20180604 - Capital L

20180604 - Up in the am and headed to the new job! I was given a tour, introduced to too many people to possibly remember and shown to my office. I settled in and got my PC set up the way I like it. Met with some folks to learn a bit about the process and started making lists. 

Headed towards home and stopped at the high school to help get the area ready for the awards banquet. Pretty soon all the players and parents started rolling in. The coaches handed out the awards and Coach Shade had very nice things to say about D, gave him his varsity letter ‘L’,  mentioned he was an Eagle Scout and that he was going to play baseball at Wilmington. I got up and  apologized for all the emails and thanked the parents for their help in the concession stand. Then the other Booster Reps joined me and we handed out the  4 ur participation awards. It was very hard to do, D has been playing baseball with these guys since he was 6 or 7 and I coached many of them throughout the years. Andy caught me off guard and made me give D his award, a very touching moment and I got a nice hug. We finished up and I finally made it home after 9. I called Doc to let him know we were skipping Bible Bangers and L&I hung out on the back porch a bit before closing things down and heading to bed. A good day!