20180607 - 3 Distant Games

20180607 - Up in the am and D up, seems excited about meeting and playing with his new team. I said bye to L and headed in to work. Had a FULL morning of meetings extracting puzzle pieces. D called me after his 1st game pretty excited about his team, said 'We're REALLY GOOD!' They beat a very good team in their first game playing together 13-3. had some afternoon meetings and headed home listening to G's game on my phone. Got home and J was on the Xbox, I headed to the back porch to have a couple beers and listen to G's game, L said the place is amazing. I got a notification that D won his 2nd game. J came out and was telling me all about his soccer conditioning that morning. D got home and told me all about the games and his new team, he seems really happy and says they don't talk much on the field, they just click and get it done. Finished listening to G's game, he was brought in as relief pitcher and sealed the W. D&J ran to the Chinese place and picked up dinner and we ate on the back porch. Boys headed in and I hung out on the back porch, facetimed with L&G and fixed the remote.