20180701 - Eagle and Last Game

20180701 - Up in the am and got a couple of things, not enough, before packing up and heading over to G's game. It was against the other 11U Gahanna team and our boys played fantastic and run ruled them. Everyone split up after the game, too long of a span between games and too hot to be together outside. I got a couple of more things organized and then all of us went to the Gahanna Grill for a nice lunch. Home and J&I got the AC out of the crawl space, L helped us clean it and we got it installed in his bedroom and he rearranged all of his furniture. G was resting and J eventually headed to the pool. D&I then ran to Colin's Eagle Court of Honor. It was a nice short presentation and we hung out for some cake afterward. We swung by a friends house on the way home and dropped off the air fryer that cracked our counter so I never have to see it again. Home and the coaches and some friends were at our house getting ready for the next game. We headed back to the field and our boys were out of juice and got shutout for their final game of the season. It was a great season 27-15-1. LD&I headed home and G and his buddies hung out to watch some of their friends play. We got the tents taken down and hung out relaxing on the porch with people coming and going until late. in and got everyone cleaned up and to bed, ready for a not so busy week coming up.