20210713 - Trying Out

20210713 - Up in the am, L ran G and Owen to XC and J at work. I got online for work and the internet shut off and the power dropped twice. L ran and got G and then took him to his orthodontist appointment. I got on the phone with the internet provider. L&G home, still no internet... L went to a friend's from work for a staff summer party. Internet back up and back at the desk trying to salvage the day. Internet back down.... Day pretty much shot. Did get a couple things done and then G&I headed out with a stop at the post office on the way to a tryout. We got to the tryout early and the place was empty. I checked online and the location and been moved :-o We rushed down to Berliner and still made it in time for the tryout despite having no gas. The Bowman's showed up for the tryouts and Chris and I proceeded to commentate the tryout with much comic inappropriateness that made the couple hours goby much faster. This was by far the best tryout so far, very organized, structured and thorough. After the tryout G&I headed home with a stop to get gas and raffle tickets from Andy's where G found a new car to be obsessed with, a 1989 Nissan 300ZX... smh  We stopped by the Chinese place on the way home to get our order we called in while getting gas and headed home to eat and watch the All-Star game with L. Home and J had already left for his 2nd vacation of the summer.