20180630 + Baseball Party

20180630 + Everyone up and out early, D left first for his game in Carol Oh and G was next out heading back to his game. J&I put up some tents and then L&I headed back to G's game. J hung out at home on the Xbox. I scored and it somehow got messed up and the feed showed the other team winning on the feed, but my screen was fine. The boys played great and easily won the game. After the game the team came back to our house for a picnic lunch and hang out for a bit before our next game. D reported wining his 1st game of the day. G's game 2 and another nice win! Folks came back to our hose for a bit to hang out. D arrived and reported they lost their second game. Everyone left so we all had some leftovers for dinner and headed to the cool basement to watch Pacific Rim: Uprising before heading to bed.