20180226 - Old Friends

20180226 - Up in the am and in to work. it was a busy day of heads down on the PC and many discussions. L took J to XC in the morning to run and LJ&G gathered more pipestone after J's running and then hung out at the pool, where , D worked from 11-4. Rain rolled in and I changed plans to head downtown to the Clippers game with the folks from DataField for dinner and to watch some baseball, a very friendly and close group here. Ran into Dena from DecisionOne and her, Keith and I caught up for a bit. I hung out and met some new folks and headed home before the 7th inning stretch. Home and L&J watching TV in the living room, D&G watching the College World Series in the basement. I got changed and then hung out with L&J until folks headed to bed.