20210708 - 2 Birds 1 Silver Chain!

20210708 - Up in the am and on calls straight away, I shipped ebay stuff listening to folks talk. Hazel dug something up and L had to wash her feet. L&G then headed to Newark for G's baseball game. I listened as I worked and got a TON done today. G's game was a easier to listen to as they were winning and G was 2 for 2 before the rain came and delayed the game. They called it in the 4th inning and I think it will count as a W.. I finished up my day and headed to the back porch where I hung L's swing up with a bolt through the rafter so it won't fall anymore, used the same chain to make G a silver chain necklace he has been begging for, chatted with Doc, fixed the door knob from the garage to the kitchen, reattached the screen to the back screen door, and removed a quarter from the garbage disposal so it would turn again. L cooked some dinner and we ate on the back porch and hung out there until late.