20150731 + Eating in a Barn

20150731 + Up work, home, change, dropped G off at Mallon's, L&I to dinner with the Mallon's at the Barn $$$ but good.

20150730 - Mission Impossible: 99 Holes, 10 Frames, 9 Innings,1FANTASTIC DAY!

20150730 - UP in the am and G is ready to roll!  We hit McDonald's on the way to our first destination, the Westerville Putt-Putt and Batting Cages.  We played 36 holes of golf and had a blast!  We had to skip the batting cages this time so we could make it to our second destination, but took time to get our standard picture taken in the usual place and pose from years past.

Second destination was a Columbus Clippers game.  We had great seats and they were right in the sun so we spent a lot of time walking around in the shade to get drinks, ice cream and test G's pitching speed (40mph).  G got a t-shirt thrown to him and we had a blast!

Third stop was Galaxy Golf where we played 27 holes of put putt and a couple video games.  It was  good course and G got his picture taken on top of some exotic animals.  He got attacked by ants while getting his pic taken with the wolf :-(

We then headed up 23 in search of another putt-putt place and ran into a car wash.  G loves going through car washes :-)  the putt-putt place was right across the street and itr was brand new.  We did another 36 holes and then jumped back in the car and headed to the Movie Tavern for dinner and to see the new Mission Impossible movie. 

Not done yet...  we stopped at Columbus Bowling Palace on the way home for a game of bowling.  It was a lot of fun.  We got home right at midnight.  

What a fantastic day with my littlest boy!  He's not so little anymore...

20150729 - Loadin the Fridge

20150729 - Up and to work. GmaB B here and doing things with L&G today. I ran home, changed and went to baseball tryouts for G's team. It started raining and G&I bailed out to get some beer and start the analysis on the tryouts. Tom, Bill and John came over to discuss the team.

20150728 - Hostage

20150728 - Up and to work. GmaB B here and doing things with L&G today. I ran home, changed and went to baseball tryouts for G's team. Home and hung out. I was up late building a tool to rate the players.

20150727 - Electricians

20150727 - UP and into work, long day.  Home and GmaB is here, L had made us a nice dinner.  L&GmaB went shopping and G&I tried to fix Doc's electrical problem with his washer, but couldn't get it fixed.  We chatted with the neighbors and hung out.

20150726 + Summer Camp Drop-off

20150726 + Up in the am and ran to get gas. D&J loaded up all their camp stuff and we swung over to the school to meet up with the Troop. We left early to stop at the Farm and drop off G. Then we headed down Rt 30 slowly until the Troop caught up and proceeded to the Dalton Dairy-ette for lunch and on to 7Ranges camp. The boys got registered and we got them to their campsite. L&I headed back and we stopped at the Farm to get G and go out for dinner with Gma&paW. G had a busy day helping GpaW get our little red trailer all cleaned up and going to a flea market. After dinner we hooked the trailer up and headed home. G&I stayed up to watch Falling Skies.

20150725 - Checking out Sales

20150725 - Up in the am and at the desk getting some things done. G&I hit the neighborhood on our bikes and checked out some of the garage sales going on. D&J mowed and then D rode his bike to the pool for a bit to meet up with some friends. J went to the magic shop to hang out. LG&I ran some errands and ended up at the pool where G&I played catch and he enjoyed being an only child. In the evening D went to a Clippers game with a buddy and JGL&I watched 'Home' in the basement.

20150724 + Relaxing Game

20150724 + Up and into work, at the desk all day and got a TON done.  L&J went to serve meals again today. I got home and we all headed to the Clippers game for a nice relaxing beautiful evening.

20150723 - OVERRULED

20150723 - UP long day at work pc crashed and i lost everything...  L had rough day with boys...  Got home wanted to go to the pool to relax, was overruled by boys :-(  J's friend Donovan came over to play and his parent to chat it was a good time.

20150722 + D's Friends Over

20150722 + Up in the am and to bfast, met Dave at Waffle House Wednesday. In to the office for a long day. L took G to a buddies bday party and D&J to serve lunches. They ended up at the pool and all brought home friends, I got home for dinner and then more of D's friends came over to hangout. J&I ran to the store and got supplies for him to go to Scout camp. Home and ran the remaining boys home, D spending the night with one of them. Up late doing a bit of work.

20150721 - Team Party

20150721 - UP in the am and into work. LONG DAY, but got to save some jobs, so it was good. L had a school bfast this morning and took the boys to serve lunches with the church. I met L&G at G's baseball team's end of year party. They boys swam, played some wiffle ball and had a blast. They got big trophies and push coach John into the pool. Home and saw D&J for a few minutes, then all boys to bed.

