20180531 - Jack Picks R Weird

20180531 - Up in the am and the house tore up from J and his friends. Got ready and headed in to work. In my office for most of the day visiting and educating folks on my tasks. Took a break around lunch to go take a drug test. Back to my office to finish out the day with more training. Headed to get a couple auction wins and then to D-bats where I hung out until G's team was done with their practice. D gave me some attitude so I dropped him off at home and J&I returned movies, got a couple more, and picked up Greek food from Nazareth. Home and we ate while trying to watch a movie on the Xbox... but that didn't work so we went upstairs to finish the movie. Finished the movie, it was weird (J picks weird movies). Then D&G headed to the basement to watch baseball, L to her room to watch baseketball and J&I watched another weird movie he picked out while I sorted through all the paperwork built up on my desk from the week.

20180530 + 4 Xbox

20180530 + Up in the am and unloaded the car so the boys could take things to Goodwill and then in to work. In the conference room all day and people not to eager to learn the tasks I will leave... Headed out a bit late and got home for dinner with everyone. D&I ran to the Apple store to see our options and then got a video. home and J had the xbox and 3 friends all plugged in on the back porch playing Fortnight... LDG&I watched 'Annihilation', it was different... Stayed up late filling out paperwork for the new job.

20180529 - Mowed Down

20180529 - Work in conf room finishing matrix of my duties and teaching folks what I do. Home and back to the ballfield. I played a lesser role tonight staying away from behind home plate and think it might have helped G a bit. Overall the game was horrible, the boys were not awake at all and took the worse beating I have seen them take this year... Home and Tom stopped by for a couple beers and then L&I hung out on the back porch. In and D headed to a friends, J&G to bed. I stayed up a bit looking through auctions and watch some Netflix.

20180528 + Special $20

20180528 + Up late, coffee and paper. L&I cleaned up, J helped take down the tent. I made a spreadsheet of attendees of the party on the back porch. J&G ran to DQ, D&DGF7 home to open his cards. D got some nice gifts and some very touching ones. D&DFG7 took off again and we just hung out and had a nice relaxing day. LJG&I then ran to Easton to watch the new avenger movie and have dinner while we were watching the movie. Home and shut down getting ready for the last week at Flash.

20180527 - Graduation Party!

20180527 - Up in the am and and started final preparations. Bill stopped over and helped with some stuff and we worked until folks started showing up. A lot of folks, family, friends and many people from throughout different days of D's life showed up to wish him well. L had the place looking awesome and it was a very successful party. People didn't stay too late and L&I had a chance to sit down and relax and talk about the wonderful day and all the special people that came. Thank you to everyone for your attendance and show of support to D.

20180526 - GRADUATION DAY!

20180526 - Up in the am and all of us downtown to D's graduation at OSU. It was super cool seeing the HUGE class of about 700 kids. We were close enough that I got to yell out to some of the kids we have watched grow up over the years. It was a long process and we had quite a group of people sitting behind us I could barely stand... We made it through it and D graduated!!!! So very proud of this boy! After the event we headed to the Cole's for a nice lunch and then home and we did final preparations around the house for the big party tomorrow.

20180525 + Last Practice

20180525 + Up in the am and L took J to the Dr to have a swab shoved up his nose... He weighed in at 121 lbs and 5'9" tall! D went to the school for graduation practice, and G hung out on the couch. I got around to the desk and started closing more things out, had 1 call. Cleaned up the office a bit and D took things to donate when he and DGF7 went out shopping.

20180524 - Rough Night

20180524 - Up and in to work. Spent a good part of the day walking around and letting people know I would be leaving. People said nice things and are sad to see me go. I cleaned out tons of email and am working on getting things lined up and handed off. We got a bunch of windows replaced at the house today and they look awesome! Home and back to G's game, he had a pretty horrible game and melted down a couple of times... The boys barely won, when it should have been a blow out, many boys had a rough night. Home and tried to talk to G about baseball and he exploded and was sent to bed. Ate and then shut down for the night.

