stop @ Goodwill. Home for lunch, then D went w/ me while I got an MRI on hand. L,J&G took Lilly on a walk. Hung out @ home.
081229 - Up GmaW & big boys down to the barn. L got some bfast ready and everyone ate. GpaW went into work earlier, we said goodbye to GmaW as she prepared to go into work until late that night.
We drove home and got the car unloaded, some of the stuff away, started building the legos. we were able to play outside w/ Lilly and then more legos. We headed out for dinner, a bit of loud & crazy pizza... A quick stop @ the Home Depot & grocery. Home, baths, finally relaxing...