091230 - To Friends Houses

091230 - Up and getting more stuff done around the house.  We worked on D's final coats of paint and then D went to his friend Seth's house and the rest of us hung out.  Later this evening I took D&J with me to my friend Chris' house to help him set up his new Blue Ray player and surround sound system.  What should have been pretty easy hook up took us 5 hours and two trips to Meijer...  D&J did good the first couple of hours and Karen, Chris' wife played games with them until 10pm then she drove them home.  We persevered and by midnight we had a fully tuned and functioning system!  Chris was happy :-)
L got the boys to bed in one room as G or D can't be in the room being painted due to fumes.  So they are one big happy family and Grant LOVES IT!!!

091229 - Painters

091229 - Up and out for some errands and lunch at Bob Evan's.  Then we found a geocache that was pretty close and pretty strange, big box right next to someones house...  But we did it!

Home and painting in Grant's room, soon to become Dylan's.  D putting on mose paint and then the foreman steps in to approve of the work!

091228 - Farm, Sleds and Pucks

091228 - Up and loaded into the car despite the boys wanting to stay at the Farm, looks lie great sledding...  Home and got the boys suited up and to the local golf course to stop the whining and get the boys an energy burn.  We had a good time on the slope and then made a stop at Tim Horton's for some hot chocolate.  Mr. Grant decided he was going to the car before everyone and L had to chase him out into the parking lot...  We ran some errands and then home and played the Wii for a bit.  Then D&I went to a Blue Jackets game with some friends.  What a great time!

091226 & 27 + Family Christmas

091227 - Up and the boys played with there stuff and visited the animals. Then we all headed to the Winger Holiday Party at the Terry's in Shelby OH. Good to visit with the family and the boys always have fun. We left and were going to head home but the snow was coming down in buckets so we stayed at the Farm one more night. The boys and GmaW were in heaven. Dad and I tried to get his network running but he has some bad equipment and they need to come out.

091226 + UP to the Farm and we had our Christmas with Gma&paW and the boys got way too much stuff. lots of snow and cold.

091225 - Christmas!

091225 - Boys up early, before the sun to see what Santa left them, Dylan knows better this year :-(
They all got something they liked and it was a good morning, non-stop until they collapsed. We headed to Nicole's for lunch and more gifts... Then back home for a couple minutes of quiet time before Gma&paW showed up with some more stuff and time to play with the new stuff.
A very nice day, but too short the joy that it brings. Hard to focus on the true meaning or get children to even realize what is going on in our over commercialized world. But how lucky I am to have all these family members around, be able to have them in my life and for me to be a part of theirs. These wonderful little boys I have, are growing and i know soon the 'Santa' will evaporate for them as they start to see the world. How I wish they could stay little and faithful in me for many more years than I know they will.
Merry Christmas, and lets hope time moves nice and slow, or at least I remember to enjoy the time I have. God willing and God Bless...

091224 - Family, Tie

091224 - I had a bit of work to do this morning so I would feel comfortable not working for the next week...  Got as much done as I could and then now time for the family.  Out and ready for the festivities to begin.  I helped L get the crazy 3 ready for the evening dinner at her cousin Jan's house.  I took a couple extra minutes with Jack and gave him some instruction on how to tie his shoes.  HE GOT IT!  my boy learned how to tie his shoes today using his thumbs, a bit different thn 99.99% of the population, but that is how Janck and I do things :-P

We headed out for the Christmas eve dinner and it was a nice fun event with lots of family and fun. We headed home and Gma&paB came with us to spend the night.  The excited boys were surprisingly so tired it was not a struggle to get them to bed???  Santa came and the damage was not too overwhelming...  Lets see how tomorrow goes :-)

091222 - Training

091222 - Worked all day, trying extra hard to get some end of year training done so I can take advantage of the work paid training for 2009 and then a new batch of cash for 2010...  While I was stuck inside working and planning the boys and lilly were having fun, too.bad it gets so dark so fast or I could have joined them.  Out of the office and dinner with the family.  Then L to the grocery and the boys and I watched 'G-Force'.  Lori and I stayed up and watched 'The Hangover', OH MY GOODNESS, we laughed so hard we thought we would wake the boys up.  GOOD MOVIE!!!

