20210714 - Line Up

20210714 - Up late, J stopped by to drop off his car on the way to Raleigh. L carried G to XC and I got to the desk. PC still not working how I would like it to, but it is working good enough for today. Lining things up and getting the priorities knocked out. G home from XC and went to the pool for a bit. I got some more things done and before I knew it it was time to head to Newark for another tryout for G. We got there as it started and the talent was NOT good. G stuck it out and while I was waiting for him to pitch I heard the announcer from the big field say a kids name that I knew so I headed over there and found his mom and chatted a bit. Back to G and he was done, said no way he's going to that team... Home and we stopped at Popeye's on the way home to get some dinner. Home and ate and watched some of the NBA finals game. GpaW called to check in, sounds like he's doing a bit better. To bed, not up so late.