20180523 - Wrapping the Year Up

20180523 - Up in the am and in to work. Swung through McD's to get coffee, L washed my cup last night and the coffee I made this morning tasted like soap YUK! So I got some coffee and some bfast sandwiches and headed into work. In to work and it was a pretty busy day getting things written down and outlining what I do on a daily basis for a smooth transition. I finished my day and headed to the ball field where I met L&G for G's game. It was a good game, but a crappy one for G. I got a call from an exec of my customer congratulating me on the move and several texts from other customers and coworkers about the news... The boys won and we headed home. I ran into Coach Thacker, G's coach from last year, and had a nice chat with him. Headed home and swung through Arby's to pick up some dinner. Home and ate with L&G. D got home from DGF7's game, they lost their State semi-final game tonight. L ran to pick up J from an all day pool party, he is very sunburned. I got some things shopped and then worked on the PC watching Netflix.

20180522 - Resigning and J's Last Game

20180522 - Up in the am and in to work. I called my boss and left a voicemail and then got busy with my daily stuff. At lunch I called my boss again and left another voicemail and a text. Back to more work... Finally my boss called me back and I had a nice discussion with him and let him know I was resigning. He was disappointed but very appreciative of everything I have done. I informed a couple of other key folks of my move and they were stunned. Home and JL&I headed to j's last soccer game. It was a thunder night and the game was delayed a couple for several hours (it felt like). They finally played and it started raining... they played through it.  It stopped raining and J's team took a proper final beating. We swung through the Home Depot to get a photocell and headed home. D got home so I got him to help me hold the flashlight while I worked on the lamppost, not smart with no depth perception and in the dark... But we worked it out and the lamppost works again! In and up late on the PC.

20180521 - Possibilities...

20180521 - Up in the am, L had a rough night taking care of G and not feeling well herself... D is done with school and in bed, J&I up and out, G home sick. I got to work and started the week searching for an order for someone that walked in the front door... Then I got things on track and started knocking them out. L texted and had gotten G into the Dr. he does have strep throat... Finished the day and then headed home to have a stand up dinner and then to a Booster meeting. Home for a quick stop and then on to a Boy Scout meeting. Home to get Doc and on to Bible Bangers. Good meeting and home and up late contemplating and finally signing my offer letter for a new job!

20180520 - Carpet Carrier

20180520 - Up way too early and G still has a fever. I got ready and headed to Grove City with a swing through McDs. When we got there the fields are too wet, won't play till noon... Home and relaxed for a bit before starting the day. J and I ran to the Home Depot to return some metal rods we didn't use in the grill repair and we got 6x8 carpet and tape to replace one by the steps in the garage and fluorescent bulbs. Home and J ripped up the old carpet and prepped the floor. I installed the new lights over the laundry area, secured the banister on the basement steps and then headed out to the patio and started popping up bricks that were unlevel and trying to make them a bit more level. J came out and helped. D got home from his friends and helped for 3 min and then played with a fishing rod until he went to a friends Graduation party... J headed in for a break and I cut the carpet to fit. Had some guys stop in and offer to the seal the driveway at a reasonable price, so I let them. Talked Doc into getting his done too. When they were done I yelled over to Doc "That's the quickest we have ever done that!' G still horizontal on the couch with L attending his every wimper. J&I went to Jack's soccer game, he played a lot but they lost 7-2, I sat by Jeff and we chatted most of the game. After the game J&I headed back to Home Depot where we returned the wrong carpet tape, got the right kind of carpet tape and a big 12x20 carpet for the garage. On the way home we drove through Panda Express to get dinner and then a stop at Panera to get chicken soup for G. Home and we all ate on the back porch and listened to G's team on GameChanger. After dinner J helped me install the carpet by the steps and then in the garage. It looks great and we are getting more and more ready for this party...

20180519 - Tree Monkey

20180519 - Up WAY TOO EARLY and LG&I headed to Grove City for a baseball game. The boys started off slow as they do (and me) in the early morning. They played well and won the first game. After the game L left me at the field and had the keys to the car and it POURED rain. Home and got J off the Xbox and got a couple of things done around the house. I got J up in the crabapple tree with the chainsaw and he cut out the dead. I dut the dead out of the front pine while he chucked up what he had already cut up. I then dug into the lamppost that has not been working and got a good shock in the process. Dylan showed up for 4 minutes today, then left to ump a game and then vanished for the rest of the day and spent the night at a friends house. When J had all the wood cut up and drug back to the stacking area he came back up and I taught him about some electricity, now that I knew which wire was hot... J ran to the hardware store for me and got a photo-eye, but it was the wrong one... not to worry we got everything wired up, tested and the right part ordered from Amazon. We even got the lamppost painted and had some gold paint to refresh the eagle on top. J back to the basement and LG&I back tot he ball field. There was no way we were going to play tonight with the line of teams waiting for fields and we were all happy to drive another hour today... So we headed home again with no game this time and I got a couple of things done at the desk before LG&I headed to the McClain's. We hung out for a bit and G was acting odd. When we got him home and checked he had a 102.4 fever. L up with G all night.