091221 - Sam's B-day

091221 - D&J didn't have school today so I had more than usual interruptions...  Here I had to take a picture of  'Captain Jack' for Grant that he set up in the living room.  Trying to get things organized for my end of year...  And Worked a full day. 

We all got ready and headed to Sam's birthday party where we had some food and cake and got to help Sam rip open his presents.

Home and trying to get moved over to Google Apps and get end of year for work, Business and Personal all lined up to try and get it done in the next 10 days and still enjoy the holiday...  :-o

091220 - AVATAR

091220 - Really busy day: out on errands, got gas, hair cut, Christmas shopping, lunch home.
Guy here to pick up Heely's he bought from us on ebay.
Loaded up the whole family and went to see 'Avatar'.  WOW, What a GREAT movie!  Everyone loved it, even L!  Went to Cici's for dinner.  Home, boys to bed and L wrapping presents.

091219 - Doc's Clubhouse

091218 - Up EARLY w/ the 3 screamin demons... Hans & Champaign joined us fo bfast and then East to Philadelphia and a couple of snow storms. I tried makinging a DVD of our wedding VHS; that didn't work out so good...
Chris & Jeff over and we headed into the hood downtown to Doc's Clubhouse, the ultimae man cave! We met up wit Doc, Rodney, Tim & Brent there for some holiday cheer, ribs, deer sausage, liver round and other stuff we weren't brave enough to eat...

Home for dinner and some Jenga and dancing, topped off with a run to Dairy Queen. Boys to bed and wrapping and a movie. A quick jump start to the neighbors car and another day done.

091218 - Singing, Ponies & Farm

091218 - Up and put in a couple hours. Then LJG, Hans, Champaign & I walked back to the school to join D in a whole school sing along.

Back home and when D arrived from school we all loaded in the car and headed to the Farm. Hans & Champaign got the grand tour. G showed Champaign how to give Nibbles a teat, and bless her city girl heart she did it with much anxiety.

Hans gave it a go too.

In to the barn for a swing on the rope and a view of the cows. We had a great dinner from Chinatown in the old farmhouse and GpaW gave a wonderful history lesson.
Drove back home, got the boys to bed. We sat around and chatted until the girls went to bed. Then Hans helped me try to find an acceptable place for the upcoming summer vacation.

091217 - Far Away Friends

091217 - Up and focused on one problem for work pretty much all day... Then quickly grabbed the fam and headed out to an unplanned funeral home visit for our neighbor Selma Horn. Selma was a kind lady and always so very nice to us and the boys. She lost her battle with cancer Tuesday night surrounded by tons of her family.
We then got dinner, stopped home to eat, a quick change, then off to the Columbus Zoo to meet some friends that had need driving in from Chicago all day. We met up with Hans, a buddy I work with from Amsterdam, and his girlfriend Champaign, from California currently working on her Phd in Chicago, to see the millions of lights at the Zoo. The lights were spectacular and it wasn't too cold, if one kept moving...

We got to see lights, monkeys, snakes, fish and have hot cocoa, all while my family actually got to meet people I work with and talk about. It is hard for them to realize I do actaully work with folks all over the world while sitting in my office at home. And it actually proved that I do have a job ;-)
We headed home, got some tired boys to bed, and stayed up for some very good enjoyable conversation with our guests. Now everyone settled in for the night, with a big day planned for tomorrow!

