20180618 - Knot Smart

20180618 - Up in the am and in to work. L was getting J around to rtack to running as I left. In to the office and getting things rolling. Had a good day and headed home through light traffic and got home in time to eat with LJ&G before heading out to a Booster meeting. Meeting was ok, I did a presentation of Team App after the meeting and quite a few people stayed to learn more about the app. Talked with Penn after the meeting about the Scouts and their vacation to Alaska. Ran home and quick chat with D about his first day lifeguarding, no one drowned so I call that a success! Got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. McD's was closed so we diverted to Burger King for a short meeting. Home and up too late watching pickers, searching auctions and listening to J and his buddy that is spending the night play on the Xboxes.