20210709 - Stag Beetle

20210709 - Up in the am and L&G headed to Newark for baseball. I got to the desk and got a bunch done. D swung by the house to pick up some clothes with a couple of his buddies. J got himself around, came down for food, and vanished back up the steps. I listened to G's game as I worked and glad I didn't make the trip. L&G home and I finished my day. We headed out to the back porch, ordered some subs and sent J to pick them up. We ate and then the McClain's stopped over to hang out a bit. G, Brady, Amaya and their cousin went down to Rita's to get some ice cream. We chatted and chatted and the neighbor Nate, his daughter Jillian and a Sam, a new neighbor from down the way showed up to chat too. we got word of when our game was the next day and so did the McClains, they had a super early game so they took off. I hung out with the neighbors a bit longer and we found a stag beetle hanging out on the porch. We chatted for a bit and then headed to bed.