20180619 - Diversions

20180619 - Up in the am and in to work. Dug into a program called Confluence today and it seems to be an amazing tool. Picked my head up out of the screen and the day was over... Headed to Upper Arlington for G's baseball game. It rained like crazy, stopped, the guys worked to get the field ready and then it rained again... So no game tonight... L&J followed G&I as we headed to the movie theater by where I work. Got there and the place was PACKED. So we left and headed to the theater by our house and got right in to watch 'Incredibles 2'. It was a cute show. After the movie J&I hit Arby's to pick up some dinner. Home and we all ate. L got the supply closet at work cleaned out, D didn't work today... J ran with the XC team this morning.