20120331 - D day

20120331 - Up and L took J&G to an Easter egg hunt at church while D&I went to Home Depot to get supplies to make a soccer goal out of a net I saved.
Then we headed to get gas and on to Dick's to get baseball supplies. Pants for D and new bases for the backyard. We tried a couple office stores for post-it notes but they didn't have what I needed. Home only for a minute to get J and drop him off at a buddy's house and then on to the Grossl's. I helped Jeff with his mower, car top and attempted to disassemble a basketball hoop... Home and installed the new bases and pitchers rubber and in to watch basketball.

20120330 - New Knee

20120330 - Up and L to the Dr. W/ Gma&paB. I headed into the office to get some things done. The boys were on their own and did really good; they even got their own lunches! Finally out of the office and we transplanted a bush, D cut some wood for a project, I worked on some air piping I had that was leaking and then got the boys sealing the tool table. L home and GpaB doing good with his new knee! We ate some dinner and then L off to Zumba and the boys and I headed to the movies to see 'Wrath of the Titans', pretty good with lots of action. Stopped on the way home for Coke, OJ, doughnuts and French dip sandwiches.

20120329 + Pollen Nose

20120329 + Up and spent a bit of time w/ Gma&paB then drove home. We all have had enough of the car... Home and neighbor borrowed the black car to get mulch, we unloaded the white one. Everything brought in and L cleaning up. The boys and I went to the bike store to get my tire fixed and we took a nice walk down around Creekside.
Back to pick up the tire and a quick stop at the Gahanna Hardware to see if they had a hand pump for the well in the backyard, they did so we got it. We walked back stopping at the playground for hoops, football and playground time. G&I headed home first for G's #2 emergency... I got the bike fixed and D&J showed up for a drink, then we all went back to the playground from more fun. Home at last and G&I installed the new pump and got it working, ready for another summer of water fun. G was smelling dandelions and had pollen all over his goofy nose :-)

Then LD&G ran to get a new curling iron and J&I hit Home depot for parts, Long Johns for dinner, Gas station for lotto tickets and Blockbuster for movies and games. Home, dinner and relaxing and getting cleaned up. Gma&paB arrived for the night as GpaB is getting his knee replaced tomorrow am.

20120328 - Long Road

20120328 - Up for a fantastic bfast overlooking the falls.  Then we went shopping at an outlet mall for shoes and stuff.

One last look at the falls as we head across the boarder (without incident :-)  Back in the states and more shopping for a 'special jacket for D...  Got it done and a quick stop in NY to see a fabulous canoe sculpture (J was the only one to view it with me).

We drove and drove, passing an Indian, and fighting the wind all the way.  We stopped by a McD's where we got to walk over the highway.

More road time, all to get to the World's Largest Bronze Scottsman (again J is the only participant :-).

On the way to dinner we made sure to drive past the 'Road sign Wall & Garden' in PA.

We made it to dinner for J at the original Quakersteak and Lube so he could taste original buffalo wings and check out the motorcycles (it was motorcycle night ).  More road time and a stop for gas and hot chocolate.  More road and finally to Gma&paB's and our Lilly.  Good to be back in OHIO.

20120327 - Finished Five in One Year

20120327 - Up in the am to this spectacular view!  The hotel restaurant we had breakfast in overlooked the falls which complimented the made to order omelets and vat of bacon nicely :-)
We pulled ourselves away from the bacon and headed to the Daredevil museum and an IMAX movie that told us the history of the area and the Falls.  After this we went to Journey to the bottom of the Falls, something I have always wanted to do but have not in previous trips.  D&J were the only ones brave enough go down with me.  It was really neat, the tunnels back behind the roaring wall of water and then the platform next to it where we could see back in behind the water.

In the car and down the road to the Chocolate and Souvenir Shop where we bought a couple of pounds of fudge and goodies for the boys and 'girlfriend'...  On down the road a bit further and we came to the 'Whirlpool' where the millions of gallons the go over the falls every minute have to make a sharp right turn.

A bit further and we found the power dam on the US side.  D said I have had enough of your dam walls :-)

Down the road more to the famous flower clock, but at 42 degrees the flowers weren't blooming just yet...

Further north and a bit chiller we came to Fort George.  It said 'Closed' but D&I went in anyway :-)  we found a drummer in full period costume that told us the history of the fort, it's connection to Ohio and to stay as long as we wanted and to stick around to be extras in the movie they would be filming later...  We walked all over, it is quite a feat of engineering considering it was built in the last 1800's and D liked the cannons and big earth walls and pointed wood walls.

Further North to Lawrenceville for lunch and then to another fort right on lake Ontario that had really cool buried rooms and tunnels.

L had to pee really bad, but DJ&I had to touch the water from lake Ontario to complete the goal of touching all five Great Lakes in one year, that we started on vacation last Summer.

