090831 - Jack update

The doctor called today and said Jack has an auto antibody. He is producing an antibody that is attacking his neutrophils (part of WBC). More blood is being drawn next Thursday (9/10) for tests to be sent to Cincinnati. It seems we are getting closer to an answer... He continues to look and feel good which is great news. We just need to keep him healthy.
Dylan had baseball practice and Jack had soccer scrimmage tonight.

090830 -

090830 - LD&J to Sunday school, G&I played
Kristi Winger's baby's baptism.  Meet at their house
Play ground
Long johns, L gmab

090829 - Dusty Bottoms

090829 - Up and L&J off to soccer practice, DG&I hung put and cleaned up after bfast and hung out and watched our neighbor get one of their big trees cut down in their backyard. When we all regrouped we saddled up and headed to the Farm. At the Farm we picked up Gma&paW and headed to the Richland County Fairgrounds for a big flea market. We saw tons of treasures and everyone got something... On the way home we stopped at Camp Mowana to see the new barn they built in place of the old one that burned down. While there the boys saw a tee pee and took off running to it. We explored a bit and then back to the Farm for some pony rides. We hitched Dusty up, Aunt Weezer showed up, and we were off to the races! Here Jack is taking Weezer on a ride. After everyone had their fill of rides we got Chinese and dinner in the old farmhouse. Headed home, showered the boys up and everyone off to bed after a fun day.

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090828 - Big J's 1st day of big K

090828 Up and saw Jack off to his first day of real school, he is in morning kindergarten and is very please with himself and being in the same school with Dylan.
CONGRATULATIONS: About noon today Lori's sister Nicole had her baby Lena, 6lb, 9oz baby girl. We can't wait to meet her and get her picture up here.
I was stuck in the office on the phone all day and mostly doing nothing but Reports again... LG&I greeted Jack as he got off the bus and he told us of his adventurous first day; he liked it! LJ&G out running errands, G had to pee in the Walmart parking lot... I guess all the rain today is affecting him...
Jack's Dr. called, and Jack tested a 'weak positive' for an antibody he is producing that attacks his neutrophil white blood cells. He will call us with more details and a plan on Monday...
Now out for dinner and Jack to a birthday party.
090827 - Pretty uneventful day. I worked on reports and was on calls all day. L went to D's meet the teacher event this evening. then Doc and I helped move Jeff's furniture out of one of our houses that is for sale.

090826 - 10yrs & 4th grade

090826 -

090826 - D&J First day of school
dylan's baseball game
J - Soccer practice
sunday school meeting

090825 -

090825 - Work, L&boys to pool w/ friends, hair cut, School, Walk through = rooms and teachers

090824 - Soccer, Ice cream, Put-put

090824 - After things settled with the snake hunters we put together the LEGO stuff e sat down for dinner and the snake jumped out of the container, slithered across and off the table and recaptured just before making a full escape into the cavernous basement. We got suited up and headed to Jack's soccer practice, dropping our snake friend back off at his original home. D&I occupied the G during practice while L went to Jack's 'Meet the teacher'. We all met up at Dairy Queen for a treat and then hit 18 holes in the black lights. We had a busy day and tried to work in anything possible we didn't have time to do yet! Read 'Brothers Grim' to the boys, took out the trash and now meeting with the bible banger.

090824 - SNAKE!!!

090824 - Up and a day for Dylan. I usually take each boy's birthday off just to do fun stuff with them, but this year Dylan's birthday is the first day of school and he has a ball game that night. So not to fun... So I took today off instead! We started the morning off going to the Kingdom of Bounce for some jumping sliding fun. Then to Creekside for a picnic lunch and walk in the creek, where both Dylan and Jack fell in... SPLASH! DJG&I walked home wet and Lori met us there. We did a quick change and then to Meijer where D returned some of the gifts from his friends and got some cool LEGO set he didn't have and actually used some of the extra money to get something for J&G, HUUUU... GASPING in AMAZEMENT!!! On the way home from the store G fell asleep so DJ&I took a hike up the creek we go past on my walks and they have been begging to do all summer. It was a nice and cool on the feet wok but we saw lots of cool thing and treasure rocks etc... At the end of the walk Jack said, hey there's a snake under that rock. Yeah right... Then Dylan, not being so smart reached into the creek, and picked up the rock. Low and behold there was a snake! D grabbed me a stick and we held the snake in place so I could grab its head. We carried the snake home to a horrified mommy and put him in a container so we could identify him. The snake, now named 'Scales', is a Northern Water Snake. Now it is not a venomous snake, but his saliva contains a substance that inhibits the coagulation of blood... not so handy for Jack and his low platelets, so we have to release him later tonight on the way to Jack's soccer practice.
090823 - Up and cleaning out the garage from the weekend's festivities. Jeff Grossl came over and helped me pull out the poison ivy from the back yard and stretch some fence. We hung out the rest of the day unit Dylan had to earn his swimming merit badge for scouts. After that we all had dinner at Cici's.

