20180625 + Feels Pretty Cool

20180625 + Up in the am an in to work. Moving around this morning with lots of questions and moving things forward. After work headed home L headed out for dinner with her girl friends. I helped D get the belt back on the mower before heading back to G's game. It was the first game of the COYBL tournament and we had the #2 seed. But if your team doesn't get in the game before the 4th inning the good seeding doesn't matter. G was pulled up to pitch too late and the bats were hitting right to fielders. After the loss and the end of our regulation season Tom and the McClains stopped over for a beer and to discuss the disaster we just watched. After folks left I stayed up and talked with G. I asked him what it feels like to be in a game and when things are going wrong or the coach just wants to make sure we end with the W to be called to the mound to do that job. He said 'It feels pretty cool'. J&G to bed, D spending the night at a friends, L home late and told me all about her evening.