Now working our way west a bit to see the locks and while waiting for a ship to enter J&I found our one and only geocache of the trip.  Then a HUGE ship pulled in.  It was really cool.  We chassed the ship to the next lock, but it would be another hour before we would see progress so we headed south towards the Falls.

Back in falls territory and time for more fun.  DJG&I did G's favorite vacation activity, putt-putt, at Dinosaur Adventure.  G was a bit scared of the dinos and especially the cave.

After golf we all went to Ripley's Believe it or Not for the tour and had a lot of fun, especially the shadow wall where we posed for fun action shots.

All vacationed out from a busy day we got a snack at a Burger King overlooking the lights of the strip at the Falls.

20120326 + Finally Foreigners

20120326 + All up at the Farm and had a good bfast. We loaded up, said goodby to Gma&paW and headed North. Our first stop today was around Cleveland at the "Flintstone House". The boys and I loved it, L not so much...

We then kept going and stopped in Westfield NY at a little local restaurant, Calarco's that had excellent food and a jukebox that fascinated the boys.

Stop 3 was in Eden NY to your the Kazoo Factory. It was really cool and everyone got a kazoo (not my smartest decision ever...).

Finally we made it to Canada and G woke up, just as the Boarder Patrol asked if the boys had any guns... "WE GOT AIRSOFT GUNS!" in his normal soft voice... It made the office chuckle, thankfully, and we were allowed to enter.  We made it to Niagara Falls, got checked in to our 30th floor Falls overlook room (WOW!) and then headed down for a closer view. The boys really liked it and snapped many pictures.

The best part was when J set his gloves on the railing so he could use his finger to take a picture and the wind sent it into the Falls and down the abyss... Hahahaha   We then walked 87.52 miles in strong 22 degree winds to the main strip where we found a Rain Forest to have dinner in.  A shuttle ride to our hotel later and we were swimming in nice warm water. All boy to sleep without fuss :-) A good day!

20110325 - Balls

20120325 - UP and L and the boys to church while I finished up some work in the office.  Then I met the fam and Gma&paB with the Coles for lunch.  Back home all packed up and ready to go and we headed to the Farm.  We got there and did some work on the fire pit and looked things over again for the upcoming MSD@tF.  Dinner and boys to bed.  Dad and I stayed up and talked a bit.

20120324 - Up and out with the boys, L to Zumba. We headed to the shed an spent the entire day cleaning it out and organizing it. The boys played hard outside all day. L had a pic from a blog of a ball container and I replicated it with bungee cords. Ordered pizza for dinner and hung out.

20120323 + 2(Spring)

20120323 +Up in the am and all out to work and school except G&I.  We loaded up our supplies and tools and headed up to the Farm.  G talked the whole way up to the farm and sang to his iTouch.  We got there and stopped to pick up some maple sap to freeze and then to the Farm to work on the spring tank plumbing.  Dave stopped by for a quick sword fight, and GpaW helped us out.  G really worked and carried things for me.  He also feed the ponies many many treats.  After lunch we walked around and reviewed some ideas and plans, and G got into some nettles that touched off a meltdown...  We got him cleaned up and our supplies loaded and headed home.  This gave G an opportunity to recharge.  Home and we sort of hung out, watched basketball, cleaned out the car for vacation and had a quiet night.  Up late with D watching basketball.

20120322 - First Mowing

20120322 - Up and worked all day, out for dinner with the fam.  Played catch with D, then he reluctantly mowed.  L off to Zumba, I got the boys cleaned up, we had ice cream and watched a movie.

20120321 - Up and worked all day..  Took J&G with me to the Scout store and picked up dinner and a movie.  Home, ate, watched 'Tin Tin'.  Up late prepping for meeting: meeting then canceled }:-|

20120320 + Hard 1st Day

20120320 + Up and at the desk all day.  This is the torturous view from my desk chair of the blue sky and magnolia tree on this first day of Spring....  L&G home late, then off to G's Kindergarten Round Up to confirm he is ready for next year.  D home, J&I on a walk. On way home we saw D on a ladder trying to reattach he '0' from the '107' on the garage...   I finished my work day and then helped D fix the '0' and then L& an excited G back from the Kindergarten Round Up all ready to go!  D had to redo some homework and is all out of sorts...  Some football throwing, dinner together, the LJ&G to Zumba and D&I met the Pettits at the movie 'Act of Valor'. Home, exhausted.

20120319 - Slow Broke Finger

20120319 - Up and at the desk for a VERY SLOW DAY... I took a walk w/J to the bridge and we raced things that we picked up along the way. J's stick won, followed close by my dandelion. J found some duck to chase too.

Home, finished the day. Had dinner with the fam and then out to throw the football with J. He caught one right on the tip if his fingers and stove or broke one :-o he had it on ice the rest of the night. I dropped D off at Scouts and ran to the Home Depot to get the supplies I didn't get last night due to the storm. I hit the gas station and traded videos and then back to Scouts to plan the rest of the year for my Wolf Den. Home, unloaded the supplies, D dropped off, checked on J&G (sleeping like logs), picked up Doc and put again for Bible Bangers. Good meeting. Home, finishing up some stuff, bed late.

20120318 - Blood & Rain

20110318 - Up in the am and to church w/ LJ&G, then Sunday school (a bit stressful...). Home and cleaning up the garage. D back from camping so ran to pick him up. We all had lunch together and heard of the camping adventures. Then back to the shop to cut some wood for doors for the Farmhouse. Everything cleaned up and G&I out to throw the football with a quick stop where he showed me the leprechaun blood on the ground from our trap, that lead up the tree and where J& he saw the little guy hiding way up there.

We all then ran D to church youth group and had intentions of finishing a couple of errands and getting dinner. That is until the tornado sirens went off... We quickly went through a drive through and then home to the basement. It was a really bad storm, but we were safe watching a dragon show.

I ran and got D and then all boys to bed. Buddy over to watch the season finale of the Walking Dead.

20120317 - Rockets, Leprechauns & Camping

20120317 - Up in the am and to the church w/ LJ&G for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. The boys had great cars, Jack didn't get first place in our den, but he blast!

Especially when I fired off the Rocket Car... ZOOM!!!!

J home with a friend and home for lunch with L&G. Then G&I made a leprechaun trap with a couple of the neighbors.

L&I cut down the grasses for Spring an then I grabbed another Scout dad and we headed to the Boy Scout campout.

20120316 + Onsite & Setup

20120316 + Up, got doughnuts and onsite for a full day of work. Home and got the family and to the church to drop D of for a Scout Campout and the rest of us helped set up the Pinewood Derby track and test out the cars. Then LJG&I headed to Max & Ermas for dinner & J's favorite tortilla soup. Home and watched Puss in Boots with the boys.

20120315 - Pads & Pegs

20120315 - Up and at the desk all day. Had a QBR to host, I was pretty nervous, but knocked it out of the park! Had a call from a local opportunity I passed up in January ;-) After work played football catch w/ G, he was all suited up... Then D&J joined us and the bickering began... A break for dinner, then we fixed J's bike, took off the front brakes and put pegs all the way around. J&g tested it out. Then L off to Zumba, D stayed home and JG&I headed to Meijer, gas station and Blockbuster, with G still in his football getup, including shoulder pads :-) home and all boys to bed. I reviewed some taxes and got ready to be onsite tomorrow.

20120314 - Scales and Scout Food

20120314 - Up and out to a local factory for a day of work. L&G had a playdate. After work I ran to get more rocket motors then home. Home through crap traffic and played football catch with J&G in the back yard. We cooked some awesome burgers for dinner and then D&I picked up another scout and got groceries for this weekends campout. Home, paid J for his good grades and veged out. Up late working on invite to MSD@F

20120313 + Creek, Ball and Ball

20120313 + Up and worked all day. Took a break to take a walk w/ J and Ed stopped by. More work...

Out of the office to warm D up with some catch, then baseball try outs. He went 1st in the second round of picks and got on a new team: not what we want but ok... Home D&I ate, L to Zumba, I took the boys to the playground. D&J played basketball while G and I played catch with a tennis ball. Every 3rd time he dropped it I got his guts :-) Home got boys cleaned up, L home and all boys to bed.

20120312 - Hope & 30 Years

20120312 -Up and to Childern's Hospital with J for a checkup.  They think he looks good :-)  We then hit Subway for lunch and dropped off G's kindergarten paper work at his school, the whole time J was crouched down hiding in the car so he wouldn't have to to go to school ;-)  Home and JG&I took a much needed nap.  I woke up and was the only one left in the bed :-o  It felt GOOD!
Up did a little paper work and out for dinner, then all to Boy Scouts for a surprise honor party for Mike Sheldon for being the Scoutmaster for 30 years.  He received a letter from the Mayor declaring today /Mike Sheldon Day' in Gahanna, many gifts and lots of great stories.  In Mike's 30 years he graduate 58 boys to Eagle Scout.  here are some of the Eagle Scouts with Mike. WOW!
 Home and boys to bed, off to Bible bangers.

20120311 - 65 & Surprise Attack

20120311 - Up and LJ&G to church. I was running slow and got gas and then met L @ Sunday School. After church we picked up D and headed to Necomerstown for GmaB's 65th bday! We had some cake and played a bit before we had to get home for a Cub Scout meeting.

Had the meeting and then home for a min. 

Then my buddy Dave down to catch up and watch the Walking Dead. As Dave came in he was greeted with a surprise attack from G (they have a long standing rivalry). There was a quick battle then all boys to bed. Chris came over we watched the Walking Dead. Then L Dave and I stayed up and caught up.