090822 - Drive-in pictures

Beautiful night for a movie.

1 boy, 2 boys...

3 boys, now we're ready :)

090822 - Machine Gun Fun

090822 - Up and everyone to D's baseball game. Gma&paW came to the game too. The boys lost their first game of the season. After the game L, GmaW & the boys headed home while GpaW and I ran a couple of errands. We all met back at home where L had a great spread of food. The Cole's and Gma&paB showed up and we had a nice family bday event for D. After D opened his too manyith present we broke out the new airsoft machine gun. VERY COOL. DJ&I each took a shot at each other. OUCH! Gma&paW vanished while I was in the bathroom and everyone else left shortly after that. We hung out, played games and built LEGOs. Then we jumped in the car and headed to Lancaster and the Skyview Drive-in to see 'Shorts'. This was Grants first drive in experience and he loved it. It was a good movie, we all had a good time, lots of popcorn and 3 fast asleep boys when we got home.

090821 - Dylan's Survivor Party/ pictures

090821 - Survivor

090821 - Up and a full good day getting lots of things captured and done. Right after work I ran into the back yard and started helping L set up for D's 'Survivor' bday party. We got the rope course set up and D&J had a blast trying it out. While setting thing up we met our new neighbor Joe who is buying Mr. Smalley's house next door. He seems like a really nice guy. Before we knew it we had 12 screaming kids running all over the backyard, welcome to the neighborhood Joe ;-) We started the games; grab marbles out of a tub of ice water (with your toes...), eating worms (gummy) buddies in whip cream, water ballon target throw, treasure hunt, rope course, tug of war and balance on a pedistal. The boys had a BLAST! We had smores around a fire while D opened his presents. As the party ended the parents showed up and we all hung out on the patio for the after-party! Everyone, kids and parents, had fun.

090820 + MEATBALLS!!!

090820 - L&boys to library.  I had lunch w/ Courtland.  Fast day at work then off to dylan's baseball game, they won by the mercy rule.  JG&I headed to the store to get bday presents for D.  Grant was VERY LOUD and demanded a very specific gift...  When we got home Grant could not contain his excitment for the gift he got his brother and had to give it to him right away...  MEATBALLS!
090819 + Jack's Dr. called, Blood work is same, white cells still very low, platellets up a bit.  He wants to wait until we get the results back from Wisconsin before we decide on bone marrow testing… More waiting…
LDJ&G to birthday party.
Paul's last day.

090818 - Jack Update

090818 - We went to the Dr. with Jack this morning and they took a lot of blood from him, not a peep from him, he is a good patient. The Dr. is concerned that 2 of Jack’s blood counts are down. Last year it was only one. The blood he took today, 1 vial of blood stays at Children’s Hospital and based on those results we may have to go back in to have his bone marrow tested in the next few days. The other vial is going to Wisconsin for a more detailed analysis, the Dr. thinks there may be something in Jack’s immune system that is attacking his own blood… All we know for now.

090817 - Summer Gone...

090817 - Only 7 days left until my boys head back to school. Feels a bit horrible that a summer has whizzed by and I don't think I have done enough with them.... Sat up last night trying to figure out how to get the most out the last couple days, they are growing too fast.

090815 + Start & End of Baseball

090815 - Up and out early, everyone to Dylan's first Fall baseball game. He got to play several different positions and got on base every time up! The boys did good and they won their first game. Jack and I split off from the herd and ran a couple of errands. When we all regrouped at home we had hot dogs on the grill and then outside for some shooting. We all shot Dylan's BB gun, then darts and pellets from my pistol and then the paintball guns! Dylan practiced his pitching while J&G rested a bit. Then some catch and neighbor kids over.
For dinner we met Dylan's Spring baseball team for a picnic. There was good food and lots to do. There was a kids vs parents baseball game where fathers got to pitch to their sons and the sons got to pitch to their dads. It was quite a hoot and when I was up I actually got 2 really good hits, but tagged out stealing home and while sliding into second... Dylan had a couple of good hits; and then things went horribly wrong... After got his second hit the bat slipped out of his hand and struck one of his friends, Nathan, in the face... With blood everywhere we had the ambulance out and it pretty much ended the game :-o (Dylan of course felt horrible and thought everyone there was mad at him and mortified for hurting his friend). After ambulance took Nathan and the boys settled down, the boys got their trophies and had some cake. We packed up and headed home. Patrick, Nathan's brother, came home with us so Frank and Christine could be at Children's Hospital. Frank stopped by to check on Patrick and gave us an update on Nathan: he has a broken nose, hemo-something (Blood clot) in his nose and will need stitches. Dylan, Jack and Patrick are up in the basement watching movie. I am going to try and get some rest.
090814 + Fast day at work.  L took D to baseball practice and J,G&I played in the backyard until L&D got home. I cooked some food for a late night dinner and then L&I watched a movie.
090813 - Worked all day, set a new 'goal' for myself...  After work L had everything prepared very nicely and we had some of the neighbors over for dinner. They brought their kids and we did not see the kids again until 10:30 when everyone left. It was nice to just sit on the back porch and talk, laugh till our sides hurt and have some good conversations with friends.

