20180617 - Father's Day

20180617 - Up in the am and getting ready for the day. L has house all nice for a cookout later today, D left early with DGF7 for her games today, J still asleep from being out too late last night and G in the basement on the Xbox. G&I headed to Academy Park for his game a bit early to get things set up. It was blasted HOT, but we got some tents set up and extra water for everyone and got down to playing baseball. G did ok today, went 1-3 and had 1E. The boys won in 4 innings 14-0 and we packed up quickly and headed home for some AC and shade. Home and Gma&paB, Gma&paW, the Coles and Tom and Landon came over for a Father's day cookout. L had the house looking nice and had a good meal planned and everyone got plenty to eat and good conversation. In the evening L&G went to Gma&paB's hotel to swim with Sam and Lena. I hung out with J. D to a friends for the night, J&G playing Xbox until late.