20180518 - Porch Sitting

20180518 - Up in the am and working from home. D ran into school fo a bit to return his pc, J home sick and G called in the middle of the day wanting a ride to his 5th grade Laser Craze field trip... he got a ride... L home and I worked until D&DGF7 came home with dinner. We ate and then D had some friends stop over for a fire and wiffle ball in the backyard while we hung out watching some movies and preparing for the weekend.

20180517 + Assemblers

20180517 + Up in the am and in to work. I got the report and presentations ready for the day and then started the calls. Calls lasted all day and I headed home a bit late, passing G as he rode his bike to baseball practice. Home and the Brenden, the son of one my Bible Banger buddies, needed to borrow a tool and stopped by. J had mowed the yard and then he helped Brenden fix the loc on his car door. They got it as far as they could and I helped them finish up. Gma&paW stopped by after a follow up visit to the eye dr from her surgery yesterday and to drop off some drinks and picnic tables for he party. GmaW doing ok, but doing too much for just having surgery yesterday and far too much riding around in a car. L cleaned some stuff up in the backyard and I fixed the grill enough to try and make it through another season. G home and he and J hung out in the basement on the Xbox, L&I on the back porch relaxing and trying to plan the next 72 hours. D home and working on some college and work stuff.

20180516 - D's Last Game

20180516 - Up in the am and we watched J open his bday presents, he seemed pleased with what he got. Then everyone headed to work and school for the day. I was at the desk all morning trying to catch up on email and then had calls. L went to G's field day back at the grade school, her last one... Finished the day up a bit early and headed home to get L and head to D's baseball game in Marysville. I gave J&G money for them to go to Subway to get dinner and they promised to get along and stick to the Xbox schedule. L drove so I could get some work done and we got there at the bottom of the 1st. It was a good game and Gahanna was in the lead the whole time. D got in to run and uncharacteristically got picked off stealing second. The bottom of the 7th up by 1 2 out, 2 strikes and BLAM a kid hit a walk off double ending D's and his friends high school baseball careers. The boys cried after game huddle and it was a quiet walk to the bus. Home and hung out, J looked at Apple watches, thinking he is going to take some of his cash and return the watch we got him. D went to dinner with some of his friends and got home late. Not much of a bday for J but he seemed ok with it.

20180515 - Heavy Rain

20180515 - Up in the am and in to work, talked to Mary Ellen the entire way in. In for meetings and nowhere to go as the place is full...  Took calls from wherever I could throughout the day.  Headed out early to get L and head to D's semi-final game in Hillard. On the way home it was raining so hard I could barely see out the windshield and 270 was down to 15 mph... Home and the game had been cancelled, but not G's game, so we packed up and battled rush-hour traffic to get to the field in Reynoldsburg. We got there and the field was flooded, thank you for an hour drive... So we followed Tom to a pizza place and had dinner with some of the team at Vic's pizza. The service was terrible and G was last to get his food by a log margin... After we ate we ran to Best Buy and Target to finish bday shopping for J. Home and met up with D&J and closed off on some end of year open items for them. TO bed, but up late watching Netflix.

20180514 - Singing J

20180514 - Up and in to work. We had customers in today so I had nowhere to go...  Made it through the lou cramped day and headed home. We had to divide and conquer this evening... L&J hung out a bit and then headed to his choir concert. G&I headed to the high school to attend the XC meeting for J, it sounds like a lot of running... We then headed over to MSW to watch J's choir concert. The concert was good and we saw a lot of parents we have doing this with for years, each year the choir getting smaller. After the concert LJ&G attempted to go to DQ but it was too crowded and we met back up at home. Home for a couple min and then I got Doc and we headed to a full house for Bible Bangers.  Home, got D's birth certificate out for his lifeguard job, got his electronics down and headed to bed, looking for bday presents for J on the PC.