090812 - Jack

090812 - Thought you all might like an update on our Jacky-boy. Last week he got a fever and a sore throat. We took him to the doctor on Friday for a strep test which was negative. Our pediatrician told us she thought it was a virus, but if he still had the fever on Monday we would do blood-work. Saturday he was fine, but Sunday night he got a terrible headache and the fever returned. Monday we went back to the doctor even though his fever was very low and he seemed better and got the blood-work because of his history. Tuesday we got a call that his white blood count (specifically neutrophils) was quite low again and his platelets were low as well. Today GmaW came down to watch D&G so L&I could take Jack back into the doctor for more blood-work, his platelets did increase somewhat but the white count was the same (500 when it should be at least 3000). We are headed back to the hematologist on Tuesday morning at Children's Hospital. Jack is feeling fine, no fever, no headaches. He is swimming and playing, a little tired, but pretty normal. Seems to be a mystery and the strangest part is that it has been exactly one year ago, to the day, that Jack had to go see the hematologist at Children's for being neutropenic !
Please keep him and our family in your prayers and we will keep you updated when we learn anything new.

090811 Rolling Ridge Ranch

090811 - L and the boys and Grammy Connie and Grampa Steve visited Rolling Ridge Ranch in Sugarcreek, Ohio. They had a great time. An Amish man drove a covered wagon around an animal park and they got to feed and pet the animals as they came up to the wagon. A couple of times the boys had to put the feed on the floor because some of the animals liked to steal the buckets! It was a lot of fun and Grant even got to drive the horses as they pulled the wagon (he was in heaven)!
I got a call from Jack's Dr and his blood is bad again... We have to get jack to the Dr. Tomorrow.
090810 - HAPPY 61st b-day DAD (GpaW)!!!!
WOW was out to install new VOIP phones today, hope it helps... Paul, my coworker in Boston had a mini stroke last Friday afternoon while I was at GI JOE... Jack went to the Dr becasue he had a fever that lasted 6 days and they drew blood. Fever gone & L took D,J&G to Newcomerstwon to Gma&paB's for a couple of days. I get to work... Not exactly fair...

090809 - Fun hot day

090809 - Up in the am and L&D to church where D had to acolyte. When they got home we grabbed lunch and ate on the road pu to the Farm. We met up with Gma&paW and headed out to the Richland County Fair. Now this fair had animal! We even got to see our cousin Casey's horse and calf! It was plenty hot and the rides were still being set up so we enjoyed the animals, exhibits and ice cream. After we were all sufficiently roasted we headed back to the farm. G took a nap and Jack collapsed in a chair. Dad got the grill out and Aunt Weezer came over for a cook out. Jack didn't eat and L noticed his fever was back and he even complained that his brain hurt... odd for a little boy to say. We had a good visit and made one last trip down to the barn to explore, visit the cats, Dusty and Nibbles and then headed home. Got everyone clnd up and off to bed.

090808 -Baseball Birdy

090808 - Grant gives Krash 5 at the Clippers game. Last year he screamed when Krash would come around...

090808 - Dan's 40!

090808 - Nice easy morning. J&G helped me spray the poison ivy again. Then L&D headed out to D's baseball practice while JG&I headed to Dan Shupe (one of the Bible-bangers) 40th bray party @ Friendship park. L&D met us at the party after practice. Home & D split off w/ one of his friends to go to the skate park. G down for a nap, J fell asleep on me watching a movie in the basement & L made cushions for her new glider... When D came home we packed up and are now at a Columbus Clippers game.
090807 - Fast and furious Friday... Bailed out a couple minutes early to go see the new G.I. Joe movie with D&J: G was NOT happy to be left behind... The movie was really good and full of action and cool special affects. D,J&I grabbed some fish and chicken at Long John's and then home for some catch and play time with G&L.
090806 - Work and J,G&I took D to his first baseball practice for the Fall season.

090805 - Gardening

090805 - The garden is producing everything! The tomatoes are here! I (Lori) can't tell you how fantastic it is to go out to the garden and get veggies for dinner! Corn, tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, banana peppers, cucumbers, zuchinni .... I am waiting on some small watermelon that we planted, but am not sure how big they are supposed to get. What is better than corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes!
Enough of L taking over MY blog... :-P
Today I worked all morning and then picked up my partner Jeff and we went out on an inspection frenzy... We toured the 6 properties we own and everything looks pretty good. While driving around Paul, my coworker in Boston called me and told me he was putting in his two week notice... I am being left in this shit storm by myself...???!!! ARGGGGG!!! Jeff and I finished up and went home and then for a walk through Mr. Smalley's house with our renevation contractor Brian. L got the slider off Mr Smalley's back porch, I am sure you will see pictures of it on here....

