20180605 - Thank Yous

20180605 - Up in the am and headed into the office for day 2. Spent some time digging into the program and seeing how things are laid out. Met with some folks for a couple hours and learned more drinking from the fire-hose. Home and everyone at home, L making dinner, her and G went shopping all day, D working on thank you notes, he has lifeguard training all morning and froze, J lumbering around looking up Scout stuff so he is ready for summer camp.  We all ate together and then G went down to play some Xbox until LJ&I headed down to watch 'A Wrinkle In Time'. It wouldn't play on the Xbox so we headed upstairs to watch it. L was sitting in J's bungee chair and fell over backwards hitting her head on the bureau. We finished the movie and bos headed to bed. I talked to J about Scouts a bit and then turned in for the night. L not feeling great so we looked up some concussion tests, she passed so we watch Supernatural on Netflix and it was an episode where they are sucked into a Scoody-Doo cartoon as I entered shirts for sale on the high school soccer web page.