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Grant is crawling


070624 - Twisted

070616 - Creekside Festival

070616 - Up and headed out of the house to the festival. Lots of 'stuff', very expensive stuff... Grabbed some fair food and headed home.

070612 - Solectron CUU

070612 - Up early and into the plant. We did take a break for lunch today... The picture is from outside the plant waiting on the shuttle. Plan on getting some dinner with Sonny tonight.
070611 - Worked 1/2 day then headed to Chihuahua MX. Arrived at the hotel about 11est. Straight to bed.

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Water slide

Don Quiote


070610 - Hair cuts

070610 - LD&J to Church. Grant & I did some work. We met the Shupes for lunch and then to Friendship park. Home bought plane tickets for tomorrow to Chihuahua Mexico and finished up some work. Then worked in the yard and gave all the boys hair cuts. Played catch with Howdy.

070609 - Fort

070609 - To baseball practice w/ Howdy. Home had some lunch and then painted in the fort w/ the boys. Dylan & I ran to the store and got some foam squares for the floor.

070608 - boys have a fort

070608 - Fast day at work, sat down at 9 got up at 4. Had dinner on the back porch and then ran some errands. Finished up the day in the fort with the boys.
070607 - Quick day, I worked and L & the boys went to te pool. In the envening we went to Howdys baseball game and had a good time. GMA&PA B came to the game too. They won 19 - 3.

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Last day of first grade

070605 - Horse Races

070605 - Today was Dylan's last day of 1st grade. He actually PASSED!!!! We celebrated with our first trip to the horse races of 2007.
070604 - GMA&PA W down for the day. They went to the zoo w/ Dylan and stayed for dinner. We thought we had a baseball game tonight too, but it was cancelled. I was disapointed as this is the first time I have been home for a game in about 5 weeks.