20150720 + Extra Trip

20150720 + Work, left pc at home, extra trip... L and boys served free lunches today. Home for quick dinner and then scouts and bible bangers with the boys, D drove

20150719 - Bday Baseball

20150719 - Up in the am and all over to the McClain's where we loaded up and headed to Cincinnati for the Red vs Indians Game. It was a bday event for Brady and G&Brady had a good time hitting home-runs in the mini field. I have been to the new 'Great American Ballfield' I believe 3 times, 2 of them in the last week... It is a nice ballpark when the sun is down, however during the day it receives my vote for one of the hottest places on the planet. In the 2 day games I have been to in this park they have been the hottest, stillest air, no shade games. Combined with the ridiculously high prices associated with hydration I have to vow to never go there again. We stayed for the extra innings in the blazing sun (D&G's choice) and the Indian's ended up winning (having 3 runs walked in helped...) We stopped for bite on way home and then a non-stop noise (from G) car ride the rest of the way home. No arguments from the boys on bedtime.

20150718 - Family Time

20150718 - Up in am and at the desk for a little bit.  Gma&paW stopped by after her follow up appointment, Dr. says things look good, but she is in a lot of pain.  We then loaded up and headed to the Scout Shop on the way to Delaware for a Kraft family picnic.  It was hotter than all get out but it was great to see everyone and have the kids play and play.  We stayed into the afternoon and headed out about 4.  
We got home, took a short break and then walked downtown with the Mallonn's to try out a Mexican place we had never been to.  It was good and fun.  We headed back home where we chatted some more, played some games and watched Mythbusters.

20150717 - Stinking Dog

20150717 - Well at midnight I let Lilly out. And she got sprayed by a skunk.... So up LATE washing the damn dog! In to work long stressful day of getting a lot done. Then I headed to Lancaster for D's second round in the State tournament, they lost to a really shitty team. Uncle Johnny came to the game, they had way to many errors. Season over. D's coach said he was good to go playing with them for fall and next spring if he wanted :-) L&J headed home and DG&I headed home with a stop at a Chinese buffet. Home and all boys to bed.

20150716 + Eat LIke a King

20150716 + up to work, drove to D's game in Lancaster, they won, D had some good plays. D drove me home with a stop at Burger King for dinner.

20150714 - ALL-STAR Game

20150714 - Up back to work :-(  It was a frantic quick day as I decided to take a last minute trip...  I made a deal with D that I would trade him his 'Dad & Me Day' and his 16th bday present for this opportunity...  He accepted...  L brought D down to the office and traded cars with me and 3 other guys from work rode with D&I to Cincinnati to see the MLB All-Star game.  It was AMAZING!!!  D loved it and talked the whole time about every player, their stats, their gear, everything.  He was in heaven.  The seats were pretty high up, both literally and financially...  But to be in the same ballpark with Johnny Bench, Willy Mays,  Hank Aaron and countless other legends was unbelievable.  An atmosphere I had never witnessed before, It game us chills and D said 'It sort of make my stomach feel funny being in the same place with all the great player...".  The fanfare at the beginning of the game withe huge flag and fighter jets roaring overhead was incredible.  We didn't get any autographs, but he got a hat and shirt with the All-Star logo on it and really seemed to enjoy it.

It was a once in a lifetime event that I am glad we went to, worth every penny!

20150713 + Big Walker Mountain

20150713 + Up and on the road.  We took an old scenic byway up and over Big Walker Mountain and stopped at the top to climb a watch tower.  D&J bounded up and It took me considerably longer to go up the 200 steps to the top of the way too windy and swaying old metal tower...  At the top there were fantastic views, but I was too nervous and it was way too windy up there.  Back down the tower and down the other side of the mountain.  I tried to get us to a town named 'Odd' in West Virginia for lunch, but it was a horribly twisting road and a dead town... So we stayed in the car and drove on.  We stopped for lunch and then headed to an exhibition mine where we got to ride down into a coal mine and get a history lesson.  It was really cool..  Back on the road and greeted with gray skies and a torrential downpour as we crossed the state line...  We made it to Athens and had a nice dinner at Larry's Dawg House.  On to home and we arrived ____ mile we traveled for our vacation.

Lilly was glad to see us all and smiling and jumping around.  We all helped unpack and then D went to some friends for the night, I dropped off some Scout awards, L cleaned and cleaned while J&G played in the backyard and with some buddies back at the school.  G&I then headed out to get gas in my car for work tomorrow.  We all got to bed in good time and it was nice to be home.