20180513 + Nice Dinner

20180513 + Up in the am and J&G gave L their Mother's Day cards and gifts. After coffee I headed out to the garage to give it a good cleaning. We took everything out of the garage, the boys helped a bit and then vanished to the backyard to play wiffle ball. In the afternoon, I hadn't finished yet so L took J to his soccer game. G headed to the basement and D helped a bit with fixing benches. I got things buttoned up as L&J got home. We all got cleaned up and jumped in the car and headed to El Vaquero for a nice dinner. Home wound down from the weekend.

20180512 - Sorting Shoes

20180512 - Up in the am and L&I planned the weekend. LJ&G and got busy doing things around the house, Dylan gone all day and spent the night at a friends and I headed to Home Depot to get some supplies. As soon as I got home I changed and L&I ran to Connor Barnett's graduation party. Amazing we are here and these boys have grown up. We hung out and shared memories with the Barnetts. We had to leave quickly to get to our baseball double header. It was a beautiful day and boys played well, hit after hit but lost the first game. We took a lunch break and fed both teams with wieners. Game 2 was a different story. G pitched the entire game and did awesome. He had his defense behind him and he allowed only five hits and one run over six innings, striking out one and walking zero. We had some friends from the team over after the game and hung out on the back porch until late.

20180511 - Singing!

20180511 - Up in the am and got things running, working from home. D brought home some friends home for lunch and then L showed up in a whirlwind of activity and got me over to G's school. G came out and we sat with some of his friends and had a picnic lunch. We then headed into the school and were joined by Gma&paW to watch G's 5th grade musical 'Rats', this is our last musical at that school, 13 years... home and back in the office getting more things done.  G and his buddies came to our house after school to play and Gma&paW back to meet up with J. D out to the ball field for a game tonight. LG, G's friend Landon and I headed out to the ball field to watch D, Gma&paW swung by the field to watch a bit too. D got in the last 2 innings in center. The boys won and we headed home. L&I went to the Rusty Bucket for dinner and left J&G at home with a plan for shared Xbox time. We didn't get a chance to finish our meal before L's ph was chirping and ringing with screaming boys on the other end fighting about Fortnight...  We finished quickly and went home. The boys claimed to have resolve things by the time we returned home, but it was too late... I had a little talk with them and sent them both to their rooms for the rest of the night... D home late.

20180510 - Teaching New Drink

20180510 - Up in the am and in to work and prepping for weekly call. Had the call and an interesting meeting HR called me into today... Finished the day and then headed home a bit early and straight back to the ball field for G's game. It was a good game, G went 2-4, but hit each time he was up. I did the scoring and music and the boys came back in the end and won, a good game. Home and got some things together and headed to Granville to a buddy's house that texted me last night inviting me to a bourbon and bonfire event. Hung out with a bunch of guys I just met sipping different bourbons by the fire out in the country looking at the stars and having good conversations. I invented a new drink tonight the 'Fire Maker' (equal parts Fireball and Maker's Mark over a couple ice cubes) YUM! and the others approved. Headed home and to bed by 1am.

20180509 - Best Burger

20180509 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a busy productive day. Headed out a bit ealy towards Circleville to meet up with G and the Lions for a game out in a field. G did a lot of pitching tonight and did great and went 2-3 batting tonight. We got behind early and didn't have enough time to catch up and lost this one. After the game G&I talked to the ump and got the name of a local place to eat and headed to Gibby's. G ordered a large pepperoni and bacon pizza and I think the ‘Total Pig Out’ burger I had may be the best burger I have ever had. Nice drive home with G D-Jing for me. Home and checked in with the fam and to bed.

20180508 + Working Folks

20180508 + Up in the am and headed to the voting both. After voting I headed in to work through some bad traffic and had to go an exit past where I usually get off to go to work. Finally made it into work and got my day started with a call. At the desk all day getting things done. Headed home and hung out on the back porch getting caught up on some Bible Banger reading while L did yard stuff, D &G at baseball practice, J playing the Xbox. After a while I headed back to the baseball field to watch the end of a game. Got G and headed home. Ran some stuff to the post office and got gas. Back home, D home and hiding in his room. Hung out on the back porch a bit more. In and closed down for the night.

20180507 - Missed Hit

20180507 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a full day and bailed out a couple min late and headed to the first varsity tournament game. Of course people texted me that Dylan had got in and got a hit before I got there... L&G were there to see it though. J went to soccer practice. I finally got there, checked in with some folks and then watched the end of the game, they run ruled them :-o Home for a minute to eat and then headed to Panera for a Booster meeting about the sport programs for 2018-19 school year. Then to get a haircut before heading home to pick up Doc. Doc and I went to Bible Bangers and it was a light night so home early. Up watching Netflix and getting some things done on the computer.

