20180616 - Clippings

20180616 - Up in the am and had J clean his fingernail clipping off my desk... L on back porch, D attempting to get something done before noon, J&G on the Xboxes. I am trying to whittle away at the stack of things that build up on the desk over the week. D headed out to his game at Otterbein, J activated his debit card and hung out at the house and LG&I wrapped things up and headed to D's game. D played 2nd and they won their first game before the skies opened up and poured. G left with Nicole and L&I hung out for D's second game. D caught the entire second game and was doing ok when L&I left in the 3rd to pick up G, head home to pick up J and then on to the Troop 98 75th anniversary dinner. We were late getting there and there was hardly any food left, this group of dysfunctionals has about pushed me to the point of giving up on the BSA... Home and dropped off J&G and L&I ran to the store. J&G headed to the Jazz & Blues Festival with the McClains and it POURED and lightninged all around us. D got home and ate and about 10pm everyone, except J came to the back porch to hang out a bit. J got home 30 min late... Wrapped up the evening.