20180614 - Doc Walk

20180614 - Up in the am and in to work. Watching some videos on a tool we are going to be using before meetings start. D had games today and L&G went to his first game and his team won, L said D played well. Had a couple good meetings today and finished the day and sat in horrible traffic for 45 minutes trying to get home to G's game. Got to the game and scored it and played music. Doc came back to watch and set next to me and enjoyed it very much. D&DGF7 showed up, D's team lost their second game, but D said he had 3 amazing plays. G's team played well and G was brought in to close as pitcher and shut them down for the W. Back to the house and Tom and the McClains stopped by quick and then I headed to Granville for 'Bourbon and Bonfire' night with the guys. tried a couple new ones and had some good conversation. Headed home and got things wrapped up and laid out for tomorrow.