20210711 - Head High

20210711 - Up in the am and got the PC rolling to get $in. G&I headed to a baseball tryout and had a good conversation about net year and what factors will help decide where he goes. We got there and I made him go check in, he wanted me to do it and I told him, you're gonna be 15, you can start doing some of this for yourself, so he went up and did just fine :-)  The place was small and no place for me to get anything done so I headed in to work, it was only 7 minutes away. I got some things done and then headed back to pick G up and listen to the propaganda. Home and I took Hazel to the dog park for a bit. There was only 1 other dog there and it was nice and quiet. After a bit we drove through Wendy's to see J and get frostys. Home and I got back to the desk. J home and got cleaned up and then LJG Hazel and I headed East on Morris Rd. looking for a corn field. It must be the year for beans as we had to drive 15 miles out to find corn. A couple days late but we got our 'knee high by the 4th of July' pic. We got our pic taken, headed home and then J took off and G headed up. I finished up the PC work and then watched a bit of TV with L and checked in with Gma&paW. Couldn't sleep, up way too late.