091216 - Mifflin Christmas Play

091216 - Up and had a good meeting with N Mx. Andre got a big change set lube for me and he & Gary Gary helped me tweak it on live. I tested it for 5hrs straight... Out of the office, grabbed the fam and headed up to Mansfield. We went to see a play Katie Loughman was in 'I Need A Little Christmas Vacation!' at Mifflin school. The boys couldn't believe that was the school I went to as a boy. I even saw one of my old teachers! Katie ha a lead roll and the kids did great! We all enjoyed it a lot and good to see the Loughman clan.

Definitely worth the trip!

We made a quick stop at the farm to change the boys into their jammys and raided the junk food drawer. On the road home with Pirate of the Caribbean, again...

091215 - Errands

091215 - Worked all day.  Nicole and her kids over and mixed with our loud kids and it was a LOUD house.  After work I took the boys out on a run to pick up a present from Gma&paW, get some gas and home for a movie (more Pirates of the Caribbean...)  Here Grant has made and egg tray boat for his guys :-)

091214 - Karate & Bangers

091214 - Full fast day.  After a super fast dinner I took D&J to karate.  They do not like it so much anymore, a bit difficult and too strict, no fum anymore since the school changed hands...  It is funny that D is getting so big, but he still loves to play with little things.  My little boy is still in there somewhere...
Home, dropped off the boys and put them to bed.  Now off to meet the Bible Bangers.

091213 + Pirate Guns

091213 + Up w/ the boys, L to teach Sunday school. We finished bfast and watched the new version of 'Planet of the Apes'. L home and we headed out to a new hobby shop we found and then a Chinese buffet :-). Couple of chair stores and a geocache before heading home. Once home DJ&I worked I'm the shop and finished up their pirate guns. D&J headed in to have a battle with their new weapons and I stayed out to make one for G. G up and very happy to see has a gun too.

Now time for dinner.

091212 - Shopping again

091212 - Today L made cookies with the boys in a rotation.  I was downstairs with all of them and she called them up one at a time.  First to cut them out, then a second round to decorate the ones they cut out.  This evening we went to a new church and the kids seemed to really like it.  It allowed the kids to go to a Sunday school, while L&I went to a church service.   Much more convenient than the required half day marathon at Lori's current church for the same experience. Not that God needs to be convenient...  After the service we met the Dixon's and Shupe's at Taco Bell where we got a snack and kids had fun.

091210 + Family Lunch

091210 + Up and a busy morning in the office.  Got out of there in time to make it for lunch with D at school for a holiday festival.  I got to see his room and his friends.  The food was pretty good too.
J had a Dr. appointment to get his hernia checked out.  They confirmed it was a hernia...  SURPRISE!  and we are scheduling a surgery for him.
Scouts tonight with D.

091206 - Building

091206 - Everyone up and had bfast at Gma&paB's.  We played around and watched some more 'Pirate of the Caribbean'.  Had a fast lunch, GpaB off to a choir practice and we all headed home.
Nice drive home, more Pirates playing in the background and naps for the last 5 minutes of the drive.  Back to home base and getting ready for the upcoming week.

091205 + Cold Train

091205 + Loaded up the fam and headed to Newcomerstown. There the Barker clam merged and all of Gma&paB's grandchildren are present.  Here they are ready for their trip on the Polar Express.  Off they went and got on a real train and took a ride to the North Pole, where they saw real reindeer and elves, Santa and hot cocoa.  After the successful trip the clan returned home delighted and we had a home cooked Chinese dinner waiting for them.

091204 - Bubble Jack

091204 - Somehow Jack and I got away fro LD&G.  So J got to relax in a bubble bath!

091203 - Ball and Scouts

091203 - Busy day.  After dinner L took D to basketball and I hung out with J&G in the playroom until they got home.  We have quite a set up here and had quite the battle.
D home, changed into his scout uniform and out we went.

