20180611 -Being Judged

20180611 - Up way to early and in to work. On the way into the building a feather presented itself to me... I got the box installed and Keith (a woodworker friend we judge each others work) came in to inspect it. He said it was 'OK' hahahaha  Got caught up from the weekend and then started meetings. The IT guys took me over to the new building to have a look and then we went back to the main office. Finished the day with some more research and inputting of notes. Home in good time today and it was a stressful evening getting the J&G to Scouts and discussing income with D... Got J&G to Scouts and they walked to Wendy's and back from the high school to practice the walk to the camp site for summer camp, I hung out talking to some of the leaders about how things are going in the Troop... not happy with the direction it is heading... Home and Doc has an early Dr appointment tomorrow so he didn't go to Bible Bangers with me. Everyone else was there and we caught up for the couple of weeks we missed and got some studying done too. Good to talk to the guys. Home and watched the last episode of of Supernatural.