20050418 ? Historical Marker

20050418 ? A couple of my coworkers were in Pharr TX today and in keeping up with my tradition of making them do stupid things they found a Historical Marker in the middle of no where and sent me their picture.  Wish I was there!

20050416 - Baseball and Shakes

 20050416 - Up and good to be home. Took D to some baseball practice today and we all went to Steak and Shake for dinner.

20050411 - Way to San Jose

20050411 - Up early and headed to the airport for a week in San Jose. Got there and had an extremely fast and busy week mapping the process for Motorola. We also found out this week that we won the HP business!

20050410 + Short Weekend

20050410 + Flew in late Friday night and got home. Good to be home and spend some time with the fam. We took D&J to the zoo, shot some paintball guns and had fun time!

20050404 - MOT in DFW

20050404 - Headed to the airport way too early and flew to DFW to meet up with Arno, Ger and Sam. We headed to Motorola for the week.

20050402 - Seeing the Sites

20050402 - Up in the am and L&I headed to downtown Dallas to Delany Plaza where President Kennedy was shot and to a nearby shopping place. We then headed to Fort Worth and saw a cattle drive and walked through shops. We met Beth from work for dinner. L heads out tomorrow morning.

20050401 + L Bday on the Road

20050401 + At the end of work today I tool Arno and Gwen to the airport so they could fly home. I had lunch with Sam then dropped him off to fly home and I picked up L! L flew in for a couple day sot celebrate her bday. We headed ot the Dallas office and I introduced her to some folks. We then headed to Foca de Choa for a great dinner. We stopped by Scott Wallace's afterwards to chat and have some drinks.