091201 - Boyz Night

091201 - Up and got a bunch done at the desk today. After work I got DJ&G and headed out while L went to dinner w/ her girl friends. The boys and I headed across town and went to a furniture store, which is like a playground... We checked out some chairs for L them went to the World Market where I was nervous with all the breakables around... We got to dinner at Steak'n Shake and the boys, starving, ate everything brought to them, plus dessert! We stopped by one of the rentals to drop off a 3 day notice and then they watched Transformers on the way home. All boys to bed and I headed to the basement to watch 'The Upside of Anger' and look for PDU credits on the web for one of my certifications. L home and finished the movie with me.

091130 - N-over-ember

091130 - Up and back at the desk. Got some big stuff done as the day blew by. Out for dinner and then L&J went to the grocery whlie DG&I played pirates and shot eachother. L&J got home and we decorated the Christmas tree.

All boys to bed and the sound subsides. L&I sit for a minute then I head out to meet the Bible Bangers. Tomorrow starts December...

091129 - Chores

091129 - Up and LDJ&G to church. I got clnd up and worked at the desk going through the mail, putting receipts in, planning the day... Everyone home for lunch then we got some things done around the house. Dylan tested the fire ladder in his soon to be new room, we then put plastic over the window.

To Target to get a bed in a bag, army bedding for D's room, Once Upon a Child to get basketball shoes for D&J, Blockbuster, Home Depot for paint. We then met up with Gma@paW and hit the Army Surplus store for some camo netting (more room decorations). Then we all went to Tumbleweed for dinner. Home and got the boys in bed ready for a new week of school and work...

091128 - Corn Bed

091128 - Up and everyone had bfast. Uncle Dave came over and helped M&A get GGmaH's bedroom set loaded up in GpaW's truck. Good to see Dave and the boys enjoy playing with him. Everyone at the barn swinging and having a good time. Then Jack lost his boots in the 'mud'. I found him whimpering in the barn in his stocking feet soaking wet, L got him up to the house and cleaned up. We had everything loaded up and said goodbye to GmaW and headed home.

LG&Lil headed out first in the big white car. DJ&I took the truck. Going down the road I noticed lots of dust and missing corn in the fields along the road; they were harvesting. I pulled off the road and took the boys out into the field where we met a semi driver that was stuck in the mud and watched the huge combine garble up the corn and the tractor pull up along side so the combine could offload the corn in a golden fluid. They though that was pretty cool.

We had lunch on the road and a lot of good conversation. L&G had the car unloaded when we got home and Joe the neighbor spotted us and came over to help me unload the furniture. We got the stuff unloaded and the truck parked behind Doc's in nothing flat.

In to the house to settle in and DJG&I played on the Wii until G had to go take a nap. D&J kept playing while I updated the blog and published our wishlist. L called us up to get ready for the parade tonight.  Lori has the details here - Santa Claus is coming to town

091127 - Stickys, Shopping, Bday

091127 - Everyone up ate and down to the barn swinging on the rope, checking on Dusty, Nibbles, cats etc. L&I were about to head out to brave the Black Friday crowd when we saw Lilly running up to the house, DIRTY! I went down to spray her off; it wouldn't come off. It was burs, those nasty little round velcro things impacted in her coat. L tried to comb them out but ended up giving Lil a really bad hair cut...

We did finally head out towards Ashland and stopped at a furniture place, lunch, jewelery store, video game store and finally met up with Gma&paW & the boys at a hunting store. We split off again and headed to the some more furniture stores, Target, Toys R Us and a hobby shop before getting dinner from Mr. Hero.

Back to the Farm to eat and have a bday party for GmaW and open her presents. The boys got to bed and were asleep before the light went out.

091126 - Dinner & Hike

091126 - As usual there was a huge spread of food in the old Farm house and relatives poured in from all over the globe. Louise gave a nice prayer and we all ate more then necessary...

After the dinner the able to move, roll or those fortunate enough to be able to walk headed out for a hike up to the camp. We walked back to the falls and the boys got to burn off some energy.

This camp is actually where Lori and I met and nearly every year we get our picture taken on this rock.

