090928 - Winger web

090929 - How many Winger boys can you spot in this web?

Everyone up and over to the breakfast bar. We ate and then boarded the buses for Downtown Disney. The LEGO store was the big bit this morning as GmaW spoiled the boys with LEGO kits. We hit some other shops and got more stuff, then we found the fountian. You can't keep a boy out of a fountian on a 90 degree day. D&J were SOAKED! G wasn't sure he wanted to participate, but did a little. This caused us to buy dry clothes so we could eat at T-Rex, an awesome Dino themed resturant (queue sound of screaching brakes): oh wait, this ISN'T partof the dinning plan thingy that is confusing us... Well, um, ok... Lets try this one... We finally found a place 'ON THE PLAN', and got a meal. Well most of us; G slept next to the table, J was exhausted, wet and turned into one of Snow White's dwarfs (madder then hell to be exact or is that grumpy?), but the rest of us ate.
We had a nice boat ride back to the hotel where we did a quick change and then headed to Hollywood Studios. The first place we went was the Indiana Jones stunt show, wher G got scared and L had to take him out, but D&J loved it. After that we stumbled into a Jedi training course where some real Jedis encountered some real storm troopers and THE Darth Vader (very cool). Then DJ&Gma&paW went into the Staf Wars ride while I went to wait for L&G to exit the Playhouse Disney show. G had fun in the show and was dancing and came out with a hand full of confetti from Mickey's bday party.
LG&I headed over to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playset to wait for the rest of the gang and stumbled upon the Power Rangers. G thinks they are cool from a distance, a GREAT distance; he wanted nothing to do with them... We all met up and off into the Honey I... playset and the boys went crazy. The photo above actually has DJ&G in it, on the ginormous spiderweb. They played for a long time and had lots of fun together.
A short walk got us to the Tower of Terror wher Jack was the only soul brave enough to go with me. We wizzed through line and the terror began. J actually liked the up and down of the ride, but said the movie and ghosts were too scarry (huh??? The 12 story drop didn't phase him...???). We got off the ride and met up with the rest of the herd for some pizza. We then attempted to get into Fantasmic, but it was standing room only so we bailed out. Now having a bit of extra time we went through the line for the Rockin Coaster. When we finally got to the place to board the cars the staff pulled Jack out of line for being too short and after D saw how fast it took off, he wanted to bail out also. So no cool coaster tonight. Heading out of the park and GmaW got the boys some funky light up glasses and we got a family pic taken in front of the big hat. A short wait for the bus and we were back to the hotel.
At the hotel we did another quick change and down to the pool. All the boys doing great swimming, and enjoyed having GmaW to protect them from the daddy shark the dunks and throws them great distances. All went well until some kid pooped in the pool }:-(
back to the room to clean off the crap and set the plan for tomorrow. Looks like we are heading to...???
Tune in tomorrow for another exciting tale!

090928 - Mickey!!!

090928 - Up and out this morning to Disney's Animal Kingdom. When we got there the first thing we did was get a fast pass for the safari ride. Then we wandered around a bit and found Mickey himself! Again Grant led the charge and got his little book signed. Then the whole family got in on the photo op (good thing GpaW is in the back, he had shorts on for the first time this century and the white coming off his legs would have bleached out the photo). From there we saw the Lion King show, which is awesome. We had to get right out of the show as it ended and get back to the safari so we could use our fast pass. The safari is realy cool and they have tons of animals. After the safari, as we headed towards Dinoland, Grant found Kirk, the gorilla from 'Tarzan', and Flik from 'A Bug's Life' to pose with and sign his book.
We had lunch and then split up so G&Gma&paW could ride some rides and go to the gift shop, while LDJ&I rode the horribly jerky and terrifying (to Jack, covered his eyes the whole time) Dinosaur ride.
We all met back up and took an air conditioned break in the 'Finding Nemo' show. Here J&G caught a nap while the rest of us were entertained. After the show and a short walk, J&I conquered the Everest coaster. WOW! What a great coaster! Jack Loved it!!!
The Animal Kingdom closes early so we headed to the front where we attempted to see the 4D bugs life show, but it is really too scary for little guys and L&G bailed out early, I held on tight to J, and I can't see the 3D affects anyway... But it was still cool.
On the walk to the bus we were surprised by a plane doing some sky writing. A short bus ride back to the hotel and then the chaos of dinner. The Disney meal plans sound like the perfect solution, but to us, and everyone we have talked to about it, find it horribly confusing as we never seem to have everything we are supposed to, or have too much... After dinner we hit the pool and had some good fun in the water! Back to the rooms and settling down early (22:00). D&Gma&paW took a night hike and came back with a bunch of goodies. Now it's lights out and BIG pla s for tomorrow

090027 - We made it!

