20180609 - Party with Doc

20180609 - Up in the am and J and I headed to the bank to sign him up for a high school checking account with a debit card. The banker spent a lot of time explaining things to J and he listened intently. After that we headed home and J mowed the yards while D&I filled out some of his college paperwork. I was able to use J’s new checking to send him $ for mowing, he liked that! D headed to his game and J put new weather stopping on the garage door while I got things finished up in the office. Then J&I headed to the post office, a neighbors grad party, the bank and stopped at the Pettit’s grad party 2hr early to drop off a card and sit on the front porch and chat with them for a min. Home and J down to play the Xbox and I headed to Grove City to watch D play baseball. L and I chatted bit. G's team beat the Dayton Sting, a team that beat us yesterday and had beat us at least once earlier in the year and today our boys played flawless and shut them out 10-0 in 4 innings! The boys got to go to Dave and Busters and L had to be the responsible adult for the group. I got there as D's team was up and they hit 2 triples and 2 doubles, D grounded out to 2nd. D went out to play second base and then the game was over... I was there for 18 minutes before the game was over... Followed D home and then DGF7 came over, J still in the basement and I worked on designing and starting the monitor box for work. We took a break and D got Doc and J&I rode together and we all went to the Pettit's for Sean's graduation party. We mingled a bit, got a bite to eat and then headed back home. D went out with DGF7 and then stopped by a friends house. J had a buddy come over to play Xbox all night and I worked on the monitor box, finally getting it assembled and the garage cleaned up about the time D got home. In and to bed after a long productive day.