Our family evolves and we get older. Thanks to God I can spend it with the family and friends I have.

091126 - A Hunting We Will Go

091126 - Everyone up and D&J wanted to go down to the barn and play war. It took quite a bit of convincing that they really wanted go hunting... So DJ&I met at the farm house and went a hunting with Roger, Johnny, John III & John Christian. We headed out through all kinds of brambles.

We saw a bunch of pheasants and Jack & I found one in a bush that they kicked up and shot.

There was lots of shooting (the accuracy isn't what it use to be...) and the men got five birds! Dylan and Jack both had birds in their game bags right off the start. Towards the end of our tour of duty Roger shoot a bird we couldn't find, but Jack's keen eyes found it, right where Roger & I had already looked. Then there was a brief excuse session before Roger the boys and I headed back to clean the pheasants.

At the spring house Roger gave the boys a lesson on field dressing a bird.

The boys favorite part... the heads!

091125 - Traffic

091125 - Up and on the pc. D&J home from school today so I am trying to work in the noise. L took them on a big walk and then they got everything ready to go. I got to a stopping point and packed up. We made a stop for gas and bright orange hinting vests so we don't get shot playing in the woods at the Farm. We got on the road by 2pm and POW! So did everyone else.

As far as you can see on both directions there are cars trying to go the same way we are... The 1 HR trip took 2 today.
Finally made it to the Farm and took a socializing walk for the dogs and they did pretty good. Worked on the dog pen for a bit while the boys played in the barn. Back up to the house for our favorite Chinese from Chinatown! Got the boys to bed in decent time and we wetched 'Four Christmases' VERY FUNNY! Now for some rest for the big day tomorrow.

091124 - Guns and Noses

091124 - Up and at the desk.  Got some work done and caught up on calendars and tasks.  Then DJ&I hit the road.  We went to Blockbuster to get some games and movies for the long weekend, gas in the car and then headed up to Powell to one of the renters to drop off a 3 day notice, Happy Thanksgiving!  The whole way Jack was doing his new nose sniffling thing... Home and G had helped L fix dinner so we ate quick and then down to try out the games we got.  D&J took over the Wii and G&I had to play some ping pong.  L left to get a sweater and we broke out the 1st person shooter game!  the boys really liked it, but it was a bit too hard for them...  Play time over at 9 and off to bed for the boys.  L&I stayed up and watched 'Angels & Demons', REALLY GOOD!

091123 - All Busy

091123 - Up and at the desk all day, got everything done I needed to.  Got D&J and ran to the gas station, Blockbuster & WOW to return some equipment.  Home and we all ate.  L out with Jen for dinner and to see 'The Blind Side'.  I got D&J ready for karate, grabbed G and off we went.  G did really well at karate or 2 hours...  Home for baths and bed.  The Bible Bangers came over tonight and we had a short discussion and then watched 'Knowing'.  Very good movie.

091122 - Farm Follies

091122 - Up and EVERYONE to church for Sunday school. L had J&G in her class, D went to his class and I found Dan Shupe and went with him to his adult Sunday school class. The first 40 minutes were spent with everyone 'discussing' the service time changes. Then a bit of time for them to realize they didn't know how to use the VCR, then thy tried to rush through a lesson... Pretty much affirming why I don't want to take part in a church...
Home, changed and then headed to the Farm. The boys watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and ate on the way.
Once we got there Dusty escaped and gave us all a bit of exercise...

Here GpaW tries to sneak up on him... After Dustys capture I did some concrete work on the tank at the spring house, while D&J (best of friends today???) explored and played. G learned how to swing on the rope by himself. When G came to
See how I was doing he got to put his hand print in the wet cement (if you look at the photo below real close you can see it in the bottom right corner).

Back up to the house and found D&J barricaded by toys in front

Of the TV. All together and going out to eat for pizza with Aunt Weezer & Paulette.
Drove home and finished watching the pirate movie with the boys.