20220729 - Sent a bunch of texts to people reminding them to buy lotto tickets for the $1.3B jackpot tonight. Hazel and I walked down to the drive thru and got our tickets. G drove D&I to his baseball tryout in Olentangy berlin. D&I talked to folks during the tryout and Jim Long and his family were there. It was great to catch up with them. After the tryout Taylor went with us to Waffle House, but the cooks we like weren't there so we walked over to Chipotle for dinner. D drove G's car home, liked it, and we dropped Taylor off on the way. Home and hung out on the back porch with Gma&paB. Everyone headed out and to bed and L took me in to the garage and showed me that G had broken the hood ornament off of my E550... G was fearful for his life all day... I ordered a new fancier one and went to bed.