090927 - After we landed we all got a bite to eat and then took a bus ride to the hotel. We got checked in, to our rooms and the boys were bouncing off the walls! We hit the play ground and checked out the pools; LOOKS LIKE FUN!!!

We jumped on a bus and arrived at the Magic Kingdom. As we walked towards the castle we were waved off the road because a parade was coming. We had front row seats for the whole thing. Grant could not believe it, the look on his face was priceless (L got a bit choked-up)! A couple of the characters in the parade paused to yell out "O" "H" to D&J because they were wearing OSU shirts, and it was only natural to respond... "I" "O"!!!

Then off for some fun, starting with a carousel ride, it's a small world, haunted mansion, some food, some fireworks, J's first ever official roller coaster ride something canyon(which he loved), and sort of bummed out the Tom sawyer island was closed. But we did hit the pirates of the Caribbean, Swiss family tree house and a dumbo ride.

Then Grant spotted Donald Duck... He ran to Donald and hugged him so tight I thought Donald's head was going to pop off (I'm sure that would have required years of therapy..). Grant just loved him and stood nice for pictures: I'm sure L will put them on her blog when we get home. We headed towards the buses and J&G fell asleep. Back to he hotel and no complaints about bed time (23:45).

What will tomorrow bring?!

090927 + Disney & Blogging @ 33k feet

090927 - Everyone up early and ready for the big day! We got everything packed up, Gma&paW arrived, and to the airport. We got unloaded, parked, bus, through security, Starbucks, boarding and lift off, all with ease! Now I sit here by Dad updating the blog, mid-flight with Internet on the plane. Disney here we come!

090926 + Good to be home, even for a short time.

090925 - HOME!

090925 - Went to bed 12:00am Mexico City time; trying to get a million things done...  Received my wake up call at 4:00am...  Got to plane off the ground 6:30am, slept until we landed in Dallas at 10:00am through customs: they took my pure real vanilla I was trying to smuggle in for Lori... :-(   Hung out in the Admiral's club until 12:00 noon flight home.  Landed at 3:00 pm and the whole gang along to pick me up.  Everyone happy to see me an me them.  Jack was pretty quiet, he just had a huge bike accident and a scratched up face and hands and still bleeding chin.  Home, L gave Lilly a bath, I made a couple calls, out to the bank to get an insurance check signed, to the store to get vacation supplies, then Applebee's for dinner.  Home and the playing in the backyard and watching the movie "Wolverine" with the boys.  Now up late trying to finish everything off for work the real estate biz and personal so I can leave for Disney Sunday with a clear mind....
While we were doing all of our errands Dylan wrote me a nice little letter.  I am sure glad to be home!

090926 -

090926 - J - Soccer vs Crunch
OSU Game
D&I out errands

090924 -

 090924 - Last day in mexico, fast and complete!
Eviction won today
D - Baseball catching

090923 - Steak!

20090923 - This steakhouse in downtown Mexico City provided one of the best steaks I have ever had.  Cooked over a wood flame right in front of you.  AWESOME!!!

090923 -

090923 - J - Soccer practice did not go
Andre sic

090922 -

090922 - D - Baseball, T-Rattlers vs Red Wings, 2 won, hit
Stressful day in mexico

090921 -

090921 - Intense day in mexico
J - Soccer practice in the rain

090920 -

090920 - I flew to mexico city
J - Soccer Picture Day BLUE = rain cancelled it

090916 -

090916 - J - Soccer practice
DG&I pc desk, trim
G fall down steps
Housing business catch up

090914 - Kickin around

090914 - Up, saw the boys off to school and started my typical Monday at work.  Had to go pick up some tax stuff for the real estate business and took Jack kicking and screaming, little did he know i planned to take my lunch with him at the soccer field today so he could try out his new goalie gloves.  So he then decided it was worth going with me for the 5 min tax records pick up...  He has been extra irritable and emotional lately.  L&I hope he is not getting sicker...  Worked rest of D.  L had some friends and their kids over.  Finished off the day and took Howdy to his baseball game, then to Tuffy to get some work paperwork out of the Rodeo and the chairs, then picked up LJ&G and back to the ball game.  We met GmaW there and had a bite to eat, stuffede shells at the ball game, pretty good.  Dylan was up a couple times and got walked and then had a nice solid hit.  Man he would knock it over their heads if he hit it as hard as his practice swings are swung; can't get him to do it though...  Home, GmaW watched the boys while L&I looked for shoes again...  We found some for D&G but not L&me  UGH... up late working, watched an A&E show on hoarding...  more work...

090913 - Workin

090913 - L&D out early for Sunday school and acolyting. JG&I at home where we had a spectacular breakfast. Jack even said 'this is beeter than mommy's breakfasts!". Everyone home and we worked on some projects around the house. Everyone helped do different things between scooter rides and shooting BB guns. Here is Dylan touching up the paint on the garage door. In the afternoon DJ&I headed out to find a kid sized chair (they don't exist on the East side of Columbus...) for the computer station that we were setting up today for the boys. Target was a mad house but we did find a couple things and stopped for gas on the way home. When we got home Uncle John, Mary, Lucia and Aunt Martha were there. Grant was giving them the grand tour of the house. They stayed a bit and played catch and saw some of the stunts of the 4 wheeler and scooters. They also brought some dishes for Lori that I am sure she will write about in her new blog (lori.wingerblog.com). After our visitors left and the boys calmed down a bit J&I ran over to Subway to pick up dinner. We had dinner on the back porch and then played some catch with the football untill bath and bed time. We read 'King Thrushbeard' from Grimm's Fairy tales and then lights out. L&I attempted to watch a movie, but as usual Lori wont see the end of this one. I have a couple of things I should do before the team in Holland heads into work tomorrow, but I am just too tired. Good weekend.

090912 - USC SUCKS!

090912 - Everyone up and out to the ball field for Dylan's baseball game. J&I only got to stay for part of it as we had to leave and get him to his soccer game. J got all suited up and had some practice time with his team and I ran across the parking lot to get some chinese for lunch. Jacks game was good and got to be goalie, which is really cool! LD&G showed up and watched the rest of the game, D's team lost their game, but he forgot about that as he and Grant played with some other kids while J and his team tasted defeat as well...
Everyone headed home. D&I made a pit stop and the post office and then dropped the car of at Tuffy to get that pesky 'Check Engine' light checked... D&I walked home and had a goot chat on the way. We got home and the neighbor kids cam over and played while GL&I took cat naps between 'I stepped in dog poo' emergencies.
Rested up we headed out shoe shopping. Seems we don't have good enough shoes for the upcoming trip to Disney...??? So we went to a couple of stores and found nothing but stress... We hit Taco Bell and a couple more shoes and still nothing. We rushed home and caught the kickoff to the OSU USC game. WHAT A GAME! I thought we had it and then the time seemed to vanish as USC slid down the field and sealed the deal. OH CRAP! How did that happen??? USC SUCKS!!!

090912 -

090912 - 'D - Baseball, Red Wings vs Storm, 2
J - Soccer vs Grinders (Blue)
Car drop off, walk home w/ d
Kids over to play
Shoe shopping
Ous game
Update blog

090911 - Baseball prodigy

091109 - painting projects

Here are our painting projects for today:Animals by Jack, Monkey by Grant, and Flag by Mom. I found 2 old windows in a neighbors trash and transformed 1, the other is a work in progress.

090911 - picture day

Today is picture day at school. Look at those handsome boys! Enjoy the pictures and be glad you weren't here to witness the arguments about the "button shirts".

090910 - Where's Jack?

090910 - 'Busy Day
Jack to Dr, lots of blood
Scott Wallace Bday = 47
Joe & Mary 15 years
Dinner noodle place
Home depot
Jeff's faucet

090909 -

090909 - Busy day at work.
Arno called me.
D - Baseball, Red Wings vs Grass Hops, 4 = W 2 hits, G&M
J - Soccer vs Force = no show, scrimmage, J, goaly. L

090908 -

090908 - Long day at work
Brocolli for dinner
Played football with J&G

090907 + Rocket-men

090907 + D&J No School

Matt No Work



Roger heart attack

090903 -

090903 - 'Boss here
D baseball game, 2hits, I consessions, L, DJ & 2 other kids

090902 - Scooter Dudes

Jack and Grant practicing some tricks with their scooters at the skate park after school. They are only allowed to go if no big skater dudes are there, so today we were lucky enough to have about an hour to perfect out skills before the rowdy crowd started showing up.

090902 - New cousin


The boys' first meetings with Lena, their new cousin, who just happens to be a girl :o) Jack held her twice and even offered Dylan some advice on holding her head. Grant couldn't hold Lena without her toy and her blanket, he wanted to make sure she had everything she needed. She slept away, even with Grant jostling her all around and his 'ever so quiet' voice.

090901 -

090901 - D&J to school
L&G to see Leana
Calls all morning.


Bike tires
D bad at store
Home fixed bikes, lost part..  Ugh
Creekside Concert
Modified bike, removed brakes etc.
Tested bike
Ice cream, all w/ gma connie