090804 - Playdate

090804 - Grant had a playdate with Ethan today. They had a big time; cars on ramps, shopping with great big shopping bags for toys, dressing up, riding motorcycles, eating donuts, stickers, cowboy boots, throwing footballs. Just look at those boys, you can't help but smile :)

090804 - Puppies

090803 - On our way home from the pool today,we were driving past the vet's office and Dylan asked if Lilly ever had to be put to sleep for a shot or anything else and I told him only when she got "fixed." Dylan was quiet for a minute and then asked the dreaded "what does "fixed" mean question to which I replied "that means she can't have puppies". After a long pause from Dylan and a nervous pause from me, he said,"don't girl dogs have to be married to boy dogs before they have puppies?!" YES!

090803 - Ohio State Fair

090803 - Up super fast day at work. After dinner I didn't want to sit around the house. We packed up and headed downtown to the Ohio State Fair. We were surprised that there were not as many animals as in years past, but still enough to satisfy the boys. We some some horse drawn wagon shows, the butter cow and ice cream, some junk in the vendor building the boys could buy, pony rides, carousel, giant magic carpet slide, finished off by elephant ears and funnel cakes. We all had a good time and Lori and I got our yearly dose of 'feel good' looking at all the fair folks; we arn't so strange... maybe... we think... Home with some tired happy boys.

090802 - LEGO Store

090802 - Up and G and I cleaning up the shop in the garage. D&J home from their Cleveland Baseball expedition with Gma&paW mid afternoon. We hung out at home a bit and then headed to Easton to the new LEGO store. It was pretty cool, but WAY smaller than expected. We loved it and then went to see the 8 foot Yoda built earlier that weekend by a 'Master LEGO Builder'. I WANT THAT JOB! We went to a nice restaurant where the boys got nothing they liked and L&I had to eat too fast... Home for some football catch a little TV and baths and bed.

090801 + Lightening Bugs!

090801 - WOW it is August 1st, where is this yera going so quickly? D&J still up @ the Farm so all quite on Heil Dr. Grant and I started off the morning watching Doc mow the yard and then we planted so hostas together. We next got the sprayer out and went back to Round-UP the poison ivy patch across the back of the yard. The neighbor, Bob, helped us pound in a big stake so we could redo the back corner of the fence. G went in for a nap and I helpd Bob cut up a tree, not so happy about losing more shade in the backyard... Then Grant back up after the nap and we had hamburgers on the grill, visited Jim, another neighbor, and checked out where he was going to put his shed. Back home for some baseball and catching of fireflies. Inside to watch VH1 top 100 of the 80's and Grant dance to hits we love. Took the boy up for bed and couldn't resist him running around in his big boy underpants and gave the fellow his first official wedgy! He had to go down and show mommy :-) Read him a book and got him to bed.
090731 - Up worked all day. Met with the neighbors about buying their dad's house. Grabbed some dinner and then LG&I waled to Friendship Park for a concert and playground time. Grant loves Caroline, my buddy Jeff's daughter and they hung out for a long time. Walked home and looked for the Indians' game on TV but couldn't find it. We were hoping to see D&J w/ Gma&paW, but couldn't find it. Got Grant cleaned up and off to bed. L&I watched TV and surfed the web.
090730 + Busy day at the desk. Took a break to run to the Dr., bit nervous about my heart... Dr. said everything was 'great'... hmmm.... Home and GmaW here to get D&J. They're heading off for a 4 day adventure!!! Finished work and LG&I delivered a couple letters to our renters and grabbed a bite to eat. Then we headed to Magic Mountian for a round of put-put golf, Grant LOVES it! home and watched movie.
090729 - J had his 6yr check up today, all good. It was raining so L bravely took DJ&G to a movie. I had to stay home and work :-( They got home and we played some kickball before dinner. Then back to the school playground where L&Lilly took a walk around the track while Jack rode his bike and DG&I played catch on the muddy baseball fields. A quick stop for all at the playground then home for some Disney planning and staying up till 3am for some work...
090728 - UP and my morning derailed by an system change that came from out of no-where... After an hour recovery, the hour I needed to prepare for today's meetings, the meetings started, but both were luckily canceled! Had a good talk with Tom today and getting lined up for more structure. Finished the afternoon work, and had a fresh from the garden sweetcorn dinner on the back porch. Then the family walked to Creekside Concert and spent the rest of our savings at Coldstone on some ice-cream… Home got the boys baths and to bed. Now for a movie and some email.