20180610 + 2nd in Ohio!

20180610 + Up in the am and J's buddy got picked up. I made lists for the day and didn't have much I had to do so I made a couple easy lists for D&J and headed to Hammersville OH to watch G's team in the USSSA State Tournament. It was a 2 hour drive and they started early so I got there in the 4th and the other team had tied it up and then went up one. G came in to pitch and shut them down and somehow we pulled off the win with some good hits, G drove in the insurance run for the W. That made the trip worth it. There was a short lull and then the championship game that was awful, the wheels didn't fall off, they all spun off in all different directions and the errors destroyed us right out of the gate. Lost the championship 10-0 in 4 innings... Even with the loss it was a state championship tournament and our boys walked away with some huge gem encrusted rings and the #2 spot, pretty nice. This lands them at #18 in USSSA for Elite teams in OH and #10 in Nations Elite State rankings... Pretty sweet place to be. We headed home and stopped for food with the McClains at a local place. Then LG&I stopped off in Wilmington to show G where D will be going to school and play baseball, he thought it was cool. We drove the rest of the way home and D&J did get the bushes trimmed, J got the box painted and D looked for work. DGF7 was there and D and her ran to D-Bats to hit while J ran to a bible study with his buddy Patrick. G got cleaned up and L and I just hung out on the back porch, no TV, just chatting about what we did over the last 4 days, it was nice. In and everyone home, cleaned up and too bed.