20210731 + Dave's 50th

 20210731 + Up in the am and got some things done around the house. L gave me a haircut and then I rinsed off and Hazel and I headed out. We swung by the post office and Goodwill on our way to the dog park for a short visit. We then drove through Wendy's but J was working back on the grill so we didn't get to see him. Home and I dropped Hazel off and went to the grocery to pick up some stuff and Benadryl for L/s bee sting. Home and got some things done for work while watching the Olympics and throwing the ball to Hazel. D called a couple of times, his move was going good and they are in the new place already. J home from work and is going to spend a night with a friend. G called from the pool and is going to spend the night with a friend. L&I got ready and headed up to Mansfield for Dave's surprise 50th bday party. It was a nice crowd and some old faces I haven't seen for years were there. It was great to catch up folks and celebrate with Dave. We hung out a little while and then wanted to head home before dark. Home and got Hazel out of the cage and finished up work email.