20220506 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel on squirrel patrol and I'm getting email and am tasks done. The big project we have been working on was to go live this afternoon, but we couldn't get all the piece to fall in place so it is being postponed to Monday. Hazel and I took a short walk. L home, J at work. I finished my day and all the baseball games for the day were cancelled. They still have practice for whatever reason... I cleaned up the office some more and made a stack of stuff to donate and ran out to jump the mower so L could get the mowing done. J ran out and go G. When I finished the day L&I headed to Nazareth for dinner and then the Home Depot for Flowers and graduation fixin supplies. We swung by AutoZone to get a new battery for the mower and gas on the way home. Home and got everything unloaded. L&I watch 'Windfall', eh, it was OK. not up late.