20210727 - SKUNKED!

20210727 - Well I let Hazel out at 3am and she found 2 skunks in our backyard... and yup, she got sprayed...  L&I didn't let her in and gave her a bathing outside. L had a good plan and got her pretty clean after 1 try... Up in the am exhausted from the all night skunkipade with Hazel... Got to the desk and made the most of the day. Moved a bunch of things forward so that was good. J at work, G at the pool all day, Gma&paB stopped by and then went to lunch at Wendy's to see J. L got herself ready and went to a selling party with one of her girlfriends. I worked late and then Hazel and I were alone so we warmed up some leftovers and headed out to the porch to eat, watch the Olympics, do some email and throw the ball a million times. G's buddy Trent showed up and we hung out watching TV until G and his other friend Jack showed up. I played the boys in Trouble and they beat me in the first game, and then headed upstairs to set up their xboxes. L home and we hung out watching more Olympics until late.