20180615 + Golfer?

20180615 + Up in the am and in to work. Met with Jason in the am and had a good discussion, I am doing the right things 😃  Watched some videos on inventory and financial management and interviewed some more folks. Around lunch time I got shorts on and met the guys to head to The Susan Mosure Golf4Autism event. We had a nice lunch and my boss bought me some golfing shoes so I wouldn't 'embarrass' him, so I put them on, but left the tags on just to embarrass him ;-) We played a 4 man scramble and it was realy fun. I actually did really good for only my 4th time ever playing golf. We started at 1:30 and wrapped up about 7 and they had a dinner for us, a presentation and a silent auction. I won som Clippers tickets in the auction and headed home. D had a game today and they won and he was with DGF7 the rest of the day. J had XCountry this morning and then hung out with his friends at the Gahanna Jazz & Blues Festival in the evening. G had a game but it was cancelled because of no umps available and he went tot he festival with some friends. L got groceries today and I met up with her on the back porch about 8:30 and we hung out the rest of the night.