20180506 - Spring Cleaning

20180506 - Up in the am, D worked and L&I home depot. G home from McCains to change and back to practice. We painted shed, the boys emptied shed and L&I cleaned it out. D&J got TV installed on back porch and then D&DGF7 ran and got us Little Ceaser's Pizza and we ate watching TV on the porch. In and watching American Idol with L. Up late watching Netflix, relisting some ebay things.

20180505 + Tree Trimmers

20180505 + Up and LG&I to J's invitational track meet in Worthington. J did great in his event the 4x800 and his team came in 3rd out of 22 schools! Swung by Subway to get some lunch. In the backyard cutting up the huge chunk of the cherry tree that came down. All day J&G helped off and on. D home from baseball about 4 and then all the boys went over to McClains to help with mulch. D on to spaghetti dinner at the coaches house. Bill brought J home and had a beer, G spending the night at McClains. D left coaches early and went bowling with DGF7. J tried to get a friend over to spend the night but it got to late, he did stay up on the xbox until midnight.

20180504 + Hot Water

20180504 + Up in the am and working from home, nice quiet, knocking things out. D, DGF& and a friend of theirs came home for lunch. L came home and we ran to Costco to get a couple of things and have lunch. Back to the desk to finish out the day and then headed back to the school with L&D for the Jefferson Fair. G wsa to be the first person in the dunk tank tonight but I noticed steam rising off of the water when we got there. I stuck my hand in the water and it was scalding hot. I got with some teachers and the guys running the attractions, got a hose and started putting cold water in the tank until it was cool enough for G to start things off. All of G's buddies were lined up to dunk him and they took turns throwing baseballs to drop him, only 2 succeeded and and he was a wet mess. L got him changed, I taught the ladies how to reset the seat and G ran off to play soccer. I headed home soaking wet and got something to eat and J was in the basement. I got a couple more things done at the desk and then D&DGF7 showed up and ate and retired to the basement to watch J play. L&G home and G went downstairs too and L&I stayed up and watched a movie. Eventually D&J had a battle so we split them up and got them settled for the night.

20180503 - Games & GptsW

20180503 - Up in the am and in to work. We had visitors today so there was no room. Had the weekly call it went well. Finished up the day and headed home. Home and got changed, grabbed speaker and other baseball stuff and headed back to the ball field. G's team played a good game, too many pop-ups, but did great on defense. G pitched the first 4 innings and did really good. Gma&paW are down, they stopped by D's game to watch for a bit, he wasn't playing so they came over to G's game to watch the boys get a W. Home and GpaW&J ran out and got us some Panda Express for dinner. We had a nice dinner and then got the boys settled for the night. D home late, got him working on 2 scholarship that are due tomorrow... Up late with L coughing all over the place and she can't sleep.

20180502 - Last Home Game

20180502 - Up in the am and in to work. Took a min to make a call to ensure D played tonight. then the calls started... Had a crazy busy day and headed out early and made it to the varsity field just in time to meet up with L, get in line and go out on the field for Senior night with D. D got to start tonight and played almost the entire game, it was a blow out and the boys won their final game on their home field. Home and hung out a bit before heading to bed. What a nice evening.

20180501 - Good Enough To Sign

20180501 - Up in the am and J in to work with me. I gave him a tour of the place and introduced him to a lot of people. He attended the morning meeting for me, Joined a customer call with me, helped a it with shipping and then I got him started on a spreadsheet. We made some calls for a system down and then ran to grab some lunch with Justin. G had a field trip to middle school for the day and reported later it was a good time and easy.  After lunch I had to join a call and J went out to the floor and worked with a tech until we left. J&I headed out, stopped to get gas and then swung by the house to get L. L&I on to the high school to watch D sign his commitment to Wilmington to play baseball. There were 25 kids at the signing ceremony and it was pretty cool. After the signing L&I swung by the house to pick up G and we headed to Galena for his game. It was a horrible game. G pitched and did well, but the defensive errors were crazy, 13 for us (3 were G's) and 10 for them. Somehow we won the game... After the game we headed to Mudflats Bar and Grill in Galena for a good meal with the McClains and Tom.  Home and talked to D, he got to bat in the game today, made it on base and stole around to score, but didn't play in the field :-| Not up too late, very long fast exciting and disappointing day.