20150712 - Heading Home

20150712 - UP in the am and on the road. We took the scenic route home, heading towards Wilmington, rather than following everyone else that was leaving Myrtle Beach... Our first stop was Mary's art yard where we found awesome tree houses and buildings made of glass bottles, recycled materials and tons of cool stuff everywhere. We got to talk to Mary and she donates money to build wells around the world. Very interesting stop. Back on the road and we stopped for L to get her picture taken with Boo Boo bear, her dad calls her boo boo, and then on to get some lunch and find the worlds largest tire. Then we had a long drive to the world's largest strawberry for an ice cream treat before powering through to the hotel in Wytheville. We got checked in and then headed to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants for a great meal. Back to the hotel and the boys did some swimming and playing. We watch some TV and got some rest.

20150711 - Shark Attack

20150711 - Up in the am and our last day in MB. We started off at the poll and then headed to a Christmas store and stroll around Barefoot Landing and then to the go-kart tracks. JG&I motored around and had a good time. L&D opted to stay in the AC and relax. After racing ourselves crazy we headed to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner. The boys were amazed and ate everything put in front of them. I enjoyed the picania YUM! After dinner we headed back, stopping off to get a dozen Crispy Kreme doughnuts. We got some things in order and then headed to the world famous Hawaiian Rumble putt-putt for the championship round. It was a good round and we had a good time. Home for a swim and then back to the room to finish off the ice cream and doughnuts.

20150710 - Naked Girl

20150710 - L&J up early and to the pool. DG&I showed up later. Back to the room to pack up some lunch and off to the beach. We played around and relaxed until early afternoon. Back to rinse off and head out to exchange J's magic trick. We got it swapped out and he spent the rest of his money on some more tricks. We walked around Broadway at the beach and checked out some more of the stores. Next stop was the Myrtle Beach Pelicans baseball game. It was a nice little stadium, they had a dog that brought new balls to the ump and other fun stuff going on in between innings, and a good game too. The Pelicans won and we stopped by Sonic for a slushy on the way back to the room.

20150709 - Lizard Men

20150709 - Up late to the pool, a lot of people from OH here to talk to, D&G played some tennis, back to room for lunch. Went Wal-Mart to get me some new glasses and then on for 36 holes at May-day golf and got t-shirts too. Met Gma&paB and the Coles for dinner where the little boys chased a lizard. Everyone came back to our place after dinner for a look around and a visit to the playground. After they left the boys and I headed to the pool.

20150708 + Trick Ball

20150708 +  I bet u didn't know that...


We play a lot of miniature golf when we travel.

Dylan, Jack and I found a trick golf ball in a magic shop jack was looking around in.

We gave him that ball for his first hole tonight...


Have a watch...

20150708 + Up early and to a magic show. After the show we walked around Broadway at the Beach and checked out the cool shops and got some lunch at Johnny Rockets. We tried to find another magic shop but had no luck. We headed home and then headed to the beach. We forgot the boogie boards so J&I went back and got them. The boys and I went out, L very nervous on shore... We rode some waves and had a good time. G&I collided and I lost my clip on sun glasses, and lost 5 layers of skin on my nose and punctured my gums with my glasses... So I took a break... At low tide we made a sand castle and a shell encrusted pyramid. Home and L made us some dinner. We headed out looking for putt-putt. The first place was PACKED. The second place was PACKED.. The third place was PACKED... The forth place we just stayed and played. It wasn't too bad and we had fun, especially when G started with the trick golfball we got for him at the magic store :-) Home and a big bowl of ice cream before bed.

20150707 - Ka Nig Its

20150707 - Up and to the pool, Captain George's for dinner with Gma&paB and the Coles. We all went putt-putt golfing afterwards. Home and the boys wanted to try tennis so we gave it a shot, not our sport... A quick trip to the pool and home for ice cream.

20150706 - Captain George's

20150706 - Up in the am and we had bfast. We loaded up and headed to meet Gma&paB and the Coles in Myrtle Beach. We got there and headed right out to the beach. Gma&paB headed up to the room and the Coles followed them up soon. We stayed out for a couple hours, had lunch and splashed around. We headed up for a visit before heading back to the resort. We stopped at a couple beach stores on the way back and loaded up on boogie boards and other stuff. At home base we did a quick change and headed to Captain George's for a huge feast with the Gma&paB and the Coles. After dinner we headed out for some putt putt. It was a stressful game with the 3 boys... Back to home base to chill out watching Shark Week.

20150705 + Lots-a-Water

20150705 + Up in am and down for bfast then on the road. We drove for about 2 hrs and then I had D drive for an hour to the world's largest strawberry where we had an ice cream treat/break. On the road for a couple more hours and got to the resort. It is real nice, l likes it. We got unpacked, and D&J checked out the resort while LG&I got groceries. We got unpacked and then headed to the beach for some water and wind. The boys had fun and L&I had fun watching them (because we couldn't hear them:-) We drove through the town, checked out the sites and got a bucket of chicken. We had a nice dinner and then the boys and I went swimming.