20180613 - North?

20180613 - Up in the am and L up getting ready to take J to XCountry for his first day of conditioning with them in case soccer doesn't work out. Headed in to work and L had to call me to find out which end the stadium was the North end, I thought J was a Boy Scout... Dug into the day. and had a good meeting with our software provider. It was a great meeting and I learned a lot about what we have available. After the meeting he took us to an Indian restaurant. I was nervous but he ordered for us and the food was really good. After lunch we headed back to the office and I had a couple more informal meeting with some folks. I headed out a bit early to get to G's game and got soaked on the way to the car walking through sheets of rain. Not 10 minutes from work and the game was cancelled... Changed my plan and went and got a hair cut and some groceries on the way home. Home and LDG&I ate and then L&G ran some things to J so he could spend the night at his friends. When they got home we headed tot he basement and watched the new Tomb Raider. It was a great movie. I was beat so I headed to bed before anyone else.