20160623 - Hitting the Brakes

20160623 - Up in the am and helped J make a list of Scout tasks he needs to do before Summer Camp. L&I got around and headed to D's fist game of the day in Dublin. The game didn't go as planned and the boys lost. We all headed home and I got a couple of things done before I had D run me on some errands in his car. I was terrified at the noise his brakes were making. D ran me to the Home Depot to return some stuff, Advance Auto to get brake pads for his car, the bank to deposit my first check, the gas station to fill up his car and Dick's to get him some turf cleats. We swung by home for a minute before D&I headed out for his second game. L&G stayed home to be with Sam and Lena  as they are going to spend the night. J left to spend the night at a friends. I started reading a book waiting on D's game and then they played, but lost. Home and D&I put brakes on his car all the way around. The back drivers side brake was completely worn off and dropped down to rattle around between the splash guard and the rotor, this is what was making all the nose, on top of the caliper pushing directly against the rotor :-o  Tom showed up and helped a little bit and then Tom and I changed the back brakes on his car. After all the mechanic work I relaxed on the back porch with a Natty before heading in to remove all the grease